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  1. Hi all, I would be interested by solo training as well. But, I found that setting a game with 2 squadrons (I did it yesterday) where you play both sides can be a bit lengthy and tiresome. Is there any AI script somewhere, which you could apply easily on a few rebet "bot" ships ? I am thinking of a list of basic rules just so that ships don't fly randomly and shoot you basically (possibly focusing on 1 target), but you don't need to think twice (once for each side). And also to keep it fun within a 1h00 play time. I tried the squad benchmark combat trainer and I suppose it works ok for flying tactics, but I am not sure your accuracy and map reading really improves with this practice. Thanks. A.
  2. If I can add, as a recent player myself (Sept 2016), I have found the game incredibly deep in terms of tactics and gameplay, plus the diversity of the ships / squadrons is overwhelming. I have taken a few advice on this forum on "what to buy first" but ultimately it's a lot about choosing the type of ship you enjoy. But I confirm, if you intend competitive play or even just local store play, you have to read a bit to use something appropriate. Otherwise with just friends I have enjoyed playing very simple lists without synergies or complex effects.
  3. This list is pretty good too. I liked the buzzsaw whisper but I got people using their tokens to take just one hit and avoid worst dommage with gunner re-roll. But yeah it's still one dmg... I'm gonna try again. Otherwise I never thought of the whisper + 2 PS 1 defenders . Looks solid and confusing
  4. Awesome thanks for the great advice and references ! When I used it a couple of times my opponents did not know the rule related to evade tokens (yes it's a modification !) and used their token despite OL's ability, so that explains as well why I found it a bit frustrating ! Now I know.
  5. Ok I see you don't spend the TL and keep at range to finish the game basically. But any dice roll is stil a threat with him.
  6. In a 3 ships list (e.g with Whisper and Vessery) ? I think given all the praise for OL I have missed something. Thanks a lot in advance
  7. I really like this one. You think that rebel captive will discourage people to shoot whisper ? Did you ever try a list as the one I posted above ?
  8. Hi guys, I really like this ship, and I was wondering if I could maybe get new ideas or suggestions for a list about her. My usual set-up is Whisper, a TieD of some sort and a mini ace (OL, ZL). I tried this for my first tourney : "Whisper" (41) - TIE Phantom Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), Tactician (2), Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Countess Ryad (32) - TIE Defender TIE/x7 (-2) "Omega Leader" (26) - TIE/FO Fighter Juke (2), Comm Relay (3) Total 99 pts (it's in a thread here https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/235123-first-tournament-list-whisper-countess-and-ol/#entry2508249) It did reasonably well considering the overall level of skill against mine. However I found Ryad kind of lacks some dmg if your dice rolls are poor. I have read a lot about Whisper + Decimator, and wonder if it could be overall a better set-up. Otherwise I thought of this list and tried it once with a friend : Whisper Ion Vessery and Zeta (99 pts) "Whisper" (41) - TIE Phantom Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), Tactician (2), Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Colonel Vessery (38) - TIE Defender TIE/D (0), Ion Cannon (3) "Zeta Leader" (20) - TIE/FO Fighter It worked quite well, since Vessery managed to push through a lot of Ion tokens and dmg, and I had Whisper on the flank putting stress. I found Zeta easier to play than OL to land dmg. I play casually because I need to practice a lot (started the game 3 months ago). Thanks a lot. A.
  9. Did you just say 2-3 games a week is casual? Wow! I thought 2-3 games a week seemed a bit more serious than casual, but then I thought, "Wait, I'm 'causal' and I play 2-3 games a week." But that's because I play one night a week (most weeks) and get all my games in on that one night. So... It's not 2-3 nights a week, which would have meant he's a pretty serious player. I would say its fair to say he truly is a casual gamer. Thanks for confirming I'm a casual only player At least I mean I do not intend to play tourneys frequently etc. And I just do not have much time to play more (as yourself it seems) than once a week 2-3 timed games (75 mn). Which is fine. I am definitely going to check this Mission and the other ones. But I might also try to play less competitive / new lists I don't know. The sad thing in all this is more about the fact than my friends did not get much into the game. Ok, as said someone above maybe I should just change my friends
  10. This is a pretty good suggestion. Sounds like you have the makings of a play group, so there will be plenty of die between everyone. So the second starter can wait. Yes, with only two products per person, you'll only be able to play out one faction each ... for now. If you are starting out, look for sales on line. It will be the cheapest way to grow your collection. Another thing to note, is that you need healthy kidneys, because you are about to sell one of them. FFG is about to mug you and take all your money and you don't quite realize how bad it will be. Also, don't even look at their other products, cause seriously, you're down to only one kidney. Of course it's cheaper to build a competitive collection for one faction only, but I dot not fully agree that you have to necessarily spend a lot of money. If the intention of OP is to play casually with friends, he can just buy a few ships to enjoy diversity and proxy any cards needed.
  11. +1 to that. In fact what you should buy depends on how you intend to play. If you want to play x wing with friends who do not own it, I would really go for 2 core sets, + heroes of the resistance and defender + imperial veterans. That way you and your friend can play rebels and imperials with a few variants. On imperial side I really enjoyed phantom since day 1, and rebel side K-wing could be a fine addition as well. If you want to play with people who already own the game then choose your favourite faction and just focus on ships that suit you (stats, design , play style) but also checking the useful cards you will get just in case you want to play tourneys later (because you can't proxy at a tourney) My 2 cents
  12. Can I suggest you look at FFG's Mission Control? It has a lot of scenarios there. It's horrible to try to search for something, but Babaganoosh always makes EXCELLENT missions. I really like his. There is even one that is a great 3 way battle. The smaller Rebels and smaller Scum team up to take on the Imperials (who is smaller to the combined might) to steal something. At some point, the Scum turn on the Rebels and try to steal it themselves. So...the two allied factions don't really want to commit as they know the double cross is coming. It's really interesting and a fun way to play. Thanks i'll look into it
  13. Man, I wish I could be that casual. I've only gotten three games in over the last month and those were all in one day at an OP event. I was sick a bit last month and also just couldn't sync up with anyone's schedules well-enough to play. Also there are not many players in town; the guys who play multiple times a week are all an hour's drive away. My son was born last week too, so I might be lucky to get 2-3 games in a quarter from here on out.I'll echo some of the other posts and say Heroes of the Aturi Cluster might be a great idea. I haven't been able to print a set up and play it but I've followed it for a bit and it seems like it would be perfect for your on-again, off-again friends. The suggestion to look at some of the meta lists from the earlier waves might be good too, since some of those were a lot simpler and more straightforward with their synergies and strategies. That would also give you an opportunity to fly some of the old meta lists that you may have never gotten a chance to fly I am lucky to live in a large town so I can always find someone on Friday night or Saturday night Will try this scenario thanks and old lists which are fun and tested, so I am sure they can work more or less. Otherwise to answer people saying that I should relax and have fun, I am very relaxed about X wing and not competition minded, but I also want to enjoy the time (I have not that much free) and not feel that I simply my friend win.
  14. Thanks guys this gives me great ideas and confirmations. I am going to check the scenarios. I have also put together an efficient easy list above 100 pts and I will run a challenging one against it, we'll see !
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