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  1. I give out some XP plus sometimes relevant skills or talents per adventure bc I prefer it from an immersion point of view. (Eg if the players spend several days in the jungles of cholganna, I'd award them a rank in survival on top of the XP). I also award XP for playing the motivation and for failing stuff. (you learn from your mistakes logic).
  2. Droids that aren't memory wiped now and then develop quirks and personalities. Tactical droids have a tendency for narcissism at the best of times. Though you are right that a separatist army during the clone wars wouldn't do that without explicit order I think
  3. Maybe there is a list of known Droids somewhere on wookieepedia? You might have to Stat them yourself. Or maybe browse through the fan content. I don't think anyone made something dedicated to droids, but the rebels Sourcebook might have some fitting your time line.
  4. Watching Narcos has me thinking about a Hutt Gangster trying to become a Politician in the Aftermath of the fall of the empire.
  5. Have you chosen a model yet? Or a type at least?
  6. You could also look at the movie chappie for how a Droid personality is molded and effected by its surroundings and experiences
  7. Forgot to tag you @Tom Cruise... Also as a follow up question: have you thought about a supplement for space marines/death watch? Would be super cool for warband campaigns to have them.
  8. I love your work! I am going to create a beginner game (like the star wars ones) for it to introduce Genesys and dark heresy to my group! If you have a character I'd like to honor your work by including it as a pregen or NPC. I will be creating tokens for the beginner game, so you'd get a drawn token out of it. You can check out my art style here: https://www.instagram.com/maxschmuecker/ Keep up the good work!
  9. When you say flexible, do you mean disconnected from the careers? Would be an interesting concept, but if I did that I would propably throw some signature abilities out. Which would be fine given the range of choices all careers would then still have..
  10. I already included the detective thing in the part you quoted. If you want to play a martial artist it makes sense to go without a license propably, but then if I'd be curious where your always get my mark ability comes from background wise.
  11. And I certainly agree with that notion. Bounty Hunter for me is a bit of an exception bc it gives you a license, which other careers don't do (does marshal give you a license? I'd have to check). So if you don't want to take up a profession that allows you to legally take people in custody, I'd want to see a concept that fits. I'd be far less worried about always get my mark than about people dipping into gadgeteer to min max something with jury rigged.
  12. I never said I would. Also we are only talking homebrew here, Noone is stopping people from doing whatever they want 😄 calm down. I only said I would as a GM set up harsh consequences for using it on illegal targets. Which is within the rules of the ability, so it's not even a change to the talent. I will assume if you take the Bounty Hunter Career that you are a Bounty Hunter. You can take a different Career and still be a Bounty Hunter of course. But that will not get you the always get my mark ability, so it's not interesting to this thread. If you want to take a Bounty Hunter Career but not be a Bounty Hunter or similar profession (eg private detective), I would be curious why you'd want to take the career. I will always talk to my players and find a solution together, but that is also not interesting to this thread because it should be assumed and will always help with narrative abilities. To add to the discussion, another thing you can do when your player uses the ability and fast forwards over all your prep, is a montage: You play out all the scenes you had prepped (combat, obstacles, stealth). But instead of doing combat or skill checks, the players are assumed to succeed at everything they do. They now get to narrate how they succeeded instead. So you still get something out of your prep, and for their ability the Players get to really shine and get the NPC in custody without any resources lost
  13. Also this is getting sidetracked. If you want to play Bounty Hunters as a pack of scum and villainy, you are free to do so. For me that's what marauders are for. In my games Bounty Hunters are ruthless but honor the code. If they don't they get excommunicated, John Wick style. On the point of always get my mark being op or not, I'd say it's playable bc it says in the rules the player can't declare a mark or set the circumstances of the custody without GM approval. It also explicitly states that sometimes the GM will have to decline an NPC as a possible mark (but they should offer an alternative in such a case, like an underling holding a vital clue).
  14. There is a code and a guild according to the book by the same name. There's also the one printed on page 58 of the EotE CRB. I am not saying the code is making them good people, they can still accept bounties from hutts. Even more so since Hutt Space propably has its own laws which just say: Hutts can do what they want. And if you are a PC of any profession that is adhering to a code, and you break it, there should be harsh in world consequences. Even if you are not there should be consequences. Finally:Obligation is just a rule set. The other players have character strengths and flaws, he has his code. Sorry for not quoting, I am on my phone and just want to reply real quick.
  15. But I have a Bounty Hunter in my Force and Destiny group and we decided that he'd have the Code as his "morality", so I might be biased on what taking the Bounty Hunter Career entails.
  16. Because according to the code you can't just hunt people. Which is why anyone with a Bounty on their head stops being people and becomes an acquisition. Now if you have enough XP for always get my mark on Nemesis you are propably a high profile Bounty Hunter. And if you start just kidnapping people then the Guild will be after you. And if you are not with the guild your contractor will be after you. The purpose of a Bounty Hunter over some cutthroat is that they follow rules and are legitimate. If you ignore these rules people stop trusting bounty hunters to adhere to their code.
  17. I assumed that's what in custody means. Except that to me it implies that the PC has a right to keep the NPC there. Otherwise it's just kidnapping. And you are right, the player should propably be allowed to use it if the NPC doesn't have a Bounty on them. But I would certainly make them pay for it bad as a GM. The Bounty Hunter just broke their code after all. It's not about the credits, it's about acting as a Bounty Hunter. You can still talk to and interrogate your mark before you turn them in.
  18. Also, once the player is at that level to turn in Nemesis characters, he is at what? 250 earned XP or something? Maybe just start cloaking the real baddies in shadows. No one even knows their name, you have to get to their underbosses (who at lower levels would be BBEGs in their own right) first. You can't bring in Keizer Soze if you don't know what he looks like.
  19. I do kinda second the notion that marks should only be applicable to npcs that have a Bounty on their head. It makes no sense that Bilbo is in custody just bc of some player ability if no one wants to imprison him. Now if you have to take him out but dont want to fight your way to him, you could try and scheme to get a Bounty on his head. Once he is fair game for the Bounty Hunter, activate the ability and bring him in. For empire and rebel npcs there should obviously almost always be a Bounty from the opposing party.
  20. Good ideas for sure! But if I were to emulate 13th Ages escalation die, it would have to be something that increases the players hit chance.
  21. The Dnd Game 13th Age has a Combat mechanic called the Escalation die. It's basically just a d6 that starts at 1 on round 2 and increases by 1 every round after that. It is used to trigger abilities and spells, but it's main function is to give every PC a +1 to hit for every round after the first. This means that the pcs usually start a battle loosing, but will increase power over the course of it. It also stops combat from dragging on all too long due to bad dice rolls. I have considered adding this to EotE, but with our narrative dice hit chance and damage are connected. Giving every combat roll an automatic success for every round of battle after the first sounds very strong.
  22. @DangerShine Designs Where can I get that Sourcebook? I never seen it before. Is there a master list of unofficial Sourcebooks somewhere?
  23. The modular encounters are brilliant!!! I love them and will definitely use them for my campaign in the future
  24. And its time for another update: O is for imperial Officer: P is for Pyke Drug Dealer: Q is for Quarren traditionalist: R is for Rathrar:
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