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  1. Mark Caliber

    Campaign where GM runs a PC

    I try to avoid using GMPC's but in this particular campaign, it kind of became unavoidable. A couple of things that I'm doing that seem to work: 1) That GMPC is the poor soul who gets to stay with the ship, when the party is in an unsavory port. 2) The GMPC is doing things that the PC's aren't skilled at (Piloting the ship & fixing things). Since this crew doesn't do a whole lot in space, that works nicely. 3) If the PC's can do something then the GMPC doesn't, or assists. 4) The GMPC asks the PC's for directions or their opinion. In other words, the GMPC is subordinate to the PC's. Things that aren't going so well. 1) The blasted GMPC keeps getting kidnapped and needs to be rescued all the time. I'll have to stop that (starting NEXT mission).
  2. Mark Caliber

    Renegade Refit and Servomotor S-Foils bugged ?

    I see that X-Wing has issues, but I'm still loving this game and I'm looking forward to 2.0. 😀
  3. Mark Caliber

    Player communicating with each in game

    I am not afraid to drop language barriers in my campaign. Though most of the spacefaring sophonts can freely speak the common language, there are occasions where some locals aren't able to communicate freely with all of the PC's. I do it for color. As for the Commlinks, they're just radios, and all of my PC's are able to understand each other, so not really an issue for me. Hi HappyDaze. While I KNOW you didn't see the Last Jedi, you are not wrong . . .
  4. Mark Caliber

    Selling Stolen Ships

    Here's my take. "All you need is a new name, new transponder, new registry . . . and you're good to go!" The transponder is an electronic black box that can be switched out and reprogrammed. Getting matching information into the BOSS database is the real trick. If you know an Imperial Bureaucrat who can be bribed then . . . bribe them. The black market will have interested parties who can "Quiet the Title" on a hot ship. Another option would be if the ship can be legitimately claimed as salvage. Fees and Bribes may be needed. In the campaign that I'm running (AoR w/ FnD), if the PC's pick up a new ship that they want to keep, they need to check in with their SOG supervisor, who will fill out a new registry. The Alliance has "contacts" who then quiet the title, but it takes 6-8 weeks for the paperwork to process. The PC's did just acquire a new ship in this manner and the title just cleared on their new VCX-100.
  5. Mark Caliber

    Renegade Refit and Servomotor S-Foils bugged ?

    What self respecting Star Wars fans DOESN'T know that the original X-Wing was an Incom Model T-65 "X-Wing" Space Superiority fighter? In my opinion, this "Renegade" Refit simply fixes the X-Wing so that it performs more like it always should have.
  6. Mark Caliber

    1 PC Separating from the Rest of the PCs

    My players would NOT stick together last night. The whole session was run similar to how most TV shows handle A & B plot lines. And I chose to run it like that with the action focused on one group and once that was resolved, I'd move to the next group, going back and forth like that most of the session. There were a couple of things working in our favor. I had dropped the players into a sandbox with a single mission profile and very limited contacts and outside resources. I really wanted to see how the players (& their characters) would tackle this mission. It turned out that the group decided to cover more ground by splitting into two teams that worked concurrently. No one got shot (which was unusual) but there was a street level fist fight. And with the characters keeping a quiet combat free profile (this time) we didn't have to worry about them being outnumbered and overwhelmed in combat. I found that following the PC's leads and using the dice to help shape the narrative helped a lot. Both groups had commlinks and used them liberally to coordinate their efforts, which I thought was very cool. So I think we can chalk that up to a success? Everyone seemed to have fun overall, but half of the group was audience for about half of the session.
  7. Mark Caliber

    Distinctively Indistinguishable

    Yeah, I have to comment on this one. I lived near our airport and drove a half mile section of road approaching the Airport for decades. Then I started driving Taxi and realized that this section of road was one of the most concentrated areas for Taxis to drive. Before that realization, I have NEVER noticed a taxi (in 20 years). Now every time I drive that section, I count the number of taxis I pass or see. They were always there, but completely indistinguishable to me. Also IRL there are people who are just indistinguishable. They may be completely different physically and dress completely different, but unless they do something to draw attention to themselves we all just "move along." And as a GM, I also justify the use of indistinguishable for my various VERY unique PC's based on the fact that you only get 1 black die per rank, which isn't that much. Four ranks of indistinguishable might be a game changer, but as often as those black dice come up blank during our sessions, I'm not scared.
  8. TL DR: NO! If you want to be realistic about it, sure. But in most RPG's we also want sufficient simplicity that we don't get bogged down with the game mechanics. I DO love how GURPS uses a half damage range in its game, and that works very well while retaining both realism & simplicity. If you are totally grokking for that kind of realism, you definitely want to check out GURPS lite for a primer. But as a Star Wars GM, I'm okay with the RAW. The narrative dice also provide sufficient random results in combat and they're simple and quick to resolve.
  9. Mark Caliber

