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    TIE Swarms

    I would love to see the swarms re-appear in the game, however they were still feasible for a practised player until Harpoons/Tragedy Stimulator. "Now, things are worse." For example, a friend of mine ran 4 Black Crack Ties with Howl & Zeta Leader to Top 8 at the Australian Nationals last year, prior to G4H being legal.
  2. I think a couple of titles in the same style as the gunboats could bring the Punisher back into the limelight. It has the potential to be a great support platform after all. Or possibly a double sided title... Title - Long Range Scout: Remove 1 Bomb, 1 Missile & 1 Torpedo upgrade slot. Increase shields by 2 and Agility by 1. (1 or 2 points) Title - Salvo Configuration: After firing an equipped secondary weapon, you may fire one additional secondary weapon, provided you meet the requirements of that weapon (Target Lock or Focus, etc). (3 or 4 points) Double Sided Title: Side A - Defensive Posture - Increase your agility by 1, reduce your primary attack value by 1. Side B - Offensive Posture - Reduce your agility by 1, increase your primary attack value by 1. Just a couple of random, late night thoughts...
  3. Flying Chopper (VCX, Ion Turret, FCS, Hera & Ezra) & Mangler LW Dash vs Bomblet Miranda & 2 PS1 Wookies. Picked Miranda's approach and got range 1 primary on her to get her to 2 hull. She sneaks past with a beautiful SLAM action, but is still in arc for the Ion turret. I get the hit through and ionise her - 1 hull left. Get the hard turn in and am behind her but no actions and poor reds mean no damage this round. She's behind a rock with limited options so I slow roll in behind her - forgetting the bomblet generator. Cop the bomblet and roll hit, crit and get Sabined. Last 2 shields go so I take the crit - Blinded Pilot. Wookies roll in behind me at range 1 and can't roll anything but crits. Ghost blows up. Miranda runs and survives.
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