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  1. This is similar but not quite the one I remember. Still useful though.
  2. Hi community, In my quest to build the perfect list, and understand the game better, I am trying to search for ships by their actions (e.g. who has coordinate, who can reload). The "main" wiki on Wikia is good but not thorough enough. I had used one recently for 2.0 content that had a nice Imperial-themed graphic design. It was not a blog but just the raw data (i.e. pilots, upgrades, etc) presented cleanly and well-linked. Ring any bells? Thanks.
  3. As always, kudos to Sandrem et al for a great tool (I play a couple games most nights). However, I am also getting frustrated by the Out-of-Arc issue, especially when you line up a good shot only to be denied by the measurement logic. At first, I just thought they were too close to call, but there are certainly times that a ship is clearly in arc. As others have mentioned, it is usually when the corner is the closest point and out of arc but another part of the ship is clearly in arc (even at a different range). Second, I am not sure I like the "improvement" to bump up the resolution of elements, specifically on a Windows desktop. Now all the notifications are covering over the ships and especially the dice window, so I cannot even click the "OK" button or even see the automatic results (until they all are hidden). Have others been annoyed by this change in 0.6.4? (I can log a GitHub ticket if needed.)
  4. Like many of you, I was wondering the same thing. And like many of you, I am disappointed (but keeping an open mind about the 1.0 launch of the 2.0 site/app). Therefore I will continue to rely on YASB, and now plan to reach out to @raithos (here or GitHub) to offer my development help to keep it great and useful. Specifically, I would like to be able to filter my squads by version and search the squads (by ship, pilot, upgrade, etc). Love Live YASB (and community support)!
  5. @Ynot I found your fork on GitHub (https://github.com/Ynot6517/bench)? There is an Issue Tracker built-in to every GitHub project, but it seems to be disabled. If you enable it, I am happy to enter them and to help fix them. I have downloaded the original code and know Javascipt, so I am willing to help with the project in any way. My GitHub user is "nunatak-jb".
  6. What is the local price here in Halifax?
  7. I have been running that ship a lot too. Pairs nicely with Eaden Vrill because this attacks just before him. it is a capable build that can still attack and defend well enough, especially with Wired helping out. Unlike the classic Stresshog, it does not have to be permanently stressed, as there are enough green maneuvers to re-gain your actions sometimes. But if you let those tokens pile up you might have issues not being able to do Tallon Roll or K-Turn (e.g. if someone is on your tail or you need to get back into the fight).
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