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  1. Thats nice to know but why don't you have a zero tolerance policy for cheating?
  2. And you really think that is a good thing? Would you really like to face this player in a high stake (at least as high stake as playing plastic space ships gets) environment? I don't think that I would enjoy the experience...
  3. The other possible explanation would be that he is a regular cheat and just didn't think about being on camera. How could you know?
  4. He should not be allowed to continue playing. FFGs decision is really ridiculous.
  5. How can this blatant cheating not result in a instant DQ and a Ban from further events? Can anybody explain FFGs reasoning? Why was this considering not malicious?
  6. You definitely can't spend a focus token on these two at least. Focus tokens are spent during the Modify Attack Dice or Modify Defence Dice steps. P5-P8 doesn't activate in the Modify Attack Dice step at all, so that's a no. R5-K6 does activate in the Modify Attack Dice step, but it rolls a Defence dice and you can only modify Attack dice in this step. I'd like to disagree on that one. The Rules do not state that you can only spend your focus token during the Modify ... Dice steps. Rules Reference p.11: When attacking or defending, the ship may spend that token to change all of its Focus results to Hit results (on attack dice) or Evade results (on defense dice) Which brings us back to the question about "When attacking/defending" and "While attacking/defending"
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