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  1. Hi. Psykers are my favorite class and I've never played anything else so far. Lately I was brainstorming to create a new discipline - I mean, we have a Fire one, right? While it would be dumb to turn DH into D&D and go for all elements, electric discipline, imho, fits. It's cool for shutting down surveillance systems and/or manipulating them, stunning opponents for rounds, torturing (hello, grimdark), mocking your fellow techpriest by spiking him with a few hundred Volts after he pretended being Dart Sidious with his "ABSOLUTE POOOOOOWER!" Luminen implants show off, etc. I've finished a rough version of electric powers today. Seems like I created some kind of support AoE priest/rogue, lol. Some of the powers are converted from existing psychic powers, but some are unique to the system. I would love to receive feedback and ideas on what to implement or throw out. Also, I personally don't like the 8th Teleportation power, because it is the only one I almost plainly copied. I wish to change it to something, but I am out of ideas. Help? Thanks in advance. ----- 1. Jolted touch, Touch, 1d10+PR, Pen 0, Shocking Cost: 100 xp Prerequisite: WP 35 Action: Half Action Focus Power: Ordinary (+10) Willpower test Range: Touch Subtype: Attack The psycker can Shock his opponents and overcharge small devices and machines to shut them down upon touch. 2. Lightning, Psychic barrage, 1d10+PR, Pen 2, Shocking Cost: 200 xp Prerequisite: WP 35 Action: Half Action Focus Power: Challenging (+0) Willpower test Range: 10mxPR Subtype: Attack The psyker can burn his opponents with electricity pouring from his hands. Small and medium devices and machines shut down for half-PR rounds upon hit. During combat, the psyker casts an additional bolt into a random enemy for every 2 DoS. 3. Static dome Cost: 300 xp Prerequisite: WP 40 Action: Half Action Focus Power: Difficult (-10) Willpower test Range: 10mxPR Dome range: 2mxPR Sustained: Half Action Subtype: Concentration The psyker focuses his control over electricity in the air and whirls it to create a dome. Any working gear, machine or device that enters the dome is immediately shut down for 1 round (without save). It starts working upon leaving the dome or when the dome dissappears. Allies inside the dome gain half-PR bonus (PR=3=+15) against laser, plasma and melta attacks, or grenade explosions. 4. Electromagnetic cloak Cost: 300 xp Prerequisite: WP 40 Action: Half Action Focus Power: Hard (-20) Willpower test Range: 2mxPR Sustained: Half Action Subtype: Concentration The psyker obscures his allies or himself from their foes’ senses. Though eyes and other senses do not detect them, their minds can perceive them by rolling an Awareness (-20) check and noticing the sound of crackling air. This power grants a Shocking (PR) value for a single melee or ranged attack to the affected person that ignores armour. For the duration of the power, the target counts having the Stealth skill at Known (rank 1), and gains a bonus to Stealth tests equal to +5 times the psyker’s psy rating. Additionally, all ranged attacks made against the target suffer a penalty equal to –5 times the psyker’s psy rating. If the target moves beyond the power’s range, he loses this power’s benefits. 5. Stasis trap, Psychic Blast, 1d10+PR, Pen=Current blast radius, Shocking Value: 300 xp Prerequisite: WP 45 Action: Half Action Focus Power: Difficult (–10) Willpower test Range: 5 metres x psy rating Sustained: Half Action Subtype: Concentration Trigger range: 1 meter. Blast: 2 meters. The psyker focuses his mind on a location and whirls air into a dense round electricity charge, which light fades after 5 seconds upon cast. Any enemy that stays closer (or in range) than reversed PR meters (PR1=5meters, PR2=4meters, PR3=3meters, PR4+=2meters) from the trap rolls an Awareness (-10) check to hear and notice the distorted transparent crackling air around the trap. The psyker cannot voluntarily stop sustaining this power. Instead, at the beginning of each turn the psyker is sustaining the trap, he must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower test with a –10 penalty for each metre in the trap’s current radius. If he passes the test, he may perform one of the following actions: • Increase the traps' trigger range by one metre. • Decrease the traps' trigger range by one metre. • Increase the traps' blast radius by one metre. • Decrease the traps' blast radius by one metre. If the psyker fails the Willpower test to sustain the trap or if he is unable to make the test due to other circumstances, he rolls a Willpower (Ordinary +0) check. The trap sets off upon failing or vanishes upon success. Anyone stepping in a Statis trap trigger range immediately sets it off. The trap releases a lightning sound upon setting off. Anyone staying in the 5xPR radius from the trap must take a Toughness (-10) check or become deafened and Stunned for half-PR rounds. 