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  1. Mark Caliber

    Plasma Torpedoes in Wave 4

    Yeah, I zoomed in on the picture of the alleged Plasma Torpedos but without access to the "favor" text, we're all just speculating here. Unless there's another definitive source on this card?
  2. In general I'm just awarding 15-25 Exp as a base depending on how well the group worked to advance the mission objectives. There is one exception to my rule. Since we're running a game with FnD elements, if a character spends down time learning a new force element with the trainer (no spoilers here ) then I have them add Exp to match what they would have "spent" acquiring the new power. But I'm doing it this way to incentivize the players to pursue Force powers. It is nice to see that we do have a healthy number of people still playing the FFG Star Wars RPG.
  3. Mark Caliber

    5 second default Combat Rounds?

    No. This seems like a forced issue. I use the narrative dice for two reasons. To determine the resolution of a point of conflict To shape the outcome and determine the difficulty of the next issue. The reason I ask a player to grab dice is because they are doing something in which their player is trying to do something for which the outcome is in doubt. So as I'm GMing, what I'm doing to include players is that I'm establishing a situation and then I ask each player, in turn, "What is your character doing?" Based on those answers, I determine the relative difficulty of their conflict and assign the dice pool based on that. If a character does something inevitable, then they don't roll dice.
  4. Mark Caliber

    Character Sheet

    This looks like a very well thought out series of character sheets. Very nice. I could nit pick these sheets, but they would be minor nit picking (such as: Dang it all this is Sci Fi! Where are the Hexagons? Need more Hexegons!) But that's just silly. I really like the starship sheet and the big ship outline graphic with the Defense Blocks are nice. I've noticed how much those stats can be affected by combat and having that open space is convenient for jotting down all of the "temporary condition" notes. Very nice. I hope the shrink to fit function works well enough as I convert it to 8.5" x 11" dimensions.
  5. Mark Caliber

    Starwars Matrix style campaign start... feedback

    This sounds a lot like the plot to the Darkstar TV series that I'm enjoying on Netflix. It's a better than average show and the first season deals with the characters trying to figure out who they all are. I also participated as a player in a similar Pathfinder game with a similar plot. Someone else who knows what I'm talking about may be able to fill in the name of the canned module, but it was such a sucktastic experience that I have already deleted all electronic evidence that I participated in that campaign. That said . . . Session One had us start with a character who promptly died . . . (totally sucktastic). Our 'PC's' then woke up in another body in an insane asylum that was being besieged by Cthulu like monsters. We fought our way out of the asylum, learning that our 'new' PC's were 'patients.' There was some vague possible allusion to that previous 'death.' But the module was pretty poorly designed and the PC's (now convinced that we were actually all really deranged criminals) started killing each other. So my advice would be to proceed with caution. I would let the players at least know that you plan on running an amnesia mystery campaign up front so that they avoid creative dissonance. As a player, I can tell you that taking the effort to create a wonderful and storied background for a character only to have the GM announce that my work was all a waste, was a massive disappointment. You can still engender a sense of wonderment and awe in your campaign, but if the players assumptions are aren't integral with your direction it could cause issues. In a subsequent campaign (another mystery) we are struggling to comprehend the aftermath of a great cataclysm and the GM is dropping hints and clues along the way and while we have certain assumptions, it would appear that many of those assumptions were wrong! THIS mystery campaign is a cool campaign! (As opposed to the poorly written Pathfinder dreck we tried to run through). Note that I also found the Pathfinder rules to be overly and unnecessarily complicated. In spite of having a set of the rules we found that every time we leveled characters that we had been running the game 'wrong' and would in essence play a different game after each level . . .
  6. Mark Caliber

    5 second default Combat Rounds?

