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  1. Okay so I've sorted it all out. As a sample here are two of the grenades that I'll be making available for my campaign. Frag Grenades: Damage: 12, Blast: 9, Shrapnel 8, Limit 1 $50 R. Rarity cdd. Flash/Bang: Damage: 6 Stun, Blast: 2 Stun, Shrapnel 1, Concussive 1 (to all victims in short range), Disorient 3, Limit 1. $50. Rarity d. I get to run all of the grenade stats by the player this week (I have seven grenades available) and we'll see how the Kinrath clearing operation goes with the explosive new rules. <end>
  2. I'm coming to similar conclusions. This sounds like a good idea for me to snick. Another good idea for me to implement and it makes sense because throwing grenades IRL are an Athletic feat. IRL, I am an amazing shot with both pistols and rifles but can't throw a grenade to save my life! So from my perspective this adaptation makes a lot of sense! Thanks!
  3. Yes. I'm at 10 or 11 cannon changes now. I disagree. Extreme Range is, I shouldn't be able to hit this but let me try anyway . . . That also lets me convert Extreme Range into a six purple contested roll while permitting a Very Long range attempt at 4 purple (instead of 5 purple). You may also remember that I have some incredibly capable PC's running around and a 4 purple shot isn't that much of a challenge. First, I'm actually modelling the grenade rules from GURPS, which I mentioned at the table this week, and based on player feedback they're willing to give it a go. It also models real life better. Shrapnel damage is as I've already described and consistent with existing damage rules. Roll a bunch of green dice and all of the uncancelled successes yield 1 point of damage (less soak after the fact of course). So if you happen to be in the same square as a grenade, you'll take a lot of concussive damage but if you're further away, no worries. However IRL the real problem with frag grenades has always been the shrapnel. And while I've been 'content' with the grenade rules according to the RAW, the players all expressed sufficient displeasure and requested that grenades have a wider AOE. It's not a player complaint that I find unreasonable.
  4. So the team was fighting a swarm of Kinrath 'spiders' this week and two of the PC's felt (appropriately) compelled to deal with the swarms with grenades. The highight of the evening when one of the PC's deployed a 'Flash Bang' grenade and the player rolled up two Triumphs. I then informed the players that apparently that grenade had been "mislabled" and that it was actually a frag grenade. (Many spiders died). You know, sometimes these kinds of mistakes happen . . . Any rate the players made quite a few comments about how disappointing the Star Wars grenades were and my best answer (as the GM) was, "yeah, I know." Still the complaining persisted. SO! We're adding Shrapnel rules to the Grenades and I'm planning on boosting the listed Damage and Blast ratings for several grenades. We're working out the details as of this writing, but here are a couple of things that are coming up. First, the Range Bands for weapons are going to "change" to become fixed values. Short range will be 30 feet (or 6 combat squares/hexes) up to Medium Range will become Short Range will be up to 30 Feet (or 6 combat squares/hexes/inches). Medium Range will be up to 100 Feet (or 20 combat squares/hexes/inches). Long Range will be up to 300 Feet (or 60 combat squares/hexes/inches). And I'm thinking about adding a Very Long Range " dddd This also means that we'll be separating movement so that characters will have a base movement of 5 combat squares/hexes/inches per maneuver. Next: Grenades will have a Weapon Quality called "Shrapnel." In addition to the Base Damage and Blast quality, when explosives go off, everyone within Short Range of the grenade will have a chance to be damaged by Shrapnel. In short the grenade will have an attack dice pool number (say 5 green) and it will be opposed by purple dice equal to the distance from the grenade in squares/hexes/inches. So an NPC 3 inches from the grenade will have an attack with a dice pool of 5 Green and 3 Purple. I figure appropriate conditions like cover & being defensive would apply the appropriate number of black dice to the pool. But "Darkness" wouldn't. (I tend to throw in a darkness modifier quite often in my campaigns to an annoying level. But the PC's have recently done some Spelunking on Tatooine in a Krayt Dragon tunnel network and currently extricated themselves from the ruins of a Jedi stronghold on Dantooine with no lights)! Anyrate, someone left the ramp down on the PC's ship and a pod of Kinrath decided to set up a new hive in there. (Oh look! Lots of nice convenient nooks and crannies! And bonus! Free food too)! So this should give us a good opportunity to test out these new grenade rules next week. Cheers!
