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  1. Mark Caliber

    Leritor (Q15) "a very weird planet . . ."

    To be fair I usually spell . . . it; W-o-o GoogleAutoFill:Enter.
  2. Mark Caliber

    Military Punishment

    Yes. Yes they do. And I agree that equal justice under the law is supposed to be an ideal outcome. But that's not always the case. There is such a thing as "battlefield expediency." In borrowing an example from the movie We Were Soldiers there's a scene where the ground based air traffic controller is guiding bombing runs in and he accidentally napalms one of his fellow platoons. In the movie, his CO runs over to him, orders him to "let that one go" and gives him words of encouragement. In the Klingon Navy the CO probably would have said something like "K'aplunk! Gah!" Drawn his disintigrator and blasted the guy. And to return to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UMCJ) for the US Department of Defense (DoD) during a Court Marshal, extenuating and mitigating circumstances are always considered. Even the gradient of is this a model soldier who has an exemplary past vs is this a layabout deadbeat who we're just bidding our time until his re-enlistment can be denied are factors that can affect a Court Marshal. In this case, we have a GM who doesn't want to bog down his campaign too much so that he can move the PC's through the next story plot. HERE'S and out! Take it! (But only if you want to).
  3. Mark Caliber

    Military Punishment

    Okay what Tramp Graphics said. Scenario A: Did they blow up the Tank? Could the recalcitrant soldier's refusal to cooperate have jeopardized the mission? Result: Slap on the wrist. Scenario B: Did they blow up the Tank? Was the recalcitrant soldier's refusal irrelevant to the success? Hmmmmmm. Confinement to quarters (Unless on duty or a mission) for a week or so and maybe a dock in pay. Also a forfeiture of rank. Scenario C Did the tank not blow up? FRY HIM! (See my previous posts). Scenario D Why ask if the tank blew up? I KNOW it got blown up. Okay, enough quibbling. Those are my suggestions.
  4. Mark Caliber

    Dealing with Arrest

    Okay, I can discuss further now. So last night we left at the cliff hanger of one of the PC's being arrested. They went quietly were arraigned under the name of an alias. No worries. I think (as a GM) I see where this might be going . . . The other players were eager to spring their fellow player especially since they were scheduled to meet their mission contact the very next morning. We can't wait! So the other PC's try to talk their compatriot out of jail and . . . fail. They then call in the GMPC to 'fix' things. Dang it all! Deus Ex Machina?!? <sigh> Unfortunately the GMPC succeeded on their charm roll and the prisoner was released on the ship Captain's recognizance with the stipulation that the prisoner show up in court the next morning. And since we had no way to communicate, the prisoner was released under their actual name . . . . No worries. Defendant has a plan . . . Next morning, very early the Defendant heads over to the police station with their slicer gear and attempts to modify their arrest record . . . and 1 Despair later . . . their records have already been transferred to the court house and are inaccessible. So, the scrambled to the court house . . . And one jacked up clearly corrupt court hearing later, the PC was pronounced guilty and sentenced with a $10,000 credit fine. Fine. The PC then used Force; Influence to convince the bailiff to let them go . . . Quick! Leave the planet! That reminds me. I need to note that "Silver" has a $10,000 credit judgement . . .
  5. Mark Caliber

    XP for Missing Players?

    All right! Last night's session was a lot of fun for me but we didn't advance the plot as far as I thought we might. We had a lot of hesitation where I think the players were collectively wondering, "Did the GM REALLY just say that? What the heck?!?" We also had a late start and I'm hoping we can get some more productive gaming in next week. And for all of you who couldn't make it I awarded 20 Exp so spend it wisely.
  6. Mark Caliber

    Leritor (Q15) "a very weird planet . . ."

