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    mrumsey reacted to william1134 in Does Anyone Want Dash and Dengar To Be Good?   
    It has been said before but I want ALL ships to be viable.  What is the point in having a ship if it cannot be used due being rubbish or too expensive? May as well not have it in the game...
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    mrumsey reacted to william1134 in Next points change or update   
    I want something to be done to the YT-2400. The ship is just dead as it is so expensive has nowhere near the kind of abilities it had in 1e but is still extremely expensive.  Also poor leebo having the crew slot removed his only viable build.  I tried a few times with this ship but the ship just seems so weak now with poor action economy and manoeuvrability. 
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    mrumsey reacted to ClassicalMoser in Inert Fat Han   
    All the toxicity here. Man, I’m glad I usually stick to Reddit
    I think I disagree with 90% of the people here. This list has some very powerful elements and Han’s ability/initiative is probably underpriced. But for crying out loud! Acting like this is the new meta is just unrealistic and complaining about a list that isn’t meta-warping is petty.
     I get that you don’t like the mechanics that resemble 1.0. Sure. That’s fine. But don’t act like you speak for everyone. Every one of these abilities comes at a significant cost (except that Han’s cost is probably a little low), and it doesn’t nearly approach the power level of 1e. Is this a Falcon with 5 dice and full mods after slopping and then boosting stress-free? There’s no way to get that here, and it costs 144 points!
     I can see the argument that it removes agency from the other player, but I have some doubts that that argument really holds water. I watched the games and I honestly thought Jack’s opponents didn’t play well against it. Typically they went after Jake instead of Han, making for an awful endgame, and they flew in concentrated blocks instead of spreading out to catch him and easily winning the damage race.
    It is extremely maneuverable, but it has 17 health, and 5/4 attack/defense dice. You only have to catch the stupid thing.
    Jack played superbly, but more than that, he surprised his opponents with a list they weren’t expecting and didn’t have a good idea how to play against. That’s in the best spirit of X-Wing: fly what you love, even if it isn’t good. Adapt and re-form. Make it as good as you can and then fly it really, really, REALLY well. If you get some good variance, you could even win an SOS.
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    mrumsey reacted to xwingMinty in Inert Fat Han   
    Been watching this thread since the UK Systems, where I had the pleasure of watching Jack win the tournament with this list. 
    Must admit it's disappointing to see that people would rather jump on a list that they feel is broken, rather than congratulating a very talented player for winning a very competitive tournament.
    A lot of you seem to be giving the impression that this list needs absolutely no skill at all to fly (its broken and you can't win against it), and I can tell you that's just not true, I've seen accomplished players lose with this list.
    Are more people going to pick this list up and try it, undoubtedly yes, will it replace all the Rebel beef or quad Phantom lists getting into the cuts, I very much doubt it (but only time will tell). 
    We can only speak for ourselves when it comes down to negative gaming experiences, but personally I've faced this list and it's no where near negative for me. 
    We have 3 months left before the next points changes, let's just watch and see what happens during that time, rather than jumping for the jugular immediately.
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    mrumsey reacted to Schu81 in Inert Fat Han   
    Sorry guys, I am late to the party!
    So, what are we nerfing today? I have no clue yet, but I am sure that it must be a terrible NPE.
    I have got my pitchfork and my torch ready. Just give me a short update, and I'll start shouting right away.
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    mrumsey got a reaction from Zorprime in Rey list builds   
    I've been flying this one for the last few weeks and enjoying it a quite a bit -
    Rey — YT-1300 45 Expertise 4 Kanan Jarrus 3 Finn 5 Millennium Falcon (TFA) 1 Ship Total: 58 Captain Nym (Rebel) — Scurrg H-6 Bomber 30 Adaptability 0 Twin Laser Turret 6 Bomblet Generator 3 Advanced Sensors 3 "Genius" 0 Long-Range Scanners 0 Havoc 0 Ship Total: 42  
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