  5. No, but it looks like an intriguing idea to run an Astromech PC. Not that I'll have the chance as I'm the GM. I have put together two astromech NPC's using the PC rules and it looks feasible.
  6. Yep, my players can't pick up Clone or Clone Pilot Talent trees. Heck we don't even have access to those talent trees. And to further disincentivize my players, they're already bogged down with (on average) 5-7 talent trees already AND (and?) none of them are pilots. (Okay we have one Duros . . . ). And this isn't a capability that I'm interested in permitting, with the exception of the B-Wing. Which (based on historical precedence) should be able to do an Alpha strike. And I've got no issues making up new rules. (I'm up to 9 major revisions already). So we're not quibbling over what 'can' I do, the question is 'how' to do this well. As I think about this, I'm planning on applying this as a "weapon" or "ship" quality specifically for the B-Wing (Which I can then adapt to other appropriate ships). So I don't have to let this be available outside a "new technology." As I see it, the issue with keeping all of the weapons for an Alpha Strike in a single dice pool is that each weapon has different qualities that affect the dice pool. I'm also using the Weapon Targeting Quality (I actually abbreviate it WTS, inexplicably) so the accuracy of an auto cannon is very different from Proton Torpedoes. Ergo, I don't think a single weapon attack dice pool works (for me). Sure it's 'simple' and if that works for you, awesome. (That said) one other weakness of FFG Vehicle Combat is that the more weapons that are grouped with a Linked or Autofire quality actually are less likely to have additional hits as that number increases. X-Wings (& Quad Cannons) with the Link 3 Quality will almost never hit because you need six advantages to spend to get those extra hits to count. And with most dice pools if you can get six advantage results from that dice pool, you've also yielded zero successes so . . . you still don't hit . So I like separate dice pools for that reason . . . That and I"m still used to GURPS where a single combat resolution could have as many as four dice rolls to resolve: Attacker Rolls Skill check To Hit. Defender Rolls Skill check to avoid Hit. Attacker Rolls hit location (Optional). Attacker Rolls damage. So three dice pools isn't a problem for me. Hmmmmm, Give the B-Wing the ability for the Pilot to perform a Alpha Strike Maneuver which allows pilot to attack with all weapons? And I think add a single P dice to each pool. I'm open to thoughts, suggestions, and comments.
  7. In reviewing the rebuttals to my latest post, I have to apologize. I used some pretty big words in there and it's obvious that I lost all of you. Merriam Webster's Dictionary might help you with that.
  8. Yeah, it makes sense for the B-Wing to be programmed with Alpha Strike capabilities due to it's role as and Anti Cap ship. And in the video game "X-Wing" you could cycle weapons quickly enough that you could almost emulate an Alpha Strike. But the B-Wing isn't a viable dog fighter. But at the same time the video game didn't try to emulate the Auto Cannon (which is a failing of that game, because the B-Wing OBVIOUSLY has the autocannon). Hrm. This is a good point of thought for me to check out. I think I'll need to rethink and redesign the B-Wing in my SWRPG. (But I have time to do that because the B-Wing is in the late design/early prototype phase in my campaign). Yeah, I think this makes this question relevant for me too as the B-Wing probably SHOULD have an Alpha-Strike capability . . . But to advance this topic. One of the rules that I picked up recently is that if you have a weapons system with a Link:3 quality I have the pilot/gunner add 2 advantages to their result which can be used to activate the linked quality. That said, I think I'd still roll each weapon system with a different dice pool for each weapon, but maybe add one or two purple for each additional weapon system fired during an Alpha Strike. Hmmm. I'm open to options. Thoughts?