    Yeah, FFG keeps the combat rules very vague and do so on purpose. If you wan't to call your combat rounds a "Five Second period," then no worries. I think intuitively, once the blaster bolts start firing, that's about how long our combat rounds are lasting. But it's intentionally vague. Here's another perspective on "combat" that I think a lot of us miss at first. When we think about combat, I think our instinct is to think about someone employing a weapon; aiming, pulling the trigger and then observing the results. However, the reality is that combat is more about maneuver than it is about utilizing the weapon system (sword, knife, crossbow, .50 cal BMG Barrett M82, whatever). So any real serious combat simulator is going to focus more on maneuver than the shooty aspects. (For instance I was introduced to the game 'Darkstar' which is in very early Alpha design and THAT's a game all about maneuver in spite of its detailed combat system). Also, people armed with guns and blasters don't tend to 'hit' quite as often as we'd like to assume. I am reminded of an experience from Basic Training where I watched the range officer (RO) test out 100 meter pop up targets. The RO was walking down taking shots at the targets to ensure that they would drop when hit by the tiny .223 bullets. He was shooting from a standing position and walking the range and he averaged about five shots for every single hit. There was little stress for him, but accuracy for the (otherwise) Expert shooter was a rather paultry 1 out of 5(?). Add the stress of combat and the hit accuracy goes down considerably. The other statistic that I love and is easy to remember, in WWI the US Army calculated that it took 10,000 bullets to inflict 1 casualty (on average). And in an RPG when you ask, how granular and realistic do you want to get? FFG Star Wars ranks very low on the granularity and realism, but it does so intentionally. This game is designed for quick and easy resolutions. And no big shock, but I'm still a big fan of GURPS where combat rounds are one second and the PC actions are very granular. Realism for GURPS is pretty high but it's still not perfect. But that leads to an opposite 'problem.' In GURPS a crossbow is a very deadly weapon, but it has a reload speed of 40 seconds for a light crossbow. I have heard players complain "What? My character isn't going to be doing anything for 40 turns? That's no fun!" The obvious rejoinder is, "No your character will be wrestling with a crossbow's loading mechanism for 40 seconds, but with that bruiser charging with the axe, your character should probably DROP the crossbow and grab a different weapon!" But most casual role players aren't interested in this level of granularity or realism. Personally, I've changed about a dozen FFG rules for our current RPG campaign and I think those rule changes have been for the better. If this time assumption works for you, then cool.
  7. I'm running three B-Wings decked out identically: Braylen, Ten, & a Blade Squad Vet each piloting B-Wings with: Outmaneouver, Fire Control Systems, Tractor Beam, Jamming Beam, Advanced Proton Torpedoes, and Shield Upgrade. Sorry that I can't be as detailed with the OpFor, but two IG's with a third ship, the Guild TIE. They had been awarded initiative. TL:DR: (Spoiler warning: The B-Wings make a surprise win 200 to 45 points). Asteriods were set up with a nice cluster on the left side of my board. There was one asteroid defining the right close border, but otherwise the right side of the map was clear. The Opfor set up the guild TIE to fly through the asteroids while the Brobots were set up evenly in the open side of the board. The B-Wings were set to the left side with the Veteran facing right and with the other two B-Wings placed last, they were pointed left (toward the open left column on the side of the board). During deployment I K-turned with the Vet to put him in line with the other B-Wings and they lined up as a team preparing to fly in formation into the asteroids and the left side of the board. The OpFor actually came in quickly and I learned that the Guild TIE ignores obstacles while moving. (neat trick that. I'll have to remember that). Subsequently the Brobots fell on the B-Wing's right rear flank as the B-Wings turned into the asteroids and the Guild TIE flew straight in at the B-Wings. The B-Wings took a couple of hits but were able to tractor the Guild TIE on an asteroid to avoid it attacking. Then things got ugly for the B-Wings. Caught in the asteroids the B-Wings K'Turned to turn to face the Brobots while Ten (stressed and not rolling any focus results) turned right to flee the asteroids and to avoid collision with obstacles, avoid being targeted and trying to set up on the backside of one of the IG's. However the Brobots outmaneuvered the B-Wings and continued to deliver light damage. Blade Squad Vet did avoid the worst but landed on an asteroid (no attack). Fleeing the asteroids. One of the IG's was "double-shot" (I'm assuming you all know who I'm talking about) and he lined up on Ten, and Ionized Ten as he left the asteroids headed to the right. Blade Squad Vet and Braylen followed Ten out of the asteroids and tried to foul up the Guild Mine TIE from swooping in to assist with an easy kill. There was a chaotic bump train as everyone fled the asteroids. The other IG found itself out on the left open column and raced around the asteroids (separated from the combat). "Double-shot" continued to harry Ten and continued to Ionize the B-Wing toward the right close side of the board, but Ten avoided collision with that rock. The Guild TIE and Blade Vet continued their slow crawl to avoid damage and Blade Squad vet faired poorly, but in the end the Guild TIE flew in front of the Blade Vet and was blasted by a close quarters blaster volley. Braylen exited the asteroids last and was maneuvering slowly to enter the engagement and to try to take some heat off of Ten and the third B-Wing. The B-Wings finally found their pace and turned in to slow crawl toward Double Shot and he was finally eliminated by a volley of long range shots from Braylen & Ten with the Blade Squad Vet flying interference. The final "miscalculation" came when the final IG flew in to finish off a badly mauled Ten. I can't fault the logic, at the time Ten had only two hits and was an easy kill. However, that IG only rolled 2 hits and Ten made his 1 Evade. But that put the IG at range 1 of Ten & Braylen, both still sporting Advanced Proton Torpedoes . . . Final Score: B-Wings scored 200 kill points. Two of the B-Wings were down to 1 hull left but the Brobots only scored 45 points for those two B-Wings. Braylen, oddly enough had only been hit once.
  8. Mark Caliber

