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  1. I’d like to bump this again. We’re looking to make this EC epic. Help us break the current US EC record of 39. The more we get the harder it is for FFG to not put a well deserved Kotei in New England!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/710252602705004/ New England has a reputation for some of the best L5R tournaments in the world, and in the tradition of the old Feeding Hills Kotei's, Gardner Game Knights is proud to present our first ever Regional level tournament, and we are not messing around. Not only will we be giving away the great prize support from FFG, but we are adding 7 swords for the top of each clan! But that's not all. We'll be running a costume contest, as well as a First Player Token from our friends at Luxury Playstyle for the person who travels the furthest! We will open our doors at 10am that day and first round will start promptly at 11am. We will be using the latest Rules Reference Guide, which can be found here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/…/l5c01-online_ru… Decks must use one of the current legal Roles for their clan, or any Support of the Clan Roles i.e. Support of the Scorpion, Support of the Crane ect) . The current Roles can be found here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/l5r-lcg/roles/ If you have any questions feel free to message me or the store directly. Entry Fee will be $20 You can reserve your space via paypal to teambtygaming@gmail.com
  3. Come on down to the new hot spot for X-wing in Central Massachusetts. Gardner Game Knights opened 3 months ago and already we have a great group of players and we're always looking to build on that. Our tournament will be on Saturday August 11 at 1pm. Come on down to the store and pre-register. We have a cap of 32 and we're about halfway there already. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 978-410-4981 https://www.facebook.com/events/1984549638222848/?active_tab=discussion
  4. So we had a whopping 33 person turnout, which I want to say is one of the biggest non-convention L5R tournaments in the US? (If I'm wrong please let me know, I love to hear about FLGS's big tournaments!) Congrats to Ian Fite playing Scorpion for his big win. 7-0 in L5R is a marathon and he proved to have not only the skill but the stamina for the challenge. Top 4 were rounded out by Rodrigo Retamoza playing Phoenix, Kyle Kress running Dragon and Crane Hatamoto Devin Bell. Again thank you to everyone for allowing us to host such a great tournament! https://thelotuspavilion.com/tournaments/1062 New England has always been a great stronghold for L5R, so if you live anywhere close check out not only Gardner Game Knights in Gardner MA, but also Turn 4 Hobbytown in West Boylston MA, Midgard Games in Derry NH, Black Moon Games in Lebanon NH and Battleground Games in Norton MA. We wouldn't have had such a great turnout without these stores dedicating the time and energy it takes to build a successful community and I hope to get some traveling in the next few months for more great New England tournaments!
  5. As we come up on the final run of the hype train for this event, I wanted to let everyone know exactly what we are giving away: 1st place: Sword set and Acrylic Honor DIal Top 2: Plastic Imperial Favor Top 4: Clan Champions Playmats Top 8: Metal Fate tokens Top In Clan: Wooden First Player Clan Token Furthest Traveled: (If a tie 1 person will be randomly picked) Metal Fate tokens and Plastic Favor Hatamoto Bounties for Messers Mark Armitage and Devin Bell (AKA beat one of these distinguished gentlemen and this is what you win): 1x Tadaka Phoenix Playmat, 1x Full Bleed new Phoenix SH, 1x bag of metal fate tokens 3x Wandering Ronin Plus just for signing up you get any 3 of the following (while supplies last, early birds get first pick): Full Bleed Shameful Displays Full Bleed Routs Full Bleed Outwits Full Bleed Path Of Man Full Bleed Wandering Ronin Full BLeed Miya Mystics Also tons of full bleed champions, roles and several other prizes. Plus we will give away one of the plastic favors to one random player who does not make the top 8. I want to give away all this stuff so please, if you play L5R come on down and bring friends! Let's show that we can have big events somewhere besides giant conventions!
  6. As part of our Grand Opening week the first week of June we will be holding our first Premier Event tournament for L5R. Prize support includes metal fare tokens for all top 8 finishers, Clan Champion playmats for all top 4 finishers and for the winner not only do you get the acrylic honor dial from the stronghold event, but also a gorgeous Daisho sword set donated by one of our owners. The tournament will be held Saturday June 2nd at 44 Main Street in Gardner MA. Below is the Facebook link to the event as well as my totally not awkward at all video of the prize support https://www.facebook.com/events/1980075698876418/?ti=icl
  7. Hello all, I’m happy to announce the opening of Game Knights in Gardner Massachusetts. We will be a strong supporter of Legend of the Five Rings starting on April 14th with our first Battle for the Stronghold tournament. Not only will we be holding these tournaments every other week, but this will lead to a sword tournament during our Grand Opening Event coming up shortly so stay tuned to our Facebook page for details https://www.facebook.com/events/1845728502112450/?ti=icl
  8. If you’re willing to go a little east Game Knights in Gardner MA will be running regular X-wing events starting April 21. Here’s our first event and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more: https://www.facebook.com/events/656751414500003/?ti=icl
  9. Gardner MA (about an hour west of Boston). We were a big stronghold for the CCG and we hope to be for the LCG. Here's our FB page and website. The store isn't open yet but should be in about a month. https://www.facebook.com/GardnerGameKnights/ http://gardnergameknights.com/
  10. Most games do not end to time already, and as more and more people play and know the cards (both their own and their opponents) less and less will go to time.