  9. I turned Phase III into a whole session! (Woot)! I was pretty sure we could wrap up Phase III quickly because there shouldn't have been any combat but there were enough obstacles to overcome. Though the crew of the Guardian surrendered, they didn't exactly turn over control of the ship, including an overly zealous engineer who had set up a dead man's switch (with the potential to destroy the whole ship). Taking over "The Crawler" was easy enough with a brilliant bluff, but . . . not without it's own complications. The crew was there to rescue approximately 35 Wookiees (easy enough, right)? But when the 40 Wookiees (on rest) asked about the other 40 Wookiees out on 'deployment' that set up a logistics problem . . . And one that turned into a time consuming issue! (12+ hours in game to locate and rescue all of the Wookiees. about 15 minutes IRL IIRC). But that was resolved successfully and what do you do after 12+ hours of gruelling piloting and coordinating the transport of 25 Prisoners and aproximately 80 Wookiees? You get VETTED by the Wookiees in a no holds barred celebration! I think the funniest line from the game last night was when one of the players asked, "Where did the Wookiees get a PIG?!?!?!?!" I (the GM) had to shrug in response. But after a bit of Cat and Mouse with three TIE teams and an ISD, the group successfully evaded the Empire and were able to exfil the Nkllon system, leaving little more than wreckage and destruction in their wake. It's a crying shame that the Empire won't have enough support struts needed to finish a completely spherical second Death Star in time for the Emperor's plans . . . But that should wrap up Mission 024 "Depending Basin" successfully enough. The Battle of Nkllon is OVER.
  10. In Mech Warrior/BattleTech there is the concept of an Alpha Strike! which is a cool concept in theory . . . But as a GM, I don't allow characters to use more than one weapon system at a time. (Also the Master Pilot talent isn't available to my players). In 'verse, I haven't seen any vehicles that were designed to do that. And for the same reason you shouldn't do an Alpha Strike in BattleTech you shouldn't do one in Star Wars. We basically have three types of weapons (bear with me here) in Star Wars: Lasers/Blasters, Ion Weapons, and Guided weapons (Missiles and Torpedoes). These three weapons behave differently. Missiles and Torpedoes (for practical purposes) require a target lock before releasing them effectively. While the other direct fire weapons don't need that. However the Direct Fire weapons need to be aimed, quite unlike the guided weapons. And the Ion Weapons and Lasers travel at different speeds (Ion Beams have historically been slower). So if you're aiming weapons for an Alpha Strike and you're leading for the Blasters, then you'll miss with the Ion Cannons, (and visa versa). So from a perspective of targeting, Alpha Strikes aren't viable. (Mech Warrior mechanically represents this well too as Alpha Strikes are rarely employed because each weapon system had a different drop and aim/lead points. In Mech Warrior the only time you should use an Alpha Strike is when you have a relatively close and immobile opponent). Star Wars has the same issue with it's three primary weapons too, IF Alpha Strikes were possible at all. The other issue is that the three weapons in Star Wars do different things. Blasters affect HT and Ion Weapons affect SS. If you want to capture a ship, firing blasters is risky, and you shouldn't fire them while employing Ion Cannons! And conversely if you're trying to blow up the opponent, adding Ion Damage won't help. So for very practical reasons, no. A single pilot can't Alpha Strike with all of their weapons.
