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  1. Both TIE Whisper variants (SF style solar panels + Kylo solar panels) in an aces pack would have me peak my interest! With not knowing much how different they could be, a configuration variant wouldn't be too far out of place as opposed to redesigning stats or giving it stealth due to its name (unless of course that's their thing).
  2. So I guess my original suggestions fail. Why don't you give them their own customised falcon? It was afterall available in other design configurations, it'll be easy enough to imagine and like the escape pod, you could have that as a fighter built in.
  3. How about selecting any of the ships from SWTOR or even Rogue Shadow? There are lots of deck plans and I'm sure you could find a video touring them from the games if you dont play. Then design up your own integral fighter fitting, for something maybe like the Inquisitors TIE which is fairly small if you resize the main ship and use the cockpit like an underbelly gun ball, maybe folding wings designed in any of the ways you like.
  4. Saw a news article just now for this, yes please, let me at it! Just a shame I don't have disney so will wait for the bluray as with last CW season and the Mando. Was a big fan of the Traviss clone novels, so yeah this should be a good watch.
  5. I saw a comment suggestion VR for the PC, am I right to think they'll be the normal PC version too? Do we think they will have support for thrustmaster joysticks? If this ends up being a good solid flight sim (and not an arcade game by comparison) I think this could be a good excuse to pick one up.
  6. Please, please dont spoil the fight scene... some of us haven't yet watched any of the new season and I am very much looking forward to seeing stuff that isn't spoiled 🙂
  7. Hesh, I think you may have already overshadowed any 2020 posts with that Yodalorian artwork!
  8. I could not resist clicking the spoilers... maybe best to put them in the other new thread? I wont get to see this anytime soon ... but I wanted to see the updates and spoiler free opinions. I'm very pleased with how it's looking and sounding as good as it does.
  9. Is there a Disney fan that has done a listed recap of this 3 hour video ? lol
  10. This is exactly what I'm hoping for, yet seriously doubting it'll happen. No desire for the channel but I'm all for a season bluray boxset!
  11. So that when she leaps over it in the earlier trailer spoiler, she can hop inside for a joy ride? I'm guessing the switched on lightsaber is for balance
  12. I'd like to see a little flashback with Satine and Mandalore, there was a bit of implied story there too.
  13. @wurms would that work with an x-wing instead of Dutch? Keeping an eye here since I was after the new ghost model to fly with my X and U wing models with minimal 2nd ed conversion.
  14. How are the Mining TIE's and Falcon doing in Hyperspace at the moment?
  15. Sadly the Vendor experienced supply issues, but it's all amicably settled and I now have the funds freed to re-spend. I'm torn between all the things I like and sensible spending lol. @Andyf1702 I believe TAP is TIE Advanced Prototype.
  16. @Cuz05 Thank you for the great informative response! I'll have to come back here for a reminder when I next put the list into FlyCasual I grabbed a second TIE V1 recently and a 2nd ed dial for it, along with having my Republic pre-orders all cancelled (so I'm left deciding if I still want to invest), it's kinda making me think I should put in some effort flying these Imp Aces more and more. I might have to try the Ghost list as an opponent since I've always been interested in picking up the ship at some point for Rebels.
  17. I'm definitely keen to see where this thread could go should any more input be available? Not a particular fan of wanting to play the Phantom at the moment (since I play very little and mostly Fly Casual, I'm still learning), but I really love the Defender and V1 TIE's and I'm open to learning anything about flying these ships together. @Cuz05 I'm keeping an eye on your latest thread too since it'll be a great chance to learn about flying these two great ships with the Phantom!
  18. I was happier with the 1.0 prices and far more pleasing with the discounted stuff, the only reason I could afford 2.0 was due to a little help and a LOT of trading in of other stuff I had. If the prices went up any more, I'd call it a day with what I have. The only way I could afford anything beyond that would be to sell off a faction at a time to reduce any further needing of ships to fund whatever faction remains.
  19. 2 TIE Silencers - never had any of the original and this now puts me at 2 of each FO ship. 0-1 TIE SF - Well, I really like this ship but I just need a few lists to show me that a third will be useful! 0-1 N1 - I really don't like this ship, but I don't want to be missing out if it becomes one of those staple fillers with useful cards. I guess I could paint it white and red to at least match the rest of the faction. I'd quite like the B-Wing to grow my Rebel models as I've been interested in the new Ghost, but from all accounts without spending a bucket more on a conversion kit, it'll only be useful if it can be flown stand alone with the Ghost both out the box (I do have the X-Wing cards from the starter though!) as my second x-wing and u-wing are still 1st ed.
  20. Have they as yet ever changed a 2.0 dial from the conversion kit in a released expansion?
  21. Please enlighten me - the video showing Quickdraw dropping a shield to hit Wedge, please can someone confirm the "cannot attack a ship at range 0" rule as I'm very confused by this ? Though I'm very happy to see one of my favoured ships getting a nice hit on
  22. Thanks for your comments! Rebels as in faction... (though a themed list for Rebels would be better if I picked up Sabine's TIE) I only have 2nd Ed Rebels cards from the starter at this moment despite a few ships (2x X, 1x U, ARC and Falcon), so it hasn't yet been worth the cost of the conversion kit.
  23. I've been wanting to get ahold of the Ghost for a little while to make a Rebel's list with it, and this is probably going to be my best chance. But is it worth it considering the cost - or should I be waiting for what wave 6 brings?
  24. Just 1 for me I think. I had wondered if with my trade-in funding I could buy a single Clone War core set and then trade the droids for another set of clones. Is this something that is easy to achieve given any cards and/or tokens that need to be split for the factions? But then I'd be missing doubles of anything like dice etc. It's a shame that buying Death Troopers wouldn't help the CW core set one bit ...!
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