    Ah Silim. All of the PC's are force sensitive. And Trump Graphics; this is an example of me using my Creative License to drive my GM's Fiat.
  7. Okay, I had the crew visit this world and the title is a direct quote from one of the players . . . What I got from wookiepedia was that Leritor is a relatively recent 'colony' and that it's being mined by Humans for mostly unremarkable materials (Iron, nickel, copper, gold, silver . . . etc). And they have a sentient yet primitive species of crustaceans called the Sauvax. OKay not a ton of stuff to work with right? One of the things that I do as a GM is I ask each player where their character's hang out once the ship exits hyperspace and makes it's approach. And oddly (this time) each character headed to areas of the ship that did NOT have a view of the exterior. The pilot is an NPC and since nothing exciting occurred during approach or landing, the pilot had nothing to pass on to the rest of the crew. However she did cryptically announce to the crew after landing that she was NOT getting off the ship. So they got introduced to Leritor from the front boarding ramp of their VCX-100. The visual description was of heavy rain, haphazardly assembled cargo containers & random vehicles set up as buildings at seemingly random. And each "building" was connected with a path of pallets floating on a sea of muddy muck. (or would that be mucky mud)? The crew decide to hunt down a cantina and from their landing it's easy to eyeball a converted collection of conex's with a semi functioning sign. The Ba- (the last letter wasn't working) served them up a bowl of spicy stew with a seafood base and an equally spiced kind of brandy that did wonders to slake their appetite and warm them from the rain. And they were able to get caught up on rumors. Most importantly, the contact that they were expecting to meet had been kidnapped by a recent Sauvax raid, along with about 20 other miners. (Not minors). A quick stop (through the insipid rain) to the Ops station "in charge" gets the PC's a quick update on the situation. Yep the Sauvax have been trying to raid the camp but the crew have been able to fight the locals off with little difficulty. This latest raid has set things back a bit, but the camp is getting ready move on to "L8." Were survivors likely? Sure. How long would they last? Well, a single human could feed a village of "Whistlers & Clickers" for about 3-4 days. Yeah, the miners had sent a rescue team but they couldn't break into the village . . . Apparently the "Whistlers" have captured some blasters. At this point (as the GM) I'm expecting the PC's to stage a raid and tear a heavy blaster sized hole through this primitive village to rescue the miners . . . But we have a new player and PC who's playing a diplomat. He tries to negotiate with the Sauvax. So a Whiphid, a Kel-Dor, and a Twi'lek approach the village . . . They learn that the Sauvax are open to talking and that this village actually has a crude translator device. Their mission related contact IS still alive along with about 18 other miners, all caged in a cave. And the negotiations begin. It turns out that the Sauvax are willing to cooperate with the PC's and would like the PC's to wipe out the human colony. The Sauvax conducted their raid as a reprisal and they are tired of the humans from coming down to their beaches to hunt down and from using the Sauvax as a supplemental food source. Yep, that stew the PC's ate earlier . . . yes. Oh yes. And yes it WAS tasty. And on the flip side, the Sauvax seemed particularly interested in learning if the Twi'lek was "white or dark meat." And that's about where we left off! The PC's now face a weird moral dilemma. They DID rescue their contact (they traded an E-11 for two of the . . . human hors d'oeuvres), but have left over a dozen others behind with the Sauvax. Do they stop the human colonists from preying on the primitive locals? Do they broker peace? Is the Sauvax book "How to serve Humans" a cookbook? OKay that last one isn't a question . . . I'm beginning to think that this group's GM is a sick twisted bloke. If this is helpful for you great. If not, maybe the next installment on Toydaria will be more useful for you (Give me a couple of weeks on Toydaria. No telling how long this group is going to be hanging out on Leritor).
  8. Mark Caliber

    Military Punishment

    Dang it all (In My Star Wars Universe) "Han shot first and Darth Maul is dead!" I should probably make T-shirts with that slogan . . .
  9. Mark Caliber

    Shield Fighting and Sword

    I'm a slave to my fantasy RPG information. Spears can be employed with one hand while Pikes are too long and bulky to be employed with one hand. But as Darth Revenant appropriately pointed out, the Star Wars 'verse tends to adopt names and to apply them without consideration to our historical conventions. LIGHTSABRE PIKE FTW!
  10. Mark Caliber

    Military Punishment

    I'm with Copperbell on this one. I need WAY more information on this one. I do recall that as an NCO, I did have the authority to perform summary executions on a battlefield for disobedience to orders* and desertion. Hmmmm. But I'd have to make certain that I was actually in the right. There's also the fact that shooting your own troops is generally a waste of ammo and can kill morale. * (Later in my career that was modified to 'lawful' orders). TrumpGraphics does make a good point that enforcing discipline on a trooper outside your unit & chain of command doesn't work in the US Army. However Commissars in Soviet Russia and Gestapo agents in Nazi Germany DID have that authority. And they DID exercise that authority. So without details I don't know what would be appropriate. However, based on what little I do know, a Court Marshal should be convened. Let THEM sort through the evidence and render a verdict. There is also another cogent facet to this decision too. Unfortunately (yes unfortunately) success tends to make up for a multitude of sins. I recall reading a play (Scandinavian playwright and blast me it's been over 20 years so the name escapes me) about a soldier in a mercenary like company. The contrast is that this soldier is involved in a serious battle and engages in a number of reckless acts but because the unit wins the battle the soldier is hailed as a hero. In the next battle, the course of the conflict turns against the troop and the soldier, doing essentially the exact same acts, is later tried for criminal misconduct and executed for this 'crimes.' Because the army lost. My point being, that if the PC in question affected significant and spectacular actions to turn the tide of battle in favor of his side, then the case may just . . . go away. However, if they made a material mess of the situation, then a court marshal may go harder on him. And lastly, there is one other consequence possible. Those SpecForces guys don't die easy. He may have been shot and may have gone down, but that's quite different from dying. It's entirely possible that the SpecFor guy is still alive, well, walking, and holding a grudge.
  11. Mark Caliber