  11. I'm reminded that the SJGames Forums had a similar discussion (probably about a decade ago) and if you want a truly in depth and thorough understanding of the issues in having Submersibles and Spaceships act like each other and have HOURS to spend following that in depth discussion, please check it out! (One of the cool things about the SJ Games forums is that the search function works VERY well and the participants are among the smartest and knowledgeable individuals that you would EVER interact with). I'll try to be brief and give a synopsis of why you won't see a lot of these ships. Medium: Vacuum, Air, and Water don't act like each other. Drives that are designed to work well in Water won't move air. And neither will work in vacuum. And an engine designed to work in a vacuum will blow up the ship if you activate it in water. Air itself can be prickly too. Take a look at a ram jet. It won't work in lower atmosphere and at low speed! If you want a ram jet you have to either build a hybrid engine that acts like a regular turbo jet at low speeds, then blocks off the air flow to the turbine and reroute the air to a ram jet chamber. OR you can mount multiple types of engines, half ram jets and half "slow" engines. And that's just for AIR. So a Submersible Starship will need multiple drive systems to motivate through multiple media. We CAN (and have) built trucks and cars that act like boats, but those vehicles travel over road and water not nearly as well as vehicles dedicated to only one mode of transport because . . . Mass(Weight): Submarines are heavy. They are built to be sturdy, because if they aren't, then they get crushed like an empty soda can under the tender mercies of a steam roller. Spaceships are generally built as lightly as possible because it's VERY HARD to move spaceships and the less mass that you can try to move with space engines, the more likely you are to be successful. However, the assumption of most Sci-Fi settings (including Star Wars) is that space drives get to a point where you can travel long distances without worrying too much about fuel or drive mass. And then we start loading weapons on ships and armor becomes a thing. In Star Wars we can move past the question of possibility and assume that vehicles like this are possible. However, they won't work as well as ships dedicated to a single task. (eg: X-Wings make GREAT fighter craft and wreak great havoc and destruction when needed but it's impossible to carry any meaningful cargo in them. A YT-1300 on the other hand isn't necessarily a great combat platform and on it's own is a death trap in a dog fight, but if you need to get a precious cargo somewhere fast, it's just what you're looking for). So any vessel that can act as both as spaceship and a submersible won't be breaking any speed or performance records in either category. Balance and Dynamics: The other thing that will make it harder (if not impossible) to build a submersible space ship is how vehicles are built for balance and how they are designed to move through the media that they are designed. Submarines are bottom heavy. Modern subs HAVE to be bottom heavy because if they tip over the whole system falls apart and they plunge to the depths of whatever body of water they are in. Yes you CAN engineer a sub to be able to roll and pitch over . . . but that means that you need to add components and weight. Next, lifting bodies (Air craft) need to be designed to balance their weight at the apex point of their lifting structure. Weirdly enough their drive systems are also angled to push the vehicle down which (conversely and paradoxically) promotes lift. A Space Ships on the other hand need to be balanced so that their drive systems are perfectly balanced to provide equal thrust along the total mass of the ship from the direction of the vector of intended travel. So for you to pull off this engineering feat, you're looking at a vehicle with at least three different drive systems and the need to reconfigure the mass configuration of a vehicle for three different design considerations. And that kind of engineered configuration a bit more likely in RoboTech than in Star Wars. Still not impossible? Contragrav It's a magical technology in Star Wars that would make this kind of vessel more likely. If you can modify how gravity affects a vessel, than these issues become easier to solve. But they're still going to add mass and components to the ship in question. Conclusion Yeah, I think it's plausible enough in Star Wars to have vehicles like this and it's certainly most likely that the Mon Cal are the group that would be best invested in pioneering this type of vehicle. BUT Any vehicle like this will be built for specific purposes to meet rare needs. These ships are likely to be rare and infrequently encountered because they have a isolated specialization. They're going to be heavier, slower, more massive, maybe better armored, but less armed. The obvious next logical question would be, who would want this kind of ship and why?
  12. Odd. I've never heard of this game and it mechanically sounds similar to Blackjack. This looks like a relatively recent addition to the 'verse? I can however recommend the recent version of Disney's Sabaac game. Mechanically it's a pretty good version of Poker.