6. Electromagnetic manipulation Value: 300 xp Prerequisite: Psy rating 4, WP 45 Action: Half Action Focus Power: Hard (–20) Willpower test Range: 5 metres x PR Sustained: Full Action Subtype: Sustained (Self), Concentration The psyker can manipulate electromagnetic fields to levitate himself or targets of his choice. A target of psyker's choice or every alive creature (including psyker) and metal object in 2mXPR rise into the crackling air up up to 1d5 meters up. While active, the range of this Psychic Power works as a Haywire Field. 7. Thunderstorm, Psychic blast Value: 400 xp Prerequisite: WP 50 Action: Half Action Focus Power: Hard (–20) Willpower test Range: 5 metres x psy rating Sustained: Half Action Subtype: Sustained, Concentration The psyker focuses his will to create a thunderstorm to smite his enemies and make them bend before the Emperor. This power is a Psychic Blast with a radius of 2 metres + the Degrees of Success on the Focus Power Test. Anyone caught within the area of effect suffers 1d10+7 E Damage with a Pen(PR) quality and the Shocking (3) quality, and must take a Pinning test. 8. Electron teleportation Value: 400 xp Prerequisite: Psy rating 5 Action: Extended Action (2) Focus Power: Very hard (–30) Willpower test Range: 10 metres x psy rating Sustained: No Subtype: Concentration The psyker chooses a point anywhere within 5 metres times his psy rating, and opens a gate to the Immaterium at that point. The gate lasts for a number of rounds equal to the psyker’s psy rating, and has a radius in metres equal to the psyker’s psy rating as well. For the duration of the power, the two sides of the gate are linked, and any person or objects may pass between them freely provided they can fit through the gate. Anyone caught in the gate is affected by Haywire Field. This power is incredibly taxing and requires at least 12 hours of recovery before it may be used again. 9. Petrifying light, Psychic barrage, 1d10+PR, Shocking, Pen(PR) Value: 500 xp Prerequisite: WP 55, Psy rating 5 Action: Full Action Focus Power: Very hard (–30) Willpower test Range: 20mXPR Subtype: Concentration, Attack The psyker is capable of draining the very bioelectricity from their foes, dropping the enemy to the ground, cold and inert as stone. If the accumulated power is not discharged after the cast, the psyker will need to wait for the electricity to release itself during the next PR hours and roll a Hard (-20) Toughness test for every target or gain 1 Fatigue level. During combat, the psyker casts an additional bolt into a random enemy for every 2 DoS.
  2. You have to hail Emprah even if you have a cold! --- By the way, I thought all of the Litany were puns, because I see a lot of "a" typos: Theа Machineа Godа watchesа overа you. Deusа inа Machina. Strikeа theа firstа runeа uponа theа deviceа casingа employingа theа chosenа wrench. a Thatа Thouа wouldstа pardonа us, oh mighty Machine. Thusа doа weа makeа wholeа thatа whichа wasа sundered. а Etc. However I thought it's some Orkish tongue and it looks funny.
  3. Hi there! A bit of an offtopic question, but could you share what this is based on? 1) What is Logis Demonae? Either there's a misprint or a house-ruling, but I can't find anything. 2) You can surgically implement a daemon in someone's body? Wha-bda-du-dee, what?! No ritual, no suppressing the daemon, no daemonhost stuff, no chaotic stuff? Surgically implement a daemon? I am missing smth here. It's, of course, in case we are talking about general understanding of what daemon is. 3) Won't someone who has never been a psyker in the first place simply become a daemonhost or a madman if he's infested with a daemon? I really hope someone clarifies this for me since I am very interested in anything related to psykers. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone! In my last topic (Ways of Chaotic corruption) I was suggested The Metamorphica - a book on mutations of anything you can think of, which hugely expands the ways of possible character development. Now, I wanted to ask fellow GMs if you have anything additional stuffed in your GM locker which you use in your campaings? Something interesting besides gear and custom monsters? Custom or from other universes? Thanks in advance.
  5. I didn't say I was going to force anything, right? I was wondering and asking what are possible outcomes of meeting LoC in terms of Warp and other influence. Besides obvious corruption points.
