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  1. Thanks. I'm totally grabbing this for my campaign as well.
  2. Mark Caliber

    Are "zip ties" in the game somewhere?

    According to wikipedia Ty Raps (aka Zip Ties) were invented in 1958 by the Thomas & Betts electrical company. Sooooo, that means they weren't available a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away . . . But seriously, they are used by Law Enforcement as a cheap alternative to binders so you could easily use the binder stats. However, as TheMensch pointed out, these plastic ties aren't all that indestructible. With a knife or other sharp tool, getting them removed is easy (simple?) with no difficulty. Getting out of them when you don't have any tools and a cop is looming over you with a sub-machine gun barking "Don't move or I'll shoot you" makes the task a bit more difficult.
  3. Mark Caliber

    Poe Dameron - Hotshot Pilot

    To be honest, probably not.
  4. Mark Caliber

    Poe Dameron - Hotshot Pilot

    Yes. Yes you are.
  5. Mark Caliber

    Got a party transitioning away from Force stuff

    Hi Groggy Golem It sounds like you have a pretty good grasp on your players and your story. It also took me a while to sort through my group to see if we had any big story arc departures and for the most part the answer has been "Not really." But we did have one unexpected twist a couple of months back. And for those of you just joining the campaign is an AoR campaign where the PC's are all force sensitive and being trained by the Rebels to be a Special Ops Group (SOG) to carry out the tougher missions. One of the PC's had a bounty on their head and were wanted by the Black Sun. Part of their back story included a friendly contact who was still in the Black Sun. There were a couple of "innocuous" meetings and encounters over the past year where this PC would change tact dramatically. For example, they were hired by a local concerned business man to help clean up the community of spice dealers. Turned out that the concerned business man was trying to edge out Black Sun operative importing product. He wanted to be the local distributor. And as soon as the PC found out that they were interfering with a Black Sun reprisal op, she walked away from the mission and took the team with her. Okay so this group was pursuing a fairly routine mission and found themselves pretty close to Hutt Space. But that PC has also been having a number of encounters where Black Sun bounty hunters and representatives were threatening to cash in on her bounty. She then takes the team to Nar Shaddaa to "settle her score." Mid mission. It was tense and interesting as they were pretty much summarily locked up and threatened with immediate execution. And this is an awful reference but "You down with TPK? Yeah you know me!" One session later, they "paid" her debt and are "free" and clear. But news travels slowly . . . So the PC's 'surprised' me with one deviation, but it's nothing close to what you are describing.
  6. Yes he was. His screenplay writer did a great job writing him that way in TFA and Oscar Isaac did a great job of convincing JJ Abrams not to just kill of Poe in the opening chapters. Poe in TFA was awesome and he's a great pilot in the X-Wing mini's game. Nicely done Oscar. And I can't believe the devs closed out the previous thread. We were finally getting somewhere! Yeah, I'm that self confident. I'm also that self aware. However, I don't blame any of you for calling me out. In the grand scheme of things I am a failed movie producer/director/writer. And this planet is littered with thousands of aspiring AV story tellers. In this particular line of business I am a failure (to date). No worries. Pretentious film schools like the one I attended kick out hundreds of aspiring film makers each year but there simply isn't the capital out there for all of us to become Directors, no matter how brilliant we all are. But I do appreciate your biting criticism. No really. No sarcasm or snark intended here. It's gotten me thinking about my past and future aspirations and I've been wondering whether or not it would be worthwhile for me to move back in that direction. Mind you I'll never work Star Wars. There is absolutely no way that Kathleen Kennedy and I could work together. Creative differences is what they're called in that industry. But there are other projects that I've been toying with that might work and could be produced. Mind you I'm done trying to Direct or Produce. If I make any headway, it will be as a writer. Do yeah, that last thread was very good for me. Some of you forced me to take a deep hard look at myself and I think that introspection was helpful. So, thank you everyone for your spirited participation. I do appreciate it.
  7. Mark Caliber

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    Nope. I know that I can do better because I've taken my training seriously and I've worked enough "free" creative projects to know that I actually am better.
  8. Mark Caliber

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    250,000 unsolicited screenplays hit Hollywood every year . . . Sure that sounds like pretty long odds, but I was confident that I could be successful. I actually did put in a yeoman's effort to getting a great project produced, but it was one of the countless projects to never get past pre-production. IIRC for every 1 project that get's completed there are 300 that don't. My project was just another one of those 300. Also scripts are what you use to make plays. Screenplays are used for making movies. But I think the sad reality was that I just got tired driving myself into dead ends and getting no where and I eventually just gave up. Not to worry. I still have several years ahead of me and though I won't be a the successful Writer/Producer/Director that I once sought to be, I've done other awesome and exciting accomplishments and I no doubt will continue to do great things in other areas.
  9. Mark Caliber

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    I'm not going to see EP IX. My original plan was to skip EP 8 but family convinced me to spend an afternoon in the cinema. What a mistake. But I won't be making that mistake again.
  10. Mark Caliber

    Corellian Bar name

    The Fool's Bluff
  11. Mark Caliber

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    It's been a while, but within weeks of seeing TLJ I fashioned an outline for EP 9 that took the mess dished out by EP 7 & 8 and put together a cool story that would salvage the mess and wrap up everything with a satisfying and fun finale. Everyone I describe the story elements too have agreed that it would be a VERY cool send off. Might even save the franchise along with Daisy Ridley's acting career. (Actually looking at IMDB she seems to be doing fine. Apparently she got a voice acting gig in the Peter Rabbit CGI cartoon). One of the hardest things to do in life is to watch someone else do a job poorly that you KNOW that you can do better.
  12. Mark Caliber

    How long is long enough

    My group has been going officially for just under a year. 11 months meeting weekly for 4 hour sessions. Unofficially we're on a hiatus as I lost two players recently due to lifestyle/work schedule changes so the group size is on the lite side. We're recruiting for at least one new player in the interim (but I should have 3 players planning to join over the next 6 months). As for my climactic story arcs each lasted about 6 months. Mind you I also inject expositional sub plots too, which pads out the action. If the players stick with the stories as I look out into the future, I probably have another 3-4 years of material. I DO tend to favor very long term campaigns and have little patience for one shots or short campaigns. Shorter campaigns don't allow you to establish recurring villains, consistent NPC contacts, nor can you delve into the consequences of PC decisions (Good or Bad). One of the things that my players have appreciated is that their PC action's have consequences. As they return to places that they've been too before, there are changes based on what they did.
  13. I did have the opportunity to play a couple of games of Aturi Cluster and it was a lot of fun. And for an AoR campaign it does seem natural to use Aturi for inspiration. One of the modifications that I'm working on is to include a shields statistic for some of the ships as appropriate. I don't have my books, but I'm considering using something like a 30-40 point ablative buffer for most Rebel ships like the X-Wings. I may want to reference WEG's starship statistics as they were closely related to the eponymous video games X-Wing & Tie Fighter.
  14. And when I was going to Film School we called it "Homage."
  15. Whoa! Someone thought he could find 25 minutes of material that was 'good' from TLJ? What's worse is that some of you sat through THAT. Ugh! I had a younger friend of mine recommend TLJ as a bad Star Wars movie but still a good movie. I can't even give him that much after having seen it. (Yes we're still talking to each other). I know that if I were to do a YouTube video on everything "Great" about TLJ, I think I'd roll maybe 10 seconds of the SFX credits and call it done. Those poor poor dedicated artists spent so much time and effort making pretty pictures that in context sucked my creative soul dry.