  13. I disagree. Ep VII - IX were so horribly ill conceived, poorly written, and internally inconsistent that its both laughable and irresponsible to consider them as reasonable sources in regards to a discussion regarding the Star Wars universe. Especially for the FFG materials which cover the Star Wars story immediately previous to Ep 7-9. Those movies are so . . . different from what we understand that you might as well consider it a completely different subject matter. It's about as relevant to our discussion as a Star Trek reference would be to this game. And while I'm not the Original Poster, I am a GM who is actively GMing an FFG Star Wars RPG game (sort of . . . I've modified the rules quite a bit. To be fair, the FFG rules are still "mostly" intact). There's also the problem that I've never seen the Last Jedi and ergo have no idea what you're talking about. So you may as well be referencing one of the comic's that came out that I also didn't read. Getting back to the advice bit of this thread; One things about Star Wars is that there's about as much garbage out there as there is gold. You can (and I have) take something utterly horrible and you may be able to mine something useful out of it. In my own campaign the Givin and Yag'Dhul are one such example. My first thought about the planet and the species were not complimentary and I nearly rewrote the entire system from scratch. However, after careful thought I realized that there was some interesting concepts being explored and decided to keep it (mostly) intact. It allowed the players to deal with some truly bizarre Givin and I think it was beneficial to introduce some unique social obstacles for the PC's to wrestle with. As far as dealing with foreign languages, part of the question that you have to ask yourself as a GM is how much do I want to deal with this hassle? I think my tolerance is a bit higher so I don't avoid foreign language barriers. But if you consider the flavor of FFG Star Wars, that's not something the writers would think would be interesting so language isn't dealt with in the RAW. Right up until you get to the "Understands Binary" Talent. Each RPG group is different and do what works well for your group. As a GM, make a decision. But I think my previous counsel and advise is sufficient for this thread.
  14. Actually I have 5 players at the table. I've been very public about that being my personal maximum limit.
  15. Admittedly, I've modified much of the FFG Star Wars rules, so my game has only a passing resemblance to what most other people are playing. My preferred game system is GURPS. I was happy to see the simplifications that GURPS IV implemented, but that's still a very detailed system with hit locations, specified crits, and can get kinda crunchy (if you so choose). GURPS is definitely way more lethal than FFG Star Wars too, but GURPS turned out to model 'real life' pretty well. (Well as much as one could with a Magic system and varying tech levels guessing how tech might develop over the next couple of centuries). That said, as a GURPS GM, keeping the pace up when dealing with those game mechanics is essential. So when dealing with a very simple and streamlined system like FFG Star Wars, this Star Wars game mechanically operates in the blink of an eye, by comparison. So rolling a dice pool 10 times can only take me 3 seconds tops and when your PC is being SHOT at, you're attention is firmly fixed on whether or not damage is being dealt to your character. Most of my players are also committed sufficiently to want to know how the battlescape is changing to that they can react and make an ideal decision. And by comparison, we have two new players who are learning the dice mechanics and my combat resolutions take a fraction of time that the new players do. (They'll get up to speed with everyone else soon enough). In part, the problem of keeping the players attention hasn't been an issue. I think another thing that helps me is that I've been playing, studying, and perfecting FFG Star Wars for three years now. Rather than thinking about the game mechanics, I'm operating on an "instinct"* level where I don't have to think about the game mechanics when operating NPCs. I also played Mordheim for a bit. THAT's a crunchy mini's tactical game where you DO have to keep track of 30 mini's (15 per team) all moving independently and that experience probably helps me out too. If you don't know the Mordheim rules well, that game can drag on . . . Now with that all laid out, I'm not running a mini's game with my