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  1. I am agree with that. But the turning faceup of a card which is placed in a discard pile occurs before or after placed in?
  2. Hi all! MS reaction is triggered when it turned faceup. More of time it turned faceup in a province. But what happen when this card is turned faceup when discarded? Like with Satoshi action or when discard a facedown card in a province after it broke. The RR say that cards in discard pile are faceup and MS do not say "After this holding is turned faceup in a province" but only "After this holding is turned faceup". Thx in advance, GBB.
  3. Ok, thx. Then, how to have an answer about this by FFG?
  4. Maybe it's not the best place to ask a question about the organized play ? I could do it in the right section if someone tell me where to do. Thx in advance.
  5. Hi all, I found only a short description in the tournament regulations pdf about the different type of events. But we need to know more than this like which tournaments are exactly included in formal or premier events, or if decklists are mandatory, ... Particulary for an EC. Thx in advance, GBB.
  6. Hi everybody, I would have some clarifications about this character's triggered ability. Is the lasting effect created by this character ability to the current province stop if the province lose his memory? Such like going face down then face up after this character react, by exemple.
  7. The event is still triggered to initiate even if effects are canceled. I'm ok with this. Then, why the second part of Togashi Mitsu ability do not works and this ability still count as be successfull for the once per turn? Could you explain with more details?
  8. Hi Shunsuke, Is the Togashi Mitsu printed triggered ability count as used one time, regarding the "once per turn" rule, when the effects of an event played by that way are canceled? Thx in advance. Best regards, GBB.
  9. Hi Shunsuke, I raise up this thread. Then, u wrote than a restricted attachment who's attached to a character with a Mirumoto Daisho is immediatly discarded. Meaning that the MD effect apply before the rulebook effect in this case. Is it right ? On the other way, which of those two effects applied first when the MD is attached to a character with one or two restricted attachment on it? Thx in advance. Best regards, GBB.
  10. And could I pay only a part of the gold cost with the fate on the ring? By exemple, 2 fates on a ring + 1 fate from my pool.
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