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  1. What are all the options for mental protection to stop another force user from manipulation?
  2. I figured it out.. it was on the server end. I am good not thank you
  3. Umm that invite is invalid!.. That is why I asked for an updated invite!
  4. Can I get an updated invite to the ffg star wars discord?
  5. Hello all, Is there any skill, talent, or anything that allows you to add your force dice to your Discipline checks?
  6. to use Unleash can you only spend dark pips for this or light and dark?
  7. We have a game that ended due to gm not having enough time and a new gm is picking it up and allowing us to used the same amount of points as from the ending game. The character that one of my buddies wants to do is something like a palpatine type I think (from our conversations) and he is fairly new. Here is the info: more of a talker/politcal guy/social manipulator (we will have 2 or 3 other fighter types in the group What he already wants: -force powers: something like 100 pt. -lightsaber skill: he wanted some but more focused on force powers than the LS at least to begin with -all other skills he is just unsure of... I know many ppl here like designing builds so what would your suggestions be for him? just post any other questions if you need to Thank you all
  8. Yes I am not where I have a book handy either.. SO if anyone finds the part in Endless Vigil that @Donovan Morningfire is speaking of (Endless Vigil sourcebook has a section on concealing one's Force usage from the masses) please post it or let me know the page number so I can try to find the info. Thank you for helping me with this question everyone!
  9. What skill or force skill would be able to hide a force users ability or at least hide people sensing the force from you?
  10. Sometimes i do not have tons of time to research... So pardon me.. Lol I come in to ask questions.. I appreciate any and all answers..once again..maybe i should search more but my life is stretched very thin at times.. And honestly i apologized once.. If you are unhappy that i have not done my due diligence do not answer me or point it out to me.. If i read something even if someone has answered it before..i will either not answer or provide the link to the answer.. But the piling on calling me lazy and what not just makes my response where you can go and how you can get there..
  11. I appreciate you directions..sometimes I do post quickly because I have a very limited time... yes i can be rather direct and even rude at times lol..
  12. i thought you needed a second weapon to have a linked quality! Linked usually means attached to something else.
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