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    I think you figured out why this station was originally abandoned; frequent meteor strikes. Orbital mechanics being what they are, the original designers could have set up shop and been working nicely until one day they realized that this system had a series of meteors sweep through the system every say . . . 78 years. So the original occupants, facing 'certain death' evacuated and never looked back. But only a tiny fraction of the meteors actually strike the station during each pass. Also AI's are never "mad" but they do tend to kill sophonts that get in the way of their designated programming . . .
  9. Mark Caliber

    How Prominent are Triple Ups going to be for the next 6 months?

    TL DR: I dunno. I figure it'll depend on how thoroughly 3 B-Wings can tractor/ion them off the edge of the board. Let's see, "Ups" have an Agility of 1? I'd say not long at all!
  10. Mark Caliber

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    Sure. Depending on your dialect it could also be "Arrr's!"
  11. Mark Caliber

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    I am taking my information from LEO's. (You included). Sure we may be talking in circles and coming to similar conclusions. In my locality, felony suspects are usually arrested first and they let the DA sort through the evidence.
  12. Mark Caliber

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    Yes, actually. Take it from the perspective of the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). They drive around with a list of stolen vehicles. When a LEO locates a vehicle on this list their assumption is, "This vehicle is being operated by the thief." That LEO will then proceed on those assumptions. Since Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a felony, the operator of that vehicle is treated as a felony suspect, even if that suspect it the lawful owner. Will it be cleared up eventually? Sure. But you do risk a felony arrest for 'stealing' back your own vehicle.
  13. Mark Caliber

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    Nope. I'm in Orlando FL and it's still early 2019. And a lot of my conversations about X-Wing are with contemporaries who discuss the game using metagaming terms. Sure, I tend to call the "K-turn" an "Immelmann" in the game and everyone knows what I'm talking about. And to go even MORE meta, Star Wars is actually considered to be a product of WW II movies. I do however appreciate the snarky quip kempokid.
  14. Mark Caliber

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    Yeah I get it. The trouble with citing a WW I source is that the prime mode of transport was still the horse (with a wagon attached). So that society still thought in terms of using horses for transportation, and carrier pigeons for communications. So "jousting" would still be fresh on their brains. In spite of the fact that fighter pilots still didn't charge each other head to head for most aerial combat. But there were some radical technological advances in the 1920's - 1930's that changed the way people perceived their world. But putting my pettiness aside, I'm enjoying the topic. I'd love to get better at setting up flank attacks for an initial engagement and trying to sort out HOW to do that is tricky. I love the insights being shared.