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  1. @Boom OwlI'm game for some testing if you like.
  2. If aggressors at 25 would be stupid good, why aren't people flying 8 naked hyenas? Surely calc sharing makes up for initiative? Is it the linked evade? Because a couple of healthy hyenas in a swarm of 8 can pretty safely take locks to double mod attacks. EDIT: okay three discord vultures and 5 hyenas is obviously better than 8 hyenas, but people aren't taking that, either.
  3. I imagine some people ignored the 10 pt restrictions and are imagine SNR torp Kylo, 114pt boba...maybe even old dampeners Han? Basically, the "worst" version of the pilot.
  4. Within the exact limit of 10 points of upgrades,no Kylo couldn't solo 6 x-wings...BUT! Given unlimited time, supernatural protorp primed thrusters magpulse Kylo might...
  5. Actually, you typically want to leave the stress on as long as possible, to trick the opponent into incorrectly taking a crit to flip PT.
  6. I was having the same issue for a few days, but not as of right now.
  7. Radiant S-foils (open) While you perform a red action, you may treat it as white. Before you activate, if you are not critically damaged, you may flip this card. Radiant S-foils (closed) While you perform a primary (front arc) attack, roll one fewer attack dice. While you execute a speed 3-4 basic maneuver, decrease its difficulty. Before you activate, you may flip this card.
  8. How certain are you that "the defender may..." doesn't restrict it to defense dice?
  9. Sorry, I actually somehow don't understand what you're saying here. I personally think B-Wing foils should be free and the chassis maybe a point or two more expensive (braylenn more than that). There's plenty of ships with essentially a 2/3/4 statline. The tie/fo is the most "generic" of them, and the others (a-wings, turret a-wings, CLT sprites, tie/v1s), all kinda have things that make them special. I'd be most happy if the base scyk were prices to never see play, and cannons/missiles/torps priced such that scyks were worth considering only with one bolted on.
  10. Or, you need some way to make cannons better than their printed effect. Like...S-foils for b-wings, or linked battery for the upsilon. Or tax a "weapons hardpoint" ship with 2 pwv more than one with a 3 pwv. or a cannon that you roll dice with based on your primary weapon value. Or a cannon upgrade that not a secondary weapon, but that changes the effects of your primary weapon or lets you reroll a die. Or a cannon that lets you modify a die if you have a 3 primary weapon value. Or or or
  11. Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger dnks.
  12. I think it really is the boost. A ship that can boost and/or rotate its arc front and back has something close to 100% arc coverage potential.
  13. This is where our experience differs, then. There's a TON of FO in my local area, and I can tell you trying to finish off a wounded SF can he made frustrating by the 5-straight and evade->rotate. It keeps plinking you but also making it hard to chase without exposing yourself. And its statline just happens to be in a spot where most lists end up leaving one limping but alive after a joust. Shrug. I'm just not surprised there's a 2-point premium on the FO x-wing.
  14. From a ship capabilities standpoint, that's not obvious to me. T-65: boost, boost linked to focus (decreases attack dice) Tie/SF with gunner: white 5-straight, white evade, 2-dice rear arc. Tie/SF with passive/concussion: same as above, but also 3-dice rear arc, making the ship's maneuvers completely unpredictable after the initial engagement; denies defensive range bonuses Did I miss important stuff?
  15. Okay, I'll bite back. TF drone win rates are statistically way above average. This doesn't inherently make them problematic, but at least you want to closely scrutinize them, right?
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