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  1. I think a slight variation on super expert mode, where the base number of encounter cards is equal to the stage of the villain, may strike a nice balance.
  2. I was wondering about this as well. Specifically when you are using it to remove the last threat on a scheme with the crisis icon.
  3. I have been trying to find a slot for Dace, so far I am most curious about him as a coordinating support ship. Something like: Dace 0.1 (68) IG-88A (1) IG-2000 (5) Ion Cannon (5) Proton Bombs Points 79 (65) IG-88B (1) IG-2000 (5) Ion Cannon (3) Seismic Charges Points 74 (35) Dace Bonearm (10) Squad Leader (2) Tactical Officer Points 47 Total points: 200 Or like Dace 0.3 (65) IG-88B (1) IG-2000 (5) Juke (5) Ion Cannon Points 76 (66) IG-88C (1) IG-2000 (5) Juke (5) Ion Cannon Points 77 (35) Dace Bonearm (2) Tactical Officer (10) Squad Leader Points 47 Total points: 200 I feel like Ig88B is a must along with Ion Cannons but I’m struggling with what the rest of the components should be. Thoughts?
  4. She would definitely be more consistency here over Jostero. And would definitely be a good include. One thing with Jostero though, assuming you get the bonus attack, you could be getting a free PS 8 attack on a ship, which I think has some benefit to it as well. (Not that I pulled one off in the one game I played...) In the game I played, my opponent had multiple ships at range 1 and took 2 damage (across two ships obviously) from killing 1 tug, which killed another hitting with 2 more damage. Then Jostero got his bonus attack, shot the concussion missiles, did a couple points of damage and flipped a crit on two of their ships. All after a single PS 6 attack. I know that was a fairly optimal situation, but the silliness is just fun.
  5. I flew this one time today, and had a good bit of fun with it. It isn’t going to be overly competitive, but it presents a lot of bad choices for your opponent. With all the potential for offhand damage it is very easy to proc Jostero’s bonus attack. Suicide Squad - Kihraxz Fighter - •Captain Jostero - 60 •Captain Jostero - Aggressive Opportunist (43) Concussion Missiles (6) Hull Upgrade (5) Shield Upgrade (6) Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug - Jakku Gunrunner - 35 Jakku Gunrunner - (28) Proton Bombs (5) Deadman’s Switch (2) Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug - Jakku Gunrunner - 35 Jakku Gunrunner - (28) Proton Bombs (5) Deadman’s Switch (2) Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug - Jakku Gunrunner - 35 Jakku Gunrunner - (28) Proton Bombs (5) Deadman’s Switch (2) Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug - Jakku Gunrunner - 35 Jakku Gunrunner - (28) Proton Bombs (5) Deadman’s Switch (2) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  6. Thought I would throw the two repaints I have done in here. Just for fun! ?
  7. madday92

    No Scum Promo

    Was anyone else disappointed that there was no scum promo for the 2.0 launch. Between this and no scum core set, it seems like Scum got left out in a few areas..
  8. I was flying Talonbane Cobra + predator alongside L3-37 + Tactical Officer. Coordinate on the escape craft was fantastic alongside an ace or two, and really helped boost (well barrel roll) Talonbane.
  9. I find it odd that they outsourced the app to Poland. I imagine the time difference alone makes coordinating design and othe issues quite hard.
  10. There is such a thing as server push that allows servers to send data to the client without it needing to request it. And their forums already have some form of implementation of this (notifications of new posts)
  11. madday92


    That is indeed the one I used.
  12. madday92


    I printed out several mine tokens and additional bases for them. Though I will say, I really think they should have included these in the box to begin with.
  13. I pulled an Ascension Gun, an Interrogation Droid, and a Force Lightning!! I pulled apart my eJabba eJango deck and put together a double Nightsister eJabba deck. Went 3 and 1, I definitely think mill is going be big in this next set.
  14. There was a wookie padawan in the clone wars series after all.
  15. If you have a Force Throw and a Chewie special showing, your opponent could be in for some serious pain! - I'll turn that blank to a three and hit you with it, then remove it and hit you with it again!
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