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  1. I have several questions after playing a few games, I'd like to see all of these in the next FAQ. 1) What happens when you run out of fire tiles? Use something else and keep adding more? 2) Say a monster has two options to get to an investigator, one is longer, the other is barricaded. Which do they take? I think that based on the definition of "Toward" they must try to break down the barricade, even if they've been trying for the last 10 minutes. 3) When playing a single player game and an investigator receives an insanity condition that can't be completed does the PLAYER, not the investigator, win if the other investigator wins? Is it a loss or a half win? 4) Some monsters say something like, "The Cultist moves up to 2 spaces to be adjacent to as many investigators as possible..." If you select "Cannot move to be adjacent." The app says, "The Cultist moves 2 spaces toward the nearest investigator." Does this mean it moves twice? 5) Some monsters attack investigators in adjacent spaces, does that mean they can attack through walls?
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