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  1. I agree. Cool movie all around and I'd love to re-check that body transfer scene again. IIRC there was one scene where the doctor cracked open her cranium (which is what I may be remembering). And yes. EVERYONE else were definitely cyborgs. But I still believe that rules wise it would be easiest to just treat the OP's character as a robot.
  2. /!\ SPOILER WARNING FOR THE ALITA MOVIE. If you haven't seen this movie yet DO NOT READ THIS POST. GO WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST. /!\ Yeah, I'm still convinced that Alita is a Robot like Guri. I've only seen the move once but . . . /!\ HERE'S THE SPOILER BIT /!\ When they transfer her positronic processing widget from body 1 to body 2 they're transferring hardware. Not wetware. Ergo: Robot. (I warned you! Now go watch the movie. It's still awesome).
  3. And for good reasons! Whether defending yourself from a slimy hutt minion or a well armored Stormtrooper, that little blaster gets the job done.
  4. One of the issues that I had in researching this subject was that the insignia in movies & TV productions didn't seem to be consistent. (And there are good and practical reasons for that to be the case apart from a harried costume designer issuing the wrong costume to the wrong actor and the director being more concerned with burning daylight over the concerns of how many jolly ranchers are needed for this scene). The panel that Jendefer points to works well enough and you can certainly use that one.
  5. Responding purely to the OP and I haven't read the replies. That said, I have two responses. SERIOUS response: An ethics violation is any act of dishonesty no matter how simple or subtle. So in the simplest terms, to concede a match that you are clearly winning is an act of dishonesty and is clearly unethical. But it might be "legal" and you may not get kicked out of a tournament because of it. I think this biggest 'problem' with you letting a weak player win in this type of scenario is that it lets them advance in a tournament when they normally shouldn't. That will unjustly rank that type of team and categorized them as being stronger than it really is and throw off general statistics used for cost adjustments as FFG tries to equalize this game. It also wastes tournament resources on a player who shouldn't have been advanced. HUMOR response: Are you an Imperial Player? Then you are doing it wrong by not grinding every opponent to dust. This is WAR! Eliminate the opponent! Anything less is treason to the Emperor! First Order? Same as above. Galaxies don't conquer themselves and you need to take every opportunity to eliminate any foe you face. Scum and Villany: You're okay. No worries. If you're not cheating as a Scum player then you're doing it wrong! I mean, cheating is why you are a Scum player. Alliance: You Rebel Beef players SHOULD concede and let someone else win every once in a while. Yeesh. Resistance: You've found a team that can win consistently? Nice. GAR: You are playing Anakin. He's a latent Sith lord. You need to get used to finishing that opponent off. Who am I kidding? If you're playing GAR you're not "finishing" opponents off . . . Seperatists: Okay. Your evil. End your opponent! Finish him!
  6. Rookie. The PC's in my group are running around with 1,200+ XP. Truth be told, your players are just beginning to get the chance to play this game.
  7. My first response is that Blast doesn't interact very well with anything. It pretty much messes up anything of quality that it runs into.
  8. Yeah. It seemed like every Rebel officer & pilot in ESB was carrying a DL-44. Luke was prominently using one throughout the movie too.
  9. If, you're in a fighter. 1) Activate your emergency EVA field. (Very important that this is the first step). 2) Pop open the canopy. 3) Draw your standard issue DL-44 Heavy Blaster and take careful aim . . . If you have an astromech, you could order the droid to get rid of the buzzdroid with either a arc welder or a plasma torch, or whatever tool the droid has on hand. Mind you, there's a good possibility that you lose the Astromech in the fray . . . . Just two thoughts.
  10. Yep. Parry is the act of keeping an opponents melee weapon from hitting you by interposing YOUR melee weapon between you and the attacking melee weapon.
  11. Parry & a couple of points in Adversary too. Yep.
  12. I've struggled with this issue myself and I'm not sure how to deal with this issue myself. I've been running Lightsaber duels as normal combat but that only lasts 1 round as the PC kills the opponent in a single strike. Indeed, anytime that I've really seen lightsabers used in my campaign they've followed the Shadaversity "Lightsaber" trope to a T.
  13. Well, in the movie Alita clearly has a non-organic "brain." Ergo: Robot.
  14. My only familiarity with Alita is from the recent movie so . . . based on that source material. Alita is a Robot. She may have the memories from a human intelligence uploaded, but otherwise she is identical to Guri.
  15. To be fair . . . GURPS is an older system. But it still checks out.
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