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    infyrana reacted to Odanan in Are the Resistance / First Order essentially done as factions?   
    The TIE Whisper Starfighter looks like a lighter, more agile, FO TIE/sf with the jam action.
    The TIE Whisper Interceptor (Kylo's) is the TIE/wi with the wings of the TIE/vn (lots of guns = more frontal attack).
    I wouldn't mind to see both miniatures in the same squadron pack, even if they were the same ship (and Kylo's were a Configuration with +1 attack)
    PS: it's not going to happen, but what would you guys think if FFG released this ship as a single miniature with detachable wings for both the Starfighter and the Interceptor variants (and the Configuration card)? 
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    infyrana reacted to PhantomFO in New Animated Series: The Bad Batch   
    For me, Clone Wars is what actually made the prequel era interesting. The show introduced the idea that the clones might actually have their own personalities and ideas. I've said it before, but it made Order 66 into as much of a betrayal of the clones as it was for the Jedi, especially in that final arc. 
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    infyrana reacted to Darth Meanie in New Animated Series: The Bad Batch   
    Filoni is the one guy consistently producing better than average SW material.
    I'd like to see some diversity in terms of other folk's ideas, but I'd say Filoni has a better track record for quality SW than Lucas himself.
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    infyrana reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in New Animated Series: The Bad Batch   
    @infyrana you could get Disney+ for free for two weeks as a trial and watch them all now.
    But that’s how they get you 😇
    Unless you don’t have it in your area, in which case I am curious where you hail from.
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    infyrana reacted to LUZ_TAK in EA’s Star Wars Squadrons   
    VR is optional.
    Joystick seems will be supported.
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    infyrana reacted to C3gorach in EA’s Star Wars Squadrons   
    It is said that it will support HOTAS setups for PC.
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    infyrana got a reaction from Odanan in EA’s Star Wars Squadrons   
    I saw a comment suggestion VR for the PC, am I right to think they'll be the normal PC version too?  Do we think they will have support for thrustmaster joysticks? If this ends up being a good solid flight sim (and not an arcade game by comparison) I think this could be a good excuse to pick one up.
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    infyrana reacted to FTS Gecko in Finally started TRoS...   
    I saw a FB post the other day with a marketing pic of Finn with the blue lightsaber.  Basically asking "what happened to this guy?!"
    It really, really was such a tragic waste.
    I know he got spine whooped at the end of 7 and was clearly in need of recovery (lol), but they should have come up with some way to send him to Rey & Luke in 8, and have Like sense something in him.
    His arc in 7 is tied up with Rey.  He wants to help rescue her from the First Order, he tries to protect her from Kylo.  In 8, he gets sent away on mindless busy work.
    Even if he stole a Rebel ship and went to warn Rey of what was happening.
    Finn's journey was the biggest failure of the sequels for me.
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    infyrana reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in A New Order   
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    infyrana reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in The Clone Wars Season 7   
    I have purposefully held of from posting.   It’s  ...  Not Easy.
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    infyrana reacted to JBFancourt in Table top simulator is half off now through the 7th   
    Just got it!
    There’s some good tutorials on YouTube 
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    infyrana reacted to Odanan in THE MANDALORIAN   
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    infyrana reacted to ForceSensitive in The Rise of Skywalker Criticism Thread *SPOILERS*   
    When you consider that the only real reason I watched the prequels at all wasn't for Anakin's story, but for Obi-wan, then it might make more sense? Seeing the plot of Sheeve form throughout the prequels was a great treat that topping me didn't know what to really do with, and Obi uncovering some of the hints was a cool arc for me. Top of the cake was great visuals and awesome battles with a few individual theatrical duels. Obi a constant presence throughout kept me in the game. Ani-Me was awkward but it had some neat bits for young and old me alike. Any awkwardness in it was easily dismissed for me as a background element composed of your usual awkward teen romance. They're teens, it should be awkward lol 😝
    What made it so bad for you? Just curious.
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    infyrana reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Disney & Disney + National Streaming Day   
    🚶🏻‍♂️ ..
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    infyrana reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Return of Obi-Wan Confirmed   
    Dave Filoni and Christopher Yost are potential choices to replace Hossein Amini to write the Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney.
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    infyrana reacted to RuusMarev in The Clone Wars Season 7   
    * Watch Clone Wars. All of them.
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    infyrana reacted to RuusMarev in Clone Wars trailer!!!   
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    infyrana reacted to Jo Jo in THE MANDALORIAN   
    You are right, I used the wrong expression - 
    Throw enough darts at the board and one of them is bound to hit the bullseye. 
    Disney has put out 5 movies and 3 TV shows. You are bound to have some good material in there, but in my opinion only Rogue One and the Mandalorian have actually been really good. Solo and SW: Rebels I put in the okay category. I actually liked Rebels for the most part (Space Whales *cringe*), but its a cartoon so I am well aware I am not the "target" audience. Same for SW: Resistance. I watched the first season and I really couldn't be bothered with the 2nd. For the ST, well if you have read any of my posts you know where I stand on that. 
    I am optimistic for whatever reason that Disney might get their act together and give us both an original storyline but not break the universe with a bunch of friggen nonsense. 
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    infyrana reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in The Clone Wars Season 7   
    Ashley Eckstein
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    infyrana reacted to ForceSensitive in The Last Jedi Appreciation Thread! (Oddly contains RoS spoilers???)   
    Okay, back from holiday break hope you all had a good one.
    I would like to counterpoint my friend @ChahDresh on a factual issue, and ideally the opportunity to defend that I am not misreading but in fact as a moral point between us am accounting for each time in which the movies were made.