    Shield Fighting and Sword

    No worries on how to deploy a spear and shield. I used to have my doubts on employing a spear in combat but then a friend of mine pointed me at the ThegnThrand channel on YouTube and I learned how to actually use a spear in combat. Spears are way more versatile than I would originally think. In one on one combat, I can go from a reach of 6 feet to employing a spear as a dagger in moments. With equal training and practice, I would probably do better with a Spear Shield combo than Sword Shield. However, today I'm a better swordsman.
  12. Mark Caliber

    Shield Fighting and Sword

    I agree with Donovan. Yes and YES! And lets not forget the spear shield combo. In practice it's WAY more effective than sword and shield. With Star Wars' assumption of electro stun tech, they also make great crowd control combos too.
  13. Hey HappyDaze, In contemplating a smaller geographic sized campaign, part of the calculations that need to be taken into consideration are, what type of campaign are you going to run? What is the scope of this campaign? And I think as a GM one of the issues that we run into is that with a galactic scale setting with ultra fast FTL is that the players do have the option to jet about anywhere they please. And if the players decide to change the course of the plot from the expected, we as GM's can quickly run out of new and fresh ideas. And as for Star Wars, I don't think the real issue in keeping a game in a limited geographical region is all that urgent. As a GM, I'm letting the players range a bit wider, because I want the players to interact with specific worlds to enhance my particular story. And those systems happen to be strung out along across half the galaxy. You could easily do the same in a smaller geographical area or region. The real trick is to keep the story interesting. As for limiting scope, you may want to limit the speed and range of the ships used by the players. IIRC the GR-9 Rigger has a Class 3 hyperdrive and very limited consumables, which means that a group with that ship will need to plan very carefully how far they try to travel (or they'll die)! And on pains of repeating myself, in trying to run a limited geography Star Wars campaign, I think those constraints could be best defined in the campaign setting. To be honest, you should be able to run a good Star Wars game on a single world with an AoR team working to subvert local imperial garrison and attempting to curry favor with the locals.
  14. Mark Caliber

    Stats for a Krayt Dragon?

    I also had my players stumble across the Krayt Pearl stats and they TOO decided to head to Tatooine . . . The group never found any dragons. They rolled a poor social skill (streetwise) roll to find a guide. Their guide tried to sell them out to a troop of Tusken Raiders. I think the players freaked out but the slaughtered them. ALL of them. And yeah, sand got everywhere. But I'd probably go with the higher version of the stats listed here. I appreciate this discussion because there's no telling whether or not my crew decides to head back to Tatooine to try again. (And I'm expecting the players to do just that and to eventually find a Krayt).
  15. In my campaign we're definitely at least a 5: A relatively large section of the galaxy containing many sectors (e.g., the Slice). (On deeper reflection, I think my campaign is probably closer to a 5.5). The campaign is taking place on the south 1/3rd of the galaxy. The group has been from Terminus to Corelia and as far North as Arkania (but only once to visit family) on the Corelia Trade Spine. As of going Far East, the group has spent a couple of trips on Nar Shaddaa and IIRC even got to touch down on Nal Hutta once. And going out on the rim, they haven't made it to Ryloth (yet) but they've been to Tatooine & Roon. (Roon is probably my best developed world, oddly). And Naboo was oddly well developed and interesting. So I use a pretty equal mix of well known and established worlds and I'm also making up stuff on worlds that Wookipaediaeeoooahrrhrhrhrh(!) has never heard of. (Yep, still too lazy to look up the proper spelling). Their SOG group is operating out of "Defiant Core" from Stronghold of the Republic and most of their missions are fairly "local." The worlds that they've been to (that I can recall with quick reference) include: Hosnian Prime, Bestine, Mechis, Thyferra, Wroona, Kinyen, Mallastare, Sullust, Hoth & Bespin, Eriadu, Queyta, and even Dagobah*. I'm guessing the campaign has touched upon about 15-20 different worlds and we've been playing almost 40 sessions. What I try to do is to do a search on a world to see what established information there is on a world and I use about 70% of the given data. Obviously is Woookieepedia comes up blank, I can get totally creative. The PC's ARE members of an Special Operations Group (SOC) and are members of SOG DC 01. (Special Operations Group - Defiant Core - Team 01). Most of their missions are, go to world X and do a mission and try to not get caught/killed. So these PC's get to do a LOT of travelling. * Dagobah was an interesting and ultimately I think a "failed" session, BUT as a GM I'm tickled pink with what the player characters were DOING there and why.