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  1. Sense would be a highly recommended Force Power in my opinion as it allow for passive debuff to your enemies and a passive buff to yourself down the left hand side. I would have to disagree with this. There is a lot of overlap that would have significant combat advantages, especially with access to Supreme Precision Strike and Unarmed Parry. Force Adherent, as stated previously, would also be a great addition. Edit: I realize that Unarmed Parry is also in Steel Hand Adept, but it also saves in XP in either tree to advance forward for other skills.
  2. In the Clone Wars campaign I'm running, I had a Jedi Wookiee who essentially built himself to be a one shotting machine with his lightsaber. Super specialized to the point of near min/max with how many Lethal Blows he had as well as the Juyo Savagery talent. Considering I have a party of around 6 people, I have found stacking 2-3 Durable on larger/stronger characters is not unreasonable when you have to account for it. Otherwise, the one thing I can recommend is setting up the weakness of the one shot character: Send a TON of weaker guys to wear him down before the Nemesis, who can also have multiple turns in a single round depending on the party size (the stronger ones typically do in my games). Maybe have a super mobile nemesis? For instance, I'm having a Clawdite bounty hunter for the Separatists with a jetpack and a sniper rifle essentially run circles around the PC in the final encounter next week. There will be droids around, magna guard and B2s and the like but the Nemesis does not always need to be in your face to be a challenge.
  3. Nearly a year old topic, but I'm planning on statting this for a homebrew campaign set a couple hundred years after Endor that might incorporate this. Lightsaber Rifle Ranged (Heavy) Damage: Same as lightsaber used for ammunition Range: Medium Critical Rating: Same as lightsaber used for ammunition Encumbrance: 5 HP: 2 Rarity: 10 (R) Price: N/A (Custom Made) Qualities: Same as lightsaber used for ammuntion. All Defensive, Deflection, Cumbersome and Unwieldy Qualities are brought to 0. Sunder Quality is removed. Limited Ammo 6, Blast 2, Concussive 2. Can only use basic lightsabers as ammunition. Specials: Each shot damages lightsaber used as ammunition by one step. After the second shot, the lightsaber's attachments and mods are damaged beyond repair. When the lightsaber reaches the "Destroyed" state, it can no longer be removed to be usable as a regular lightsaber again, but is still able to be fire an additional two shots before needing replacement. Lightsaber crystals may be recovered from the used saber ammunition with a Daunting Mechanics check /// As a maneuver, may Overcharge rifle, so long as one shot remains in the lightsaber. The rifle will explode with the lightsaber with a blast radius of short, Damage 20, Breach 2, Blast 6. The rifle and the lightsaber are both destroyed in process. Going to be fine tuning this as I go, but this is just a rough draft based off of what the comics showed as well as adjustments to what I think would be fitting to such a unique weapon.
  4. If you scroll down to the Force Illusion part of this page, it describes how the Force potentially could manipulate all of the senses with a variation of Mind Trick, which is what I think the is the intended purpose of the Misdirect power. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Mind_trick/Legends While not RAW, I would certainly allow it if a player gave enough descriptors.
  5. Has anyone here attempted a horror concept for a Starweird? I was thinking about trying an Alien-esque type scenario with my players being in hyperspace near Katarr (the planet Darth Nihilus ate like an afternoon snack) and either while in hyperspace or dropping out and boarding a derelict cruiser, finding one that would hunt them down for a majority of the session until they either kill it or escape.
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