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  1. indeed... i find the lack of any STgs board games sad, feel a good one could be made...
  2. At least we have him for eternity on our tablets.............
  3. I did place a order with a company,and just now found a emails saying they giving me my money back.. I would love to have the hardback rules but by golly hardest thing to find.. did FF send any out to other retailers ?
  4. Loving the game FF, and cannot wait for this to grow, never had AH 2nd, but they was a lot for it... Like to see other towns to appear, and maybe you talk to the sinking city game people, a city under water and rot sounds cool. And this could always lead to the counties of the Uk, or maybe other far away locations. As for expansion thoughts, you can do the big box with new locations, or maybe single story packs, 1 new hero, 1 story and the event cards ? Just may thoughts
  5. Thanks indeed for that... Robes...!!!! i mean cloak..giggles,i did win the game and look forward to the growth of this system
  6. Morning all i love my first game solo the other day, i had the robes card, which means unless you pick on a monster, they cannot engage you... SP my question is do they follow me still if i`m there target and until something changes ? i had 3 monsters following me did i do that right, or leave them in the space and just walk away, i feel following with the right one ? Thanks All
  7. wow that was quick.....cannot wait to see some game play and unboxing, i liked the 1 hour twitch video i saw......... enjoy Jason
  8. The deepest joy to see this news myself today, the boat is in. Yes i`m in the Uk and have to wait, but its not long now maybe close to Halloween maybe. So pleased i got my MofM painted so i can use the figures for 3rd edition. I feel the story part of this game is going to be great,and i look forward for it growing like 2nd edition ( not played ).
  9. https://www.vengefulgames.dk/shop/169-arkham-horror-3rd-edition---en/1947-arkham-horror-3rd-edition-deluxe-rulebook---en/ Just wanted to let others know they are selling the hardback rules, so far the only one I found. None in the Uk... Hope that helps Alan
  10. my website got it wrong..... now it has the same date as Arkham which is already on the boat... so a cock up..... waiting for Arkham....waiting.........
  11. No Uk sites know anything about the hardback rules... I just looked at Fantasywelt.......
  12. Still looking for a Uk site to talk about the hardback rules..so far nothing
  13. something to do with the drawing of cards, and placing some at the back of the deck, so when you draw from the bottom, you don`t have to lift the deck up, they talk about it in the hour long demo....
  14. The story based ideas with monsters fitting to the case, the lovely artwork and board... and its got space to place my MOM figures on it.....
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