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  1. Cybernetics and The Force

    for some reason the forum quotes the wrong reply
  2. Cybernetics and The Force

    I do not agree with this..Disney getting the is so far hit and miss.. 7 and 8 were TERRIBLE and basically SUCK.. Rogue One was pretty good so is Rebels.. btw 9 will suck as well!
  3. Cybernetics and The Force

    The reason they cant have midis are they are not a living organism!
  4. Cybernetics and The Force

    correct on the droids because they do not have midis
  5. Cybernetics and The Force

    You are talking about another general grievous after his accident.. secretly at the hands of count dooku.. "heart and a brain, maybe some lungs"
  6. Cybernetics and The Force

    First off if a gm wants players with cybernetics to use lightning he can always find a way to justify it. I will withdraw my reasoning about needing flesh... but if you have cybernetics and use lightning there should be a huge change of shorting out your cybernetic arms... lol I thin now the conversation is closed! this is from wookepedia: Keep in mind, though, that the canonical proof for this is scant at best. All we have is a short sentence in Rise of Darth Vader saying "his arms and legs were mechanical, and he could never cast Force Lightning". It doesn't even say, "because his arms and legs were mechanical, he could never cast Lightning", so if I wanted to be really difficult, I could say that it was just a list of unrelated disabilities he had, and that his inability to cast Lightning was because of something else. And the part about him being unable to cast the power because his mechanincal limbs would short-circuit. DarthMRN 02:32, 30 June 2007 (UTC) George Lucas has confirmed this theory, and in fact it originated from him. And although we may not like it, his word is as canon as the films themselves. So there's your confirmation. If Vader casts lightning he would short circuit his cybernetics and disable his life support 16:50, 30 June 2007 (UTC)
  7. Cybernetics and The Force

    I do not think it is hogwash... Vader could not generate Lighting not only because it would short out his system.. he had mechanical fingers and forearms... the force needs living tissue to function!
  8. We are trying to wait to start a new campaign for Ultimate Power to come out... Does anyone believe think it will be out before April?
  9. Starting XP in the Old Republic Era

    about 27 years old and the just before the Republic Dark ages of the old republic era about 1102 bby
  10. Building a Matukai

    Where do you read that you start with 200 xp when in the old republic era?
  11. Building a Matukai

  12. Hello, Are there any house rules or "real" rules about getting more xp to start in this era? Thank you, LE
  13. Another Character Generator

    can I get a link what is fresh to join the discord channel?
  14. Playing in The Old Republic Era

    the actual period we will be playing in is The Republic Dark Ages.. So now I have to figure out a good backstory..but it WILL involve falling to the dark side due to manipulation by someone or something.. Could be around 1102 bby
  15. Playing in The Old Republic Era

    Ok UPDATE.. the GM/other players have requested to start during the "NEW SITH WAR" Era.. Inside this era we will be on the midrim to begin with and the GM said it would be during the time the holonet was restricted to only the core worlds..maybe that will help everyone know the time period I am requesting help with so once again I ask for help lol Can someone give me some info on this era? I know a tons about Star Wars but less about this era when it comes to rpg... Character backgrounds ect.. I was thinking something like either a character.. Maybe in politics or something trying to be good but lured by the dark side.. Or a character maybe lost or taken as a child and raise dark side force