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  1. So out of the boosters I've open so far, I'm only really missing two (Jedi Temple & Mos Eisley Spaceport). Is there any reason to keep more than one of these battlefields in my set? I have a few triples now.
  2. I took this pre-release to a family gathering and I even had my mother rolling villain dice by the time we cut into the turkey We ran into a few situations where I could find a specific rule set to explain: If my characters consist of Kylo + Stormtrooper, and the stormtrooper dies during the rounds of play: I remove all existing (non-redeployable) cards for my Stormtrooper and discard or remove those cards from play? Because a few cards let you grab things from the discard piles. Can I continue to play red cards from my hand once my Stormtrooper had died? Or are a good portion of the card in my hand pointless and only good for re-rolls now? Unrelated to #1/#2. Is there a maximum number of support cards a team can own / have in play? I know the max of duplicate non-unique cards is 2, but could I have out multiple blue supports + multiple different red support cards? It seemed like these have a large advantage with only a few cards disrupting support cards from play. Thanks!
  3. How do these release parties work? This one mentions you can only purchase a single starter kit (Rey or Kylo)? Wouldn't I need the other set though to play anyone else after I leave? I just want to make sure I've got both starter kits and maybe a handful of boosters once I leave.
  4. I noticed that Destiny is now listed within Amazon (one seller) and it mentions a November 18th releases date. Not sure how credible the source is listing it though.
  5. Wow... 6 cost too. I was waiting for a card with that specifically called out
  6. Is there a way to destroy support cards? I noticed they didn't have health and still require resources to play them... but are they permanent once ready? I'm talking about the cards that aren't directly applied to the characters for upgrades. (The same question would apply if you could add shielding to support) Thanks!
  7. Are the dice larger than Dice Masters dice? That seemed like a comparable game, if I went the Plano route.
  8. Excited to see this game once it releases! I am pre-ordering an additional set for my nephew this holiday season (in-advance pre-orders). I'm new to the collectable card game approach, but does anyone have any insight on the following: I saw the starter kits have 24 cards + 9 dice / tokens. If I end up purchases both starters and lets say 5 boosters, which deck box should I consider? I saw a bunch of video review for the Ultra Pro Satin Tower Deck Box, but I feel like it wouldn't hold all the dice / tokens? If not a backup plan looked like the Ultra PRO Dual Deck Box (maybe one side for the deck of cards + tokens and the other to hold all the dice)? Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!
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