Star Wars RPG. It's a Role-Playing Game. It is very rare (even in heated combat) for my game to be reduced down to just mechanical dice rolls. The NPC's are talking and interacting with the PC's and I'm careful to keep the players engaged. For instance, rather than move a couple of Opponent Mini's, grab a bundle of dice, rattle out a couple of rolls and then report, "Your character takes seven points of damage from a blaster hit" my sessions play out more like: GM: "These three troopers pour out from this side hatch and dive behind these crates, unleashing a withering series of blaster fire while screaming at you to 'Surrender or die, you Rebel Scum!'" <Roll dice> GM: "Okay one of those blaster bolts actually finds it's mark hitting 'Slider', causing eleven wounds. Remember to reduce that by your soak. Total should be seven?" Player1: "Yep. Got it. 'Guys we're being flanked now!'" GM: "Yes you are and you have two PC initiative slots now. Who wants to use those?" Player2: "'Boomer, do you still have Grenades left?" Player3: "'You KNOW I do.'" Player 2: "'Boomer! Take care of that flank!' Wrasp is going to use the Field Commander Talent so that Boomer can maneuver into place to attack the flank! 'Hang in there Slider and Duster! Just keep that front held!'" I avoided D20 altogether and have been generally dissatisfied with D&D since it's inception. I am currently playing in two D&D 5E campaigns and the 5E rules work well enough . . . but it's still D&D. One last bit about the minion rules. When I was first introduced to the Minion Rules and watched them play out (as a player) I just didn't like them. I've studied Minion Rules and against lower levels PC's that can make 'low rank' conflict VERY difficult. Too difficult in my opinion. And with very highly skilled PC's (like the ones I GM) Minion Rules can make combat too easy. We had one player who was putting out an average of 25 - 35 points of damage per attack. With a simple unarmored minion group with 5 WP each, that character could slaughter 5 - 7 Minions with a single sniper shot . . . . So in some respects the Minion Rules also defy my sense of belief. So that's my thoughts on Minions . . . But back OT, I like the shield rules that we came up with. They seem to work nicely. Oh, someone mentioned that I should have made the YT-1300 gunners more capable and while I could have, narratively that didn't make sense. The crew just weren't highly capable combatants. There was an Imperial Presence that should have kept them from ever experiencing combat and they really didn't have a good reason to be that well trained. The PC's are awesome and sometimes as a GM you need to let them be awesome when it's appropriate. And in the context of THAT battle, it was a VERY good thing that the PC's wrapped up the battle as quickly as they did. * Instinct isn't the right word . . . There's a state of experience where you get to the point where knowledge becomes internalized so much that you don't consciously think through an advanced learned action.
  16. To be fair (and in part): It's a cheap shot at the three Disney "Star Wars" movies. And on pains of repeating myself: Additionally DaverWattra referred to a source that I'm completely unfamiliar with. He may as well be citing an obscure Timothy Zahn book (Actually Tim's books were pretty good IIRC) or a Dark Horse Comic as far as I'm concerned. I'll argue that my post is actually QUITE relevant. I'm engaging in a debate as to R2's ability to communicate with the rest of the characters in Star Wars. In response to Daver . . . I'm positing (by rejoinder) that his point has little merit or relevance to this case. And my anti Disneyesque Star Wars opinion has already been fairly well established over the years. Long before you started participating on these boards (Welcome btw). I do recognize that some people out there like the new Disney stuff and some people even like the Holiday Special. If so, enjoy! But I'm still going to impugn some of your parents kids from time to time . . .
  17. Last Jedi? Was that one of those Comic book series that came out in the 80's or 90's? I haven't bothered with those so that's a rather dated reference. Plus, I'm wiling to ignore some of the more . . . weird references like the Star Wars "Holiday Special." Technically the Yuuzhan Vong are "cannon" but that doesn't mean that I need to pay attention to them or include them in my head cannon. Although I did include the Givin species in my campaign . . . (I had fun with that but the players wished that I'd given them a pass).
