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  1. Speculating L3-37 is “while you are not shielded, decrease the difficulty of your bank maneuvers” + “while you are docked, your carrier ship has your pilot ability in addition to its own” And chewie is “at the start of the end phase, you may spend a focus token to repair one face up damage card”
  2. Yes, because it has a red boost
  3. But all he cares about is when it shows up, not if it stays that color, so BB-8 would be fine
  4. Tarkin was ready to fire on scarif but then he learned Alex Davy was on the planet and told the Death Star they may not fire when ready
  5. Paul heaver and Alex Davey had a game once, it ended in a draw during final salvo
  6. When his dash shoots at range one, he rolls five attack dice
  7. Fair, just got sick of people complaining he’s OP
  8. No, because the sky was not falling and he had Han gunner
  9. How perfect you’d be flying Han then
  10. It actually rerolls all focus (not that that changes your discussion any) edit: saw you corrected yourself
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