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    Harry Potter

    @bsmith23 The Dice For Brains AP podcast is currently running a setting of Genesys in the Fantastic Beasts world created by the GM Ross. Listen to character creation here: http://diceforbrains.libsyn.com/genesys-s07-special-episode-character-creation-part-1 and Episode One here: http://diceforbrains.libsyn.com/genesys-s07-episode-1-and-the-casa-magica
  2. Mburnaught64 Have you seen this? It's the follow up adventure for F&D beginner box set. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/b1/aa/b1aaa46b-70ad-4f27-bd4d-930c245db53d/a-call-for-heroes.pdf
  3. @Archlyte Yes, Dice For Brains is an actual play podcast which bends towards the audio drama style of entertainment. We also seek to promote RPGaming as an inclusive social activity and always feature diverse (not typically found at your FLGS) new players for every season. Currently we run FFG F&D and enhance the story with vocal and battle sound FX, original music and fully invested actor/role-players who seek to let their character and the storyline shine above other game aspects. Recently, we added intermediate episodes discussing the mechanics of the story and how GM's and Players can work collaboratively for a more immersive RP experience. Here's the first episode link: http://diceforbrains.com/the-adventure-begins-2/ . ENJOY!
  4. Yes, thank you. Strain on top of light side point. I think the only way Bher Vinché is going to want to return to the light side is if something so awful happens because of her and/or she learns how to forgive herself. I can't wait to see what happens. I'm absolutely sure my GM knows how bad it will have to get in order to grab her attention away from the delicious chocolate chips. Ghaaah. This game is so great. I love it so.
  5. My character is part of an audio drama and as such, she serves the story over and above what I want to have happen. I did want her to go to the dark side and I was being kind of flippant when I said I was screwed. I was mostly curious about the mechanics. I have to flip a light side point every time I want to spend light side pips and I get conflict for the dark side pips. I might get conflict for the light side pips too. I don't know. If I follow my Master's instructions everytime he tells me to kill someone, I'll make it to zero in no time. Then I guess she will have to climb back up, if she ever decides she's had enough cookies. Thanks. And I really, really admire all the thought you have put into your elegantly stated responses. Are you a philosophy major?
  6. So nothing changes mechanically when you hit zero? Only when you hit 29. Ok. I'm screwed.
  7. So many intelligent observations and arguments here. I wonder if I might ask this group what happens when my character goes below zero in her morality score. She is currently at sixteen and has apprenticed herself to a Sith. She was trying to save her planet from Imperial occupation but due to her passionate emotions and impatience, was tricked into subservience to the invading Sith Lord. I play her now as having an addiction as powerful as bacon flavored chocolate to the power and admiration she gets from wielding the dark side force. But what happens if her morality goes below zero? Thanks. TaiChiSusan
  8. Here is your solution: Episodes 6 and 7 http://diceforbrains.com/dice-for-brains-podcast-episode-6/ http://diceforbrains.com/dice-for-brains-podcast-episode-7/ Bher, Gree and Xen find their crystals.
  9. Force & Destiny and it's special books are def my favorite because I'm interested in the knowledge and complexities of the Force. I also LOVE lightsaber combat. I can recommend a podcast for getting a general overview of the FFG SW system called Dice For Brains. While listening to an entertaining story you get the idea behind the mechanics and see how the system lends itself to story and character development. It's also a great system for new players and GM's because the non-numeric dice allow input from all players during any turn. Force & Destiny is a super forgiving system even if someone mis-interprets or misremembers how a rule works because the story shines above the mechanics. I think you've made a great choice! Here's the link http://diceforbrains.com/the-adventure-begins-2/
  10. I am happy to have any tools to help bring more players to the table. The whole idea of role playing is vastly enhanced by different peoples' perspectives. If everyone at the table has roughly the same approach, bias, interests, it's going to narrow the field of the story. And I, for one, am all about the story and characters. Good job to all those who suspended their minor gripes and found a way to bring a new story to life. Let the games go on!
  11. Great job inviting new players to your table. That's one of our main goals at Dice For Brains!!
  12. Have you looked at Reddit r/lfg and search Seattle, WA? There are several games going on but they are not FFG. Maybe you could convince them to try? Just a thought.
  13. May I suggest a new player resource? An example of a game being played using EoE is four episodes of the Dice For Brains podcast starting with http://diceforbrains.com/dice-for-brains-podcast-s02-intermission-death-star-part-1/. This resource is specifically designed with brand new players in mind to show them how a game might sound while entertaining them with a story. It also honors the Star Wars IP by being clean so everyone can listen together. The rest of the four episodes can be found on the DiceForBrains website. Thank you.
  14. MANY MANY THANKS To the kind and thoughtful responses to this question. I am honored by your interest, compassion and voluminous advice. Bher is already a ********** SPOILER ALERT ******* dark side user. I don't like to metagame. I play her from my gut and what I think she would feel in the moment. Likewise, I think the other players, David Wright and Joshu Reynolds do their very best to inhabit their characters without player's knowledge. It is impossible to achieve total separation of player/character knowledge, but that is my goal. I like the idea of exploring the dark side a little further but I really don't think that is Bher. She is super stubborn and super impatient. She's already lost a ************** SPOILER AGAIN *************** person, friend's limb, her health and happiness. She is tired, frustrated and lonely since Xen left. I like the idea of the new mentor. Maybe that could be a new player who joins our table. We are always looking for new players.
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