  11. This right here. The first Nu5R event I went to (the single core casual one) I flailed around, going 1-3 and not having any clue what was going on. Next two tournaments I went 2-2 slowly learning my way. I'm starting to feel like I'm grasping the card pool now and managed a nice 3-1 record this Saturday, including the mirror match and managing to deal with Restoration Of Balance and Feast Or Famine along the way. There are tactical and strategic answers to almost everything in this game. Sometimes you just have to bang your head against he wall a few times to find them.
  12. I played in a tournament a couple weeks ago that had 50 min rounds, and I went to time limit once in 4 rounds. I think 45 isn't enough right now, but 50 is somewhat reasonable and 60 should be fine.
  13. In the spring I hope to be opening my FLGS. For official tournaments yes, I will be enforcing the official roles, but for casual play of course not. Play what makes you happy. I'll encourage anyone who plans on going to any of the Kotei tournaments to go with the official roles even in casual just because you're doing yourself a disservice not using them, but what people do in their casual games is their own business.
  14. Mark you’re doing the Emperor’s work. You’re not the hero Rokugon needs but you’re the hero it deserves
  15. Oh I'm 100% competitive. I wanted to say "I'm a little of both" but even my casual play is prep for tournaments.
  16. I find with Dragon a good rule of thumb has been "bring up one 3+ with 2 fate on them and 1 2 or less cost with none per turn" and you'll be ok. Granted different dynasty flips can mess with this, but it's worked for me so far.
  17. I'm going to stop you here So the problem is where is this hypothetical "not during a convention" taking place. As someone who has run a FLGS and run some pretty successful events I can tell you that most stores can maybe run about 70-100 people before you start having to deal with fire code issues. Yes you can rent a hall, but then you have to start considering charging extra for that space ect. I really think the point you're missing is "Grand". I don't think that FFG would consider a tournament held at your FLGS or local VFW to be big enough for what they have in mind, so how does this "local" GK get done?
  18. The problem is I think (and granted I'm making assumptions here) that they want the Grand Kotei's to be just that...Grand. They want big events. you don't get that by watering it down, and the only places that can really house the sort of attendance they're looking for is at Conventions. No matter where you have that sort of thing people are going to have to pay travel expenses and SOME kind of entrance fee. Granted saving the $60 on the con fee would be nice, but I doubt THAT is the dealbreaker for anyone. If you're looking for something smaller there's going to be the regular Kotei's and the store championships.
  19. While I totally get where you're coming from here, what is the solution to this? Understand that the idea of Grand Kotei's (and to a lesser extent, regular ones) is to find the best players and reward them. The way to do that is to pull from the largest player pool, and the way to do that is to do it at a Con. How would you do this and still reduce the cost/travel expense for the average player?
  20. I definitely understand not wanting to deal with a convention just to play a game. What I'm hoping is they'll add more regular Kotei's to the list so that people who don't want the expense and hassle of a full convention experience but still want to play in a Kotei environment have other options.
  21. One thing I'd like to see is going back to having event tournaments that can affect a story line in stores simultaneously on the same weekend (i.e. Race To Volturnum back in the day). That can be a big draw, and give out huge prizes PLUS it helps your FLGS. That being said I do like to travel to the big tournaments when I can afford to. I'm a little sad the Philadelphia GK is coming up so quickly. As to the OP question these big tournaments are good for the game and would only be a problem if there are some kind of prizes that are unavailable elsewhere and effect game balance, which FFG doesn't do as far as I can tell. I've been lucky enough to go to 3 GenCon's (for Raw Deal) and can honestly say that to me they were well worth the money spent.
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    and triple post, I give up on interneting today
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    I'd say it's more about building a local playerbase. As a once and (hopefully) future game store owner I'm very interested in this subject (moreso than a lot of the "BROKEN META" threads I'm seeing). I feel like working with the local movie theater is a step in the right direction. I think getting your FLGS to run a demo night maybe even once a quarter with a discount on starter sets also wouldn't be a bad idea.
  24. We have a small playerbase (about 4 or 5 players right now) and we're looking to to expand and find more people to get seat time with. We have a local playgroup FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1481005611932316/ So if you play nearby the Gardner/Leominster area look us up.
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