  18. To clarify . . . From Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Nope. All of the opposition forces are individuals. Probably at the "Rival" level. If the PC's decide to attack a Battalion of Stormtroopers, then each trooper is an individual and the PC's need to fight through 500+ individual Storm Troopers. I have about 20 - 30 appropriate Stormtrooper minis so that's a 'practical' maximum of mini's that the PC's will face at any one time. So the PC's will probably only take on a squad of soldiers at any given time. The other half of this equation is that the PC's are force sensitive characters averaging 1,200 - 1,400 Exp. (I have some newer players and they started in the 900 exp range with minimal limitations on Min Maxing) So these PC's can (and do) tear through normal storm troopers like an industrial CuisinartTM through a Tex Mex salad bar. Chunky salsa! In extreme cases, the PC's will face waves of opposition forces. (This is actually rare, but if the PC's REALLY mess up, a distinct possibility). There are a couple of short cuts that I do take that help: First: IF the troopers are basic troopers with only 1 skill rank in Ranged (Hvy/Light) then they're rarely likely hit. (YGB w/ an aim). That helps the PC's in that the game mechanics make it REALLY hard for low skilled characters to succeed. And conversely, the game mechanics favor very high skilled players to hit VERY often. Second: the lethality of most weapons make keeping track of NPC damage REALLY easy. So if a PC hits, the question is "Did you do enough damage to take this guy out?" If no, then that trooper is 'injured' and any other subsequent hit is likely to take them down for good. So I don't actually need paper to track NPC hit points. (Nemesis are rare exceptions where I stat out an OpFor and track individual damage). Third: Who has Line of Sight (LOS) on the PC's? My players are really good at using the environment to good effect. At the most, I don't roll more than 10 attacks against the PC's on a given turn. And since the NPC's are standardized once I get one dice pool set up, I can just quickly roll that in sufficient sequence to see what shots hit. And on the other side, in most fights, once the NPC's start landing blows, the PC's start rethinking their approach and are often smart enough to fall back or retreat outright. Blasters generally really hurt. A lot! (Oh and I nerfed the stimpak rules so the players are [appropriately] scared to use too many of them). Skilled opponents give the PC's greater pause (for now) but now that we're transitioning into getting these Jedi Rubes into lightsaber combat I should be able to up the skill and ante for the Nemesis level opponents that they face too. I'm actually chomping at the bit to introduce inquisitors . . . I am reminded of a combat that I particularly enjoyed. The PC's were on a timed mission (they had to load 12 cargo pallets onto two freighters) while endless waves of B1 Battle Droids tried to kill them. Basically I set up a Warehouse map layout, the PC's parked their ships and I introduced 8 new B1's per turn. (There was also a line of B1's approaching in sequence that the players could track (and attack when the opportunity presented itself). It was a tough fight and the players had to balance between presenting sufficient fire power to keep the waves of enemies at bay, while that steady stream of OpFor just kept coming . . . There were some very close calls and as munitions ran out (They had two X-Wings providing Close Air Support with Proton Torpedoes) and casualties began to mount it looked like a very close fight. And as team members began to fall, part of the problem became, how do we retrieve these fallen comrades without getting overwhelmed. That led to a lot of dramatic moments for heroes to be heroes! And lastly, my campaign is more a Role Playing Game than a Roll Playing Game. Combat is actually quite rare as the PC's generally overcome most of their obstacles socially. But this might be in part because the players have come to fear combat. Those E-11 Blaster Bolts burn in both directions . . .
  19. Watch Luke carefully. Unless he's in his X-Wing reading off the prompter, all of his interactions with R2 are based on assumptions that he makes and he exclusively issues orders to the droid. The only character who actually knows what R2 is actually saying is C-3PO. In fact C-3PO makes it evident that R2 is making statements well outside what the other characters try to understand. So my opinion is that actually NO ONE understands a thing that R2 says most of the time.
  20. Phase II -- Presented a unique opportunity with astronomical 'terrain.' On Paper this mission involved capturing the Guardian ship intact so that they could rescue Wookiee slaves located on the surface of Nkllon. The assault group prepared their VCX-100 the Razza for boarding and loaded up their assault forces (25 Rebel commandos) onto this ship with each soldier donning respirators so as to keep the passengers from overwhelming the life support systems. The other two ships stayed behind and away from the hard radiation band from the Primary, but the Razza was escorted in by the 4 Y-Wings (which were planning to use their Ion Cannons to disable the Guardian if necessary) plus two very eager X-Wings. All of the fighters were armed with Proton Torpedoes. Cakewalk right? On approach, the Lucinda reports that there was a broadcast to the Guardian warning them of the impending