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  1. I'll repost my disappointment here for the gencon report but remember we do get arkham nights in October hopefully again this year! I'm hopeful for what gets announced then.
  2. I was a bit disappointed with the gencon report too, but then I remembered we get Arkham Nights in October and they're probably holding back to increase our antici-
  3. I never said it was impossible so please don't misquote. I said these things take time and resources and slow down before freaking out. And if you believe that FFG did this because you complained you must think the world of yourself. Dont worry about it. Just go and rule lawyer and complain on the rest of the forum as you usually do. Checking your account it doesn't seem that anything positive in nature flows from your typing fingers.
  4. I've liked all the expansions, but I must say they really bloated the spells after strange remnants to great effect. My friend and I would just gather spells and hope no mythos card targeting spells would crop up. So spell casters were quite over powered. Now that there is more balance it's a better dynamic so I say buy them all! Haha
  5. I talked about formatting, language support, and copyright. Which they did in far less of a span of the 2 weeks most on this board complained about. It's not white knighting it's just fact, and now you're all feeling quite silly so you lash out when someone points it out. So in your own words.
  6. Oh you all need to go to Tabletopaudio.com if you already haven't. Great ambiance tracks. I always use this for my RPGs. You can que them up in whatever order and quickly switch if the mood changes gameplay wise.
  7. So it took time to create a new size format for the online PDF? Who would have thought that designing something would take time?*raises hand for sarcasm* See, people gotta slow down before they jump on the hate train. Most are so quick to judge before having some patience. Crafting together something of substance with a proper layout and design principles takes time.
  8. Those are amazing. Wish I had the finesse to paint on that small scale.
  9. Depends on the format. If it's in 8x11, the cheapest format to create since it's printer and doesn't need to be custom cut (like comes in the package) then sure it's the same and easy. But if people are hoping for a similar custom size like the one that comes in the large dunwich expansion box then it requires more time. Which is what people are complaining about on top of the why can't we have digital And the second part is also about intellectual property and making people take one more step get it online. Mainly because of software like Tabletop Simulator where people find the virtual assets online to recreate the game for free. So if FFG would rather people have to buy the game to get the content and scenario mechanics I whole heartedly agree. And while I agree it'd be nice to have digital assets to assist with playing the game, sadly a few bad apples who don't want to pay to play have ruined it for the rest of us.
  10. Thematically keeping the rules offline allows the designer to keep some surprise for when they open the box and dive into them without any knowledge. It's called unboxing and many players want that experience. And it's something many designers want their customers to enjoy. I do agree that having them online in the future is a good thing, but having them released later isn't going to hurt you. And again, I don't think you know how much cost and time goes into creating an LCG so it comes in on budget. Someone creating your PDF doesn't just magically happen. Creating something in different formats takes time and shockingly money. You think it's fairly simple, but again you don't know. Work sometime in production and design and you'd understand the demands of pushing out an almost bi-annual project. Coordinating artist, copywriters, editors, translators, printers, and an ever present accountant/producer down your neck trying to keep costs down since they have to pay all the people in writ list to keep them employed to keep creating the games you like to play. Oh yeah, and many of these same people work on multiple projects spilling their time between games to fulfill the demand. And I'm not looking for an online utopia, but if you want to turn someone else's thread into something critical, that had no baring to the original topic, best etiquette would be to start a different thread instead.
  11. What would anyone have to gain from "impressing" them? Im just sick of people who just clog the forums constantly complaining. As a community it's nice when there is a bit of positivity around something. Cause the thread here expressed excitement and then you came in to poo poo on everything. Go poo poo somewhere else.
  12. Wow, the worst thing that could happen it seems is for FFG to use smaller packaging and thus different formated rule sheets to fit said packaging. If it was the other way and they used larger packaging we'd have the other complainers saying FFG is using too much packaging for 56 cards. The idea is that the game is a mystery. They haven't put the full campaign online yet because, wait for this shocker... it's meant to be a surprise!!! Please be grateful for all the time and effort these diligent workers went through to make you such an awesome and emmersive experience. And as the best usually say, "if you don't like how they're doing it, why don't you do it yourself." Go create something with all this extra critical energy you have. Also, let's get this thread back on what it was titled. It's released! Yay!!
  13. Just saw the new update and really excited about what the intention of the Ultima Thule action "Spend to advance Omen". I really hope this means multiple plot arcs in one expansion pack. Cause that's what Omen's of Ice was surely missing: having different story paths and mysteries to solve. Thoughts?
  14. They become exhausted during their attack action but this does not unengage them from the investigator they're on, since during the upkeep phase ALL cards are readied, including those on your investigator. Exhausted is different than engagement.
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