    Character Artwork Thread

    Yes they are! I found that they are MUCH easier if the Twi'lek is wearing a leku supporting hat.
  10. Mark Caliber

    Starfighter Maneuver Descriptions

    Check out the old episodes of Dog Fights. That was a fun show and will educate you greatly on what fighter craft can actually do. I"m a personal fan of pulling Wing-Overs, and the Barrel Roll. If you play X-Wing they've developed some really bizarre maneuvers like their Tallon Rolls, & Segnors Loop. IIRC a weave is performed when you pop your rudder to one side then shift it quickly to the opposite direction, and is a great way to spoof a tailing combatant out of shooting position, but only a slow speeds. At higher speeds its a suicidal maneuver as it could throw your craft into a flat spin. The Air Force has also developed an inverting roll (similar to a Wingover) that will allow a following fighter to cut inside a pursued victim. (Totally GTA in game). And some of the advanced pilots in WWII were doing crazy maneuvers like tossing their fighters into a tumbling flip to stall their craft and pull out, right behind their pursuing opponent. There was also a maneuver where the BF109's would cause themselves to go into a flat spin, loosing both altitude and speed, but a good P-51 pilot could match to follow. There are also three variations to the scissors; Horizontal, Vertical, & Rolling. That's what I'm able to remember off the top of my head. Hope it helps.
  11. Mark Caliber

    Which ship is your crew using?

    I'm running an AoR campaign which features a Special Operations group, so the ship is more of a bus. My crew has a dedicated YT-2400 for their transportation which they've named Nova Chaser. It's a slightly upgunned ship with an improved Hyperdrive (CL 1) which has served them very well so far. They are (however) on a deep insertion mission and they needed a "disposable" ship. So they are currently using a VCX-100 named the Lucky Leku. They were told by their handlers that it was expected that this ship would be a "loss" during this mission . . .
  12. Mark Caliber

    Group Conflict

    I'm using the wrong term. Loot Hog might be more appropriate. (But I think I've heard Loot ***** on SethSorkowski's YouTube channel). Well, he was obviously miffed, but took the issue in stride. We may be able to smooth the issue over in time and we really haven't had time to sit down and split out ALL of the loot yet. However the character being run by the Loot Hog has an LE alignment and he runs him like a Lawful Jerk. (At the gaming table we use another name besides "Jerk" but FFG would DEFINITELY censor that word).
  13. Mark Caliber

    Group Conflict

    True Story from this weekend, but it's Pathfinder. We apparently have one of those players in our group, and while we were enjoying the "playful banter" we got to the point where this belligerent Loot ***** decided to hold out on the group when it came time to spend a chunk of cash. One of the PC's needed a remove disease cast on them and the local cleric gave their price, which was pretty steep. The group turned to the Loot ***** and let him know that we were ready for his PC to cough up the difference, since that PC has been collecting ALL of the cash. (We've watched the PC loot pretty much every corpse we've come across for about a week (in game) and we know that he's got somewhere in the neighborhood of double what the cleric was asking in hard gold). The player plead penury and refused to provide any cash. No worries. We continued with the adventure and took on the next Big Evil Bad Guy. During the aftermath of the plunder/search for treasure in that section, Loot ***** picked his finger on a poisoned trap on a chest which knocked him unconscious. Inside the chest was a pile of cash, which the REST of the group split evenly, leaving the unconscious Loot ***** empty handed. And yes, the diseased PC now has the needed cash. He might learn his lesson . . . but I doubt it. There ARE (and should be) consequences for bad behavior.
  14. Mark Caliber

    What time periods does everyone play?

    My current group that I'm running is ABY 1.
  15. Mark Caliber

    Help Me With The Dark Trooper Project?

    For unique code names this is the website that I use: http://creativityforyou.com/combomaker.html What it does is give you a random Adjective with an random Noun. Using that site right now it churned out the three code names: Working Allocation. Unpleasant Withdrawal. Artistic Ego. Unique but ambiguous enough that the opfor really wouldn't know the significance of the project . . . until its too late! After the project is complete then let the PR people come up with a cool sounding name like "Dark Trooper Project."