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  1. Please try downloading the new version, it may of been fixed. http://puu.sh/urrFi/d092b89fd8.zip or download it from the github link.
  2. Do you have java installed? thats my last guess, if it doesn't work I can put in you contact with the dev.
  3. No just in its own folder with nothing missing. If it can't find bot.js, something is going wrong. I'd suggest uninstalling Nodejs, delete everything related to this, and start fresh. following the read me. I'm using windows 10 myself, so I don't think thats the issue.
  4. Are you extracting the zip and putting it into its own folder?
  5. you installed the node.js software linked above?https://nodejs.org/en/ and made sure you downloaded the latest, 7.x, since it seems you have 6.x installed, please uninstall that version and install the latest features version and try it then.
  6. you're adding your prefix before that roll correct? so in my screenshot, my prefix is ! ,so for the bot to read my command, I have to put ! before the roll to get it to respond.
  7. Well Im assuming you're saying yes to everything, what happens when you do "yourprefix"roll 2y
  8. so your token would look like this? the token code being in example? You have the prefix set up?, and does the bot join the server once you start the start.bat?
  9. So you got your token, you entered it into the config.json and it doesn't work?
  10. Sorry you couldn't follow the instructions, but if you have the bot set up on discord, its very straight forward at that point. I'd suggest looking at guides on how to setup a discord bots if you're having problems.This gif may help explain the bot process better. Then once you've made it, and the bot is in your server, and you've copied the token code into the config.json by opening it with notepad, entering the token code between the quotation marks, and entered a prefix to use the codes, and have the bot in your server with the program running. It should work.
  11. Been wanting a bot like this for awhile and finally bit the bullet and had a developer program one for me, and I wanted to just share it with everyone, so anyone can use it and don't have to rely on buggy hangouts or roll20 api. http://puu.sh/urrFi/d092b89fd8.zip You can download the bot here. First please create a user for your bot by following this link. https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me Once you've filled out the name and description click click "create application" then on the new screen click "create bot user". If you need more help with bot creation, there are plenty of resources online to do so. You'll need to make note of your bot token once created and copy it to insert it later. Afterwards, you'll just need to install NodeJS on your machine to allow you to host the bot. Download the most recent version here https://nodejs.org/en/ To start the bot, either use Start.bat OR EotE Dice Roller shortcut. Do not move start.bat out of the folder, move/copy EotE Dice Roller file wherever you like. The code is thoroughly commented and the code itself should read like plain English even to none programmers. The suffixes for the dice rolls are as follows (can be found in the bot.js code comments): 7 unique dice in total y = Yellow g = Green b = Blue blk = Black r = red p = Purple d OR w = destiny/white Finally, the bot is structured so that the dice command can be used in any order. For example: !roll 3b 2blk 4w executes the same as !roll 4w 3b 2blk which is also the same as !roll 4d 3b 2blk. Take a look at the Config.json file to plug in your bot token and set the prefix for your commands. *I will be adding a few more features such as text headers to the rolls and limiting the amount of dice in the roll* Source Code here - https://github.com/Astrydax/SWEotE-Discord-Dice-Roller For more detailed usage instructions, there is a read me in the file and here https://github.com/Astrydax/SWEotE-Discord-Dice-Roller/blob/master/README.md .
  12. Feeling kinda frustrated, really enjoy this system but seem to be stuck in forever GM mode, been trying on roll20 and reddit to no avail, and if I want to play I basically am forced to run a campaign for new players generally. Anywhere else where I can find groups to play with as a player?
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