  6. I picked up and developed a sequence on the Internet where party follows a group of heretics which perform a ritual and summon a Lord of Change. The second LoC materializes, the party is trapped in a time loop (but they don't know about it) and time repeats itself. When they shoot the heretics, they wake up sweating bullets 30 mins earlier and follow the heretics again. When they enter a room, they see themselves already there, fighting the heretics. LoC casts w/e spell comes to his mind and destroys the party-that-fought-the-heretics. Current party resets again. They wake up dressed as heretics with one thought - complete the ritua. They enter the room, summon a LoC. LoC kills them. They wake up as heretics, summon LoC, then they are attacked by real themselves. After the fight is over - time resets. ... Etc., etc. I have it more or less properly developed, along with consequences and influence after they solve the puzzle. I just don't think pasting a giant piece of text here is a good idea. TL,DR: They will be fighting will LoC (failing horribly, ofc), they will summon him and they will watch him. So, that's the interactions. The question is, what could happen to them while they're solving it?
  7. Holey Moley! This is superb. Related question: will being in presence (both non-interacting and interacting) of Lord of Change affect you with Corruption/Mutation/anything else?
  8. Hi everyone. If anyone is interested, I found a non-DH expanded mutation table. http://www.slackratchet.com/rough2.htm
  9. Why is this awesome topic in Deathwatch? It fits any WH setting. --- My concept is not about the whole character, but hope this fits the topic. I had a psyker character once. On his first mission at the final encounter one dice ruled it all - he got a 7th critical in a head by plasma pistol unavoided by FP. After that, being subconsciously scared of being close to death, if he ever had to burn FP to avoid lethal damage, he manifested uncotrollable psychic powers and three dice were rolled. First dice picked any target (even an ally) in sight, second dice picked any psychic discipline (tele/pyro/etc.) and third dice picked any spell of that discipline. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to try this since that party disbanded. It would have been interesting to cast Holocaust on your allies.
  10. Which could be what, specifically?
  11. Hey, guys, I got another related question. Can someone describe in a nutshell how could one express tendency to one or another god? As Doctor described above, Slaanesh is about endless purse of sensations. Tzeench, I guess, would be pursue of knowledge to gain ultimate power. Khorne? He is not about plain stupid killing, even if it seems so, imo. And Nurgle? ....
  12. Was there an announcement that FFG website will be shut down? I can't understand you all. License abort doesn't mean they have to/will to shut down the domain and the forum. Also, forum has years of homebrew community material, it might not be up to them to even touch it. And what about FFG support for existing rulebooks and extensions? It seems redundant to remove the website. P.S. Discord sucks, IMO. Just another flamed chat.
  13. Are you not going to play DH anymore and talk to people here interested in the universe the same as you are only because there won't be (at the moment) DH 3ed?
  14. Would that mean that those who can't feel emotions when whether they are doing an action or receiving an action are unaffected by Warp?
  15. Oh, my, this is what I was looking for. Thanks!
  16. Got it, thanks. I suppose it's a bit early for corrupting then. All I found in BC rulebook at the moment was about 5 pages of narrative text about ways of different Gods of Chaos and their Marks (which is still useful) and without any game mechanic influence. Maybe there's more.
  17. Hey and thanks everyone for the answer. Are you thinking BC might have it or did you actually find stuff like this?
  18. Hi everyone. The more my party makes progress, the more I find their characters perks. For instance, over the last 2-3 missions I got to know that our medic talks a lot about sex and when we had one moment where fingerprints for door access were necessary, he suggested to skin the hands of guards. I hope he talks more like this since Slaanesh waits for him around the corner. Now, the questions is, how do I represent corruption by allegiance to different Chaos gods? Hope to hear your ideas. Thanks.
  19. Well, of what use could be the knowledge of knowing how to reach Malal? You suggested the fifth Undivided Tome in the first place and I love this idea immensely. Or if you meant just extistence, how can I wrap this up? Summoning daemons? Meh, typical DH stuff...
  20. I might be wrong, but that fits the scale of DH atmosphere perfectly... No? Bargain for power, sell your soul for it, etc.?
  21. Well, you are probably right. But I could see a VERY long campaign on finding and fighting/bargaining with a Chaos God. Trading knowledge or power is still trading. it would be interesting to operate a daemonhost Rogue-Trader-size ship too.
  22. Wow... I guess I found a mission plot for future Rogue Trader games. Travel in the Warp to find and subdue/bargain with an Chaos Undivided God? Whew...
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