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  1. Thanks so much folks! These are so many great ideas and starting points; only issue is now is that I don't think I can stop with just a single one-shot!
  2. I'm planning on running a one-shot in a few weeks for some friends I normally play D&D with. One of them has played EotE before, and the others are familiar enough with Star Wars, so I thought it would be a nice break/change of pace that would allow our D&D DM to play. Since it's close to Halloween, I kinda want to make it creepy/spooky. Any scenario suggestions, or tips on fostering/sustaining an eery atmosphere? Notes: I'm going to use the pre-made characters from the beginner game. I've run the modular encounter in the rebels sourcebook with the abandoned base and monsters with the party member who has played before; while it's kinda creepy, I don't want to re-do it (unless someone has an idea for a spin on the original?).
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