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  1. I like this idea because it adds more strategy to the game - you can't just look at your enemy's upgrades and know how to deal with him, you need to make an educated guess and change your tactics on the fly. I also like the thematic aspect. After all, how on earth would your squadron know exactly what the enemy ships are equipped with every single battle?
  2. I swear I saw that thing at a model contest around 5-6 years ago. Pretty freaky coincidence, but it doesn't surprise me he posted it all online. In terms of this one, though, I'm excited to see what the end result is, especially since it's a custom design. It'd be pretty awesome to see an epic game of about 900 points, with this thing and its fighters vs. a massive Rebel strike force.
  3. Definitely the ARC-170. Maybe not the coolest ship, but the model is insanely well painted.
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