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  1. What time periods does everyone play?

    My current group that I'm running is ABY 1.
  2. Help Me With The Dark Trooper Project?

    For unique code names this is the website that I use: What it does is give you a random Adjective with an random Noun. Using that site right now it churned out the three code names: Working Allocation. Unpleasant Withdrawal. Artistic Ego. Unique but ambiguous enough that the opfor really wouldn't know the significance of the project . . . until its too late! After the project is complete then let the PR people come up with a cool sounding name like "Dark Trooper Project."
  3. Right now my group is gaming at a local FLGS (but we have a plan to shift the game to my home once we get moved in). Start time is 6:00 p.m. (I get there early and socialization and EXP is spent at that time). I plan on wrapping up and stopping at 10:00 p.m. but often the players encourage that we run longer. The store employees kick us out at 11:00 p.m. So for us its 4-5 hours with most of that being serious gaming time.
  4. You failed to mention that they had Jabba as a patron. That will improve their odds considerably.
  5. Ummmm . . . I'm not all that familiar with Teemo or his operations, but Wookepiedia says that he's in the Tiure Deslijik (which is the same Deslijik Jabba is affiliated with. Which makes sense since they are both located on Tatooine). It sounds like the PC'c achieved this jurisdiction via 'right of conquest,' which will work great until someone else with more guns & soldiers comes along to challenge their ownership. And the Tiure Deslijik is NOT going to be happy with that kind of ownership transfer. And they can hire a LOT of well armed mercenaries to deal with short lived usurpers. However, being the Governor of Mos Shuuta means that the PC's would need to consolidate and organize the public service organizations. And a lot of these organizations are going to be very resistant to a "new governor" especially when they ALL know that the Tiure Deslijik is sending in a replacement eventually. My first thought, if the PC's decide to stay around, they have probably just invalidated their life insurance policies.
  6. Dealing with loot - new GM

    We've been gaming with my group for a couple of months and I am not discouraging looting. Last night I had to just let the group know that there was "nothing of consequence to loot." My group is grabbing guns and took two suits of storm trooper armor from last nights haul and they are trading guns for cash. This group is mostly new players and I find their quest for capital to be appropriate. A lot of the encounters do deal with some sort of cash transaction, and they have to deal with port fees every other session (it seems). So as a GM I encourage looting. Also remember the encumbrance rules if you think that the PC's are carrying too many guns.
  7. Who can Slice ? Slicer ? :-)

    Let me clarify, If you are a player sitting at MY table later tonight, anyone with at least one skill level in computers can attempt a slice check. The Datapad allows the PC's the needed interface to access and interact with the terminal. However, if they have slicing gear, they get two boost dice. That's how we roll the dice at my table.
  8. Who can Slice ? Slicer ? :-)

    As a GM, Anyone can make a slicer check if they have at least one point of computer skill, and a datapad.
  9. Playing a Female as a male

    On a related topic; As a Human how would you handle portrayal of a Trandoshan NPC? There is no way MY voice could emulate the gutteral grunts & hissing of that species and I have no way of comprehending that Trandoshan words might sound like. Another thought would be to describe NPC's as 3rd person entities and to be descriptive. "The female Trandoshan, glowers angrily and reaches toward her massive looking blaster pistol while hissing and warbling at you in an aggressive tone." or "The female Trandoshan gently lays her meaty hand on Griff's shoulder and draws him in close, while either purring softly or gargling a throatful of smooth stones in her throat. She lowers her head trying to meet Griff at an eye to eye level and slowly exhales a breath that stinks like seven day dead rodents with a very toothy smile." I definitely couldn't vocalize either of these verbal interactions so that's one way to handle this issue. In short BE Descriptive. Be Ee Descriptive!
  10. Players Who Aren't Involved

    I think some of the best advise I've seen for casual players is to not push them. I too have a casual player. He's younger than the rest of the players and very new to RPG's. I know he's enjoying himself, but most of the time when we're focusing on social encounters or I spring a social encounter on his PC, he shy's away from those opportunities. He absolutely enjoys the tactics and I think he enjoys the evolving story overall too. But I agree. I think it would be a mistake for me as the GM to try to force his character into more social encounters (at this point). So in conclusion, don't be afraid to let a casual player be casual. And as an odd aside, I have 5 players for my group and I've informed everyone that I'm at my limit and we're not going to accept new players. However, I have one guy who is showing up to just watch the sessions.
  11. I don't use prepared gaming modules but I DO create text blocks in the way of Mission Briefings. THESE I text to my players between sessions (when possible). Otherwise I try to describe things off the cuff. I do have some theatrical training but haven't considered the option of reading text blocks. I'd definitely want to practice reading those beforehand if I did read them to the players.
  12. Unsure which way to go with new Nemesis

    Regardless, you have an antagonist who wants something VERY much and will exert tremendous effort to recover his stolen property, which is a good thing plot wise. I think the first thing you need to ask yourself as a GM, is how you think the players will be able to respond or withstand this Governor's efforts at re-acquisition. If this is a relatively new campaign and the PC's are relatively inexperienced (500 Exp or less) you may want to have the Governor play a lighter hand. At first. Longer term; I think part of the reaction may depend on how well connected and trusted the Governor is with parties in Coruscant. I would expect that certain Governors will be trusted and expected to collect and safeguard certain artifacts and he may be one of these trusted parties. Obviously, if the Governor ISN'T inside that particular circle, then he will keep his pursuit of the PC's lower key.
  13. Force Lightning with Cybernetic Limbs. Your thoughts?

    If it were me, I think I'd allow the use of Force lightning with cybernetics, In My Star Wars Universe (IMSWU).
  14. Help. He's in my house

    If it were me I'd ask my players three questions. 1) Is this a Star Trek Campaign? 2) Is your character species "Romulon?" 3) Is this game set in the Romulon Navy? Did you answer YES to all three questions? And I think you have your answer.
  15. You started with an impossible premise. You can blame Rian Johnson & JJ Abrams. It's a good place to start.