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  1. It's a small base fighter that's more advanced and capable than the t-70. Probably doesn't quite match the defender in durability but would likely be closer to a defender than to a t-65.
  2. Maybe we'll finally get clear rulings on ability queue and range checks?
  3. That, and ensnare does not specify "enemy" ship.
  4. PSA: a small ship that doesn't have a tractor token and then gets one becomes tractored. There is no rules limit to the number of times a ship may become tractored in a round.
  5. It seems like so many levels of thinking ahead to pull this off, though. Low unit Vultures manage to grab a lock on something (without drks because if you have those you can get both tokens anyway), and don't really care about calculating for defense. Target is still valid for Vultures by the i5 window when berwer moves. Berwer lines up his shot Berwer hits Some Vultures get calcs and stressed and are fine to straight or 2-turn next round Oh easy I love 1.0 weapons failure mechanics!
  6. Stop, stop! I can only get so...excited...
  7. Okay so can someone explain berwer ket to me? Is he like tallie in that his ability is "mobile I5"? Or is there some world where a vulture doesn't want to calculate for its action but is willing to take a stress for a calc but only maybe if this guy's attack hits but if not no big deal?
  8. Title. I agree that four ship boba is hard, especially if you want everyone to have a 3-dice gun.
  9. Oh right...no torps in spread suggests no torps slot on the republic y-wing. Okay seems fair.
  10. It's better than for wedge not only because of the double mods but also because protorps are more valuable on a 2 dice primary ship than for a 3 dice primary ship.
  11. And to me, such a decision is in the same class of "playing the tournament" versus "playing a single match" as deliberately choosing a list that won't exhaust me over the course of 7 rounds.
  12. Ummmm...wait...what? That's... that's by definition just the difference between a casual March with no continuity and a tournament, right? Is it unethical to not want to fly a tie Swarm because you think setting all those dials all day could be mentally tiring?
  13. I don't quite get the point. Under framework 1), killing 100 points and losing 80 is better than killing 40 and losing 0 running to time. Under the rules we have, the latter is better and thus incentivizes such lists. Under framework 2, if that Han runs a deep bid, he's starting down in points by that bid.
  14. Can some one remind me what are the downsides of: 1. Only points destroyed counts towards determining who won and tournament rankings (after wins) Or 2. Scoring is same MoV as today, except bid is immediately given up when you start the game ?
  15. Lol the fireball looks like it could achieve Dengaroo-levels of stress. First, you take a damage card at setup. The title looks like it says you can search the deck and pick a specific one. Choose Panicked Pilot. Next, equip Coaxium Hyperfuel. That lets you SLAM while stressed in exchange for exposing a damage card, and/or SLAM after partially executing in exchange for exposing a damage card, and isn't charge-based. So, you get a (not so great, honestly) ship that can SLAM every single round at I5, even when you bump them, in exchange for never taking a different action. Seems fine and balanced (probably), but also hilariously broken.
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