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  1. You need to use EI instead of PTL if you want to double Gonk. The PTL action has to be from your action bar
  2. I am currently going through the same issue. I came back from GenCon with a complete lack of interest in the game I once loved and couldn't get enough of. My break is at about a month and a half and I still don't have any interest in playing. I keep checking for a new FAQ that will tone down the Bombs and Biggs meta but it hasn't happened yet. This break may prove permanent if the game keeps moving in the direction it's been on for a while.
  3. Not sure about the point cost but the rest seems to match up pretty well. Nice job
  4. So just to save face they leave the game in a bad way...sounds like every business ever. As long as they do something about JM5K's I don't really care if they scrap the rest. Mindlink is pretty much fine without jumps to abuse it. Adv Slam could use a tweak but I thought the action bar thing was dumb considering it was made to slam and drop bombs.
  5. I think the K-wing would probably be best. It has roughly the same upgrade slots.
  6. I'm with you here! It's my first year back to GenCon after a 6 year absence.
  7. Will you have blank squadron roster forms on hand? I have my squadrons made up and ready but don't have easy access to a working printer. I tried but windows in stupid and can't find drivers. After two hours I got frustrated and hit the printer with a bat. It is currently inoperable.
  8. So far I really like this Aces pack. The cards spoiled so far are fun and interesting but nothing that appears obviously broken. Thweek is cool but it's probably for the best that he can't take Mindlink.
  9. MenaceNsobriety


    I was recently wondering if Arc Caster brobots could be a good counter to the new immortal Biggs lists floating around. You could use the control version and drop the cargo chutes for the arcs. The problem is it would probably lose to most other lists.
  10. I think people are just starting to figure out how good the Upsilon is. When it first came out everyone wanted to just stick Palp on it but that really doesn't work very well. I am personally a big fan of Striden with PA, Hux, Systems officer and EI. I have only ran Kylo a couple of times because I am not a big fan of IWSYTDS. He always worked well and the condition is much less of an NPE on the pilot.
  11. I think you forgot the EPT. It looks like it's probably Expertise judging by the points.
  12. Kill Rex and run. Rebel junkyard is slow and has zero repositioning. Winning 14-0 isn't great for your MOV but a win is a win.
  13. I already got tricked by FFG when I saw the Y-Wing in the news section and fell for it again with this! Not cool dude
  14. I ran a store championship this past weekend and before we started I clearly explained how all the new upgrades would be ruled. Minefield mapper can only place as many tokens as you have bombs regardless of EM and cluster mines have to be placed as a set. Everyone agreed and we had a great day. I don't understand why any TO would ban anything because of this.
  15. In the books it clearly stated that Dengar was a better pilot than Boba. Boba was a much better bounty hunter and smarter. Dengar was a rival to Han in his youth and said to be his equal as a pilot so the pilot skill fits the lore.
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