attack! (One of the support ships in system had ghosted them as they took their trip down the well and issued a timely response to the Imperials). The assault group continued their assault and thing's weren't too bad. The solar radiation damage was only 4 per turn and with shields that wasn't a problem for the ray shielded ships . . . yet . . . . But for an unshielded ship like a TIE Fighter with limited armor, even the most gentle solar flare would start to incinerate the ship. The commander was on the Razza and orders that the 'Shrike jam all communications! There was a delay as the tech (call sign Ghost) requested clarification. She knows that the Guardian has received the warning and want's to make sure that the Commander want's to shut down all comms locally. Order confirmed . . . And then the Commander wanted to talk to his fighter pilots . . . The CO hot swaps seats with Boomer (his engineer) and She sets up a tight beam laser comm with Talon 1 (X-Wing Co). (The much smaller Razza has two control consoles and the Pilot is using the other one to fly the ship). Talon 1 asks for clarification on the target aspect change and Razza crew missed the change. The task force follows the Talon team into the target and a second target is detected! Talon Team gets approval to 'take care of' the second target and they lock S-Foils into attack position and dive into an aggressive attack! (Speed 5 WOOT. Lets ditch these slow poke Y-Wings)! The new ship is a YT-1300 and she's making a desperate run to distract the rebels while the Guardian beats plasma back down the well. The Razza figures out that the Guardian is flipping over and shielding itself with it's environmental shield facing which is impervious to the rebels weapons. (The sensitive side has regular ray shielding which can protect it temporarily from hard radiation, but at about the point those shields start failing it should be able to flip back around. Wrasp, (the Razza CO) requests comms with the '1300 (the Rocky Road) and comms are established. Wrasp tries to negotiate a surrender of the freighter . . . and fails. Meanwhile Talon Team realize that weapons sensors are being aimed at them by the Rocky Road and they open fire, moments before the Rocky Road gunners open up with their weapons. It's a valiant attempt by the Rocky Road and they do succeed at drawing the attention of the Rebel attackers, but they are swarmed by the six fighters and the Razza's guns also find purchase too. To add insult to injury, the 'Shrike opens up on the tumbling wreckage with it's long range cannons. (Can you say overkill)? Rocky Road finds a hard end to its existence under the withering battery of Torpedoes and Laser Cannons. But a solar flair is arriving and damage has increased to 6 per turn . . . and is increasing . . . The Talon fighters bug out, heading off to the 'Shrike but the Y-Wings and the Razza pursue the Guardian. The Rebel strike force (somewhat familiar with the Nkllon navy) use the Guardian's shield to protect them from the hard radiation until they close into range and then fly around the shield. Wrasp establishes comms with the Guardian and successfully negotiates a surrender. The Guardian flips back over and the attack force is shielded from the worst of the inbound solar flare . . . (avoiding a fight in a very hazardous environment as the Y-Wings try to Ionize a ship that needs to stay intact which is being slowly vaporized AND then the need to fight their way to engineering to restore power to the Guardian . . . [Blasted 'Convincing Demeanor' talents . . .]). The PC's and Rebel commandos stormed the Guardian and after token resistance, the crew surrenders. (In concert with the crew surrendering over the PA, the guards they were attacking were screaming 'They have GRENADES!*'). On to Phase 3 . . . * Yes, Grenades In My Star Wars Universe (IMSWU) are more powerful than the RAW indicate.
  21. Thanks for the clarification on the Minion rules. I might use those the next time they go toe to toe with a Cap ship (which have batteries of cannons and would be an appropriate mechanic for dealing with scores of guns being fired at a target). But otherwise I don't use the minion rules at all. No nay never. And in the battle in question I'm not sure how you would use the minion rules for a single YT-1300 . . . I guess it has two turrets, but statistically that ship might be able to do more damage with the two single hits (If the gunners had sufficient skill to hit anything). (And in combat, the freighter did attack two different targets . . . while it lasted). But to answer the original inquiry. No. Not using the minion rules. I don't have minions in my campaign. I guess as an aside, we found that the gunners with the dice pool of YGB (Single skill gunner with targeting computer) were finding it nearly impossible to hit any enemy ships vs PPB (Similar silhouette ship with 1 Def). It didn't matter if that gunner was Rebel or Imperial for this particular mission. It felt very much like a Zander Willow fight . . . Although the dice can be very weird that way. I had a fight months ago where the PC's were fighting some moderate ranking thugs and I thought the PC's would absolutely MOP the floor with these two thugs, but the thugs actually incapacitated one PC, beat another PC senseless and forced the group to retreat . . . Sometimes the dice giveth and sometimes they taketh . . . but I digress.
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