    Politely, your just incorrect about the lack of additional aliens on the battle line, or at least being seen as a warrior. As we all know and love Yoda is introduced in that movie. No he doesn't fight in the GCW per se, but he's said to be a wise powerful Master by Obi-Wan Kenobi. And even then you understand that there is a likelihood he also fought in the Clone Wars. Though at the time that's not a focal point of the narrative, granted it didn't have to be for the movie as a whole. 
    Add to this a little known fact that while we don't have women on the ground, we ALMOST had them in the air. Footage survives of three women filmed for Return of the Jedi as pilots. And the footage of one is actually used though the voice gets redubbed male sadly. Here's the video for everyone's convenience I'm sure there's a few who may not have seen it yet.
    Now on the medal thing, I always thought that was a fan created issue honestly. Like when I watched that movie for the first time oh so many years ago now, I read something completely different. I figured they were just giving medals to the captains of ships. After all, artoo-detoo didn't get a medal either? Or whatever a purple heart equivalent would have been? That was never a big issue for me is all. I felt like it was something that could just be misread. Like, he's still walking down the precession with Han, clearly he's being honored. I made to understand it gets fixed here and that's great and all but I just never was as upset by it.
    And this is my point. Lucas normalized us to this as he walks us through the movies. It starts with one princess and a Wookie. Then it's a radio operator, Lando as a business exec/mayor later to be general, Yoda as a powerful teacher, and more on through the saga. And for the 70/80s, that's huuuge as I'm sure we agree. I'm sure Lucas wanted to have more but for what he could do, he found that envelopes edge, and pushed. Every time, just a little further. Then we get to the prequels and it's the third character we see on screen: female pilot-Captain of the Republic Navy. Then a Queen who's quite frankly done with your blockade $#@&. And then the diversity of a Jedi council and on and on and on we go.
    And at the risk of repeating my point, it's that he normalizes us to this the whole way. He never stops to point it out, or to make a big deal about it. The characters just go through their world like it's just everyday life, because it is. The movies don't have to point it out. We never have to split the rank of all the gals on this side, all the guys on the other, and put conflict between them like this trilogy has done. 
    (Subjective) I would also like to point out the two major plot holes that undo your theory of Holdo respecting the other Captain. First the captain never had to die, as Holdo proves later by standing in the hangar on an empty ship, no one had to be on the bridge, so dude could have totally hopped over to the Raddus. And then if we assume the guy for some magic reason does have to stay at good helm, and is willing to go down with his ship, mad respect and all... Then why doesn't he do the hyper-ram? There's just too much nonsense here to be able to justify any decision as it comes, because each contradict another decision just moments earlier.
    (Subjective)And the mutiny thing, respectfully I think your  selectively reading too much into it on that one. That whole time they paint Holdo as a person without a plan, who's not communicating with her staff, not sharing critical information. Leading up to that no-confidence removal from command attempt, that in truth seemed perfectly justified. In the theater I thought she was a spy, and that she was the reason the FO could track them, and not some tracking tech. She makes no reasonable decision for the two characters interaction. Poes not being groomed, they rip on his choker leash like a dog, and put him on ice for storage because they can't lose their best weapon, er, pilot. Leia doesn't come in like 'alright dude listen, I see we should have told you earlier, but please put the gun down let's talk'. It's just boom. Get him out of here. Later on Crait, Leia's not like 'my you've grown, everyone follow you now.' it's more like 'well for once I don't have a different idea, guess we'll go with yours'. And frankly, I want my princess back between the two 😅 
    I like your conclusion and I think it's spot on apt the times changed. And in a few ways the ST keeps up, like throwing a multi hundred million dollar budget at the costume department. It's great that we got all those aliens and actors and actresses. But for my opinion, in a lot of ways, it really doesn't get the humanity right. It's hit or miss at best. Thanks for your time. Sorry it's long winded... Again. *Cracks two beers, hands you one*
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    infyrana reacted to ForceSensitive in The Last Jedi Appreciation Thread! (Oddly contains RoS spoilers???)   
    Fine, I'll say it. What the sequels did right is show me that the Originals had it right all along and never even said it.
    The sequel trilogy did more to damage progress on the issues it tried to push then it did to help them. 
    In OT/PT, 'good' factions had equal treatment. Male, female, alien, whatever, just be good and your in the club. The princess will save the farm boy and the smuggler. The elected queen will be respected for her position, strong in leadership, and also bail your tuckus out of danger. And her co-senatator when she moves to the Senate will equally represent her worlds diversity. Even if your a slave Droid, good work can lead to your promotion and is rewarded. You are not, as you were created.
    Bad guys, like the evil Empire , are the ones who are misogynistic xenophobia twits. Those traits are for the scum underworld that sexually enslaves. For the separatist corporate overlords who don't think women can escape their arena.
    And for six movies that was the case. And then... Sequels happened.
    Now it's a fight. Now Holdo had an all female staff and stonewalls her male counterparts. Now the resistance is entirely human leadership and the alien is just a guest at the table. Now Rey doesn't want anyone to hold her hand even when there's an obvious danger cuz screw team work. Now it's not just impressive, it's surprising when she can fend off four attackers. Now Leia doesn't use her words to lead her people she just shoots them when they act up because they're just Cannon fodder fly boys. 
    And then in the chaos of it all, we the audience followed suit. We started declaring ourselves this, and them that. And we lost that old style anyone can be anything vibe. 
    We didn't build off the first six, we watched it get destroyed and called it art. The progress we had made was destroyed not by a bang, but by thunderous applause.
    There I said it. The sequels took us backwards. They weren't progressive, they were needlessly antagonistic and devisive. 
    If I were so lucky to have a daughter, I'd teach her to be That Princess, and That Elected Queen. But to never be That Admiral.
    My name is Dante, and I'm checking out for awhile. May the force of others be with you this holiday. Always.
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