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  1. Guess I owe my rebels an apology. Nah, being Imperial means never having to say you're sorry.
  2. If you push a friendly figure through a hostile figure (both small), does it take 1 space or 2? I assume 1 after consulting the RRG. https://imgur.com/DWW24Wr From RRG: • Pushing a figure requires no movement points.
  3. Yeah, I asked because I have Indomitable and in the next mission the rebels have to defeat a reserved villain. I wanted to confirm that I could use Indomitable with that villain.
  4. Do the Nemeses class cards abilities apply to reserved villains? Or only to the villains included in our open groups?
  5. "The Imperial player cannot choose an Agenda set if it contains a card with a listed time period range that does not include the time period of the campaign." Is this restriction still valid? I thought I read something to the effect that time period restrictions are no longer in effect, but I couldn't find it. In a mini-campaign, you do not include forced missions from sets in your agenda deck. Since you are already removing the relevant time-period offending card, could you still include the remainder of that set in your deck?
  6. Noob questions here: Can optional deployments be resolved during the deployment step of the Status phase? E.g. A Dark Power Can a group also be a single character deployment card? E.g. Hired Help
  7. I played this in a Thrawnkar deck against my son. I said he had to play Fair Trade - i think he had 1 character ready and 0 dice showing resource in his pool and I had something like 7 resources. He argued that he couldn't play Fair Trade as he didn't have a resource die. We spent so much time arguing, that I forgot what the rest of the cards in his hand were, and I had a Thrawn ready to activate. This card is almost not worth the hassle of playing.
  8. For me ultimately it came down to either RGC or The Inquisitor. I picked TGI thinking he could last a long time given his higher health and with upgrades like Indomitable. His lower cost also gives more flexibility in choosing deployments and reinforcements. Plus that surge for Deadly is fantastic.
  9. Can't wait to buy this upgrade after my next mission and use with my villains: Bossk and Grand Inquisitor.
  10. Please confirm: If I have Indomitable exhausted, and an attack on a villain is declared, I can spend 1 threat to ready Indomitable, and then immediately exhaust it for use during the declared attack. Thanks.
  11. In a mini-campaign, for open groups are you limited to only groups included in box sets? Or can you bring groups from blister packs? For example, I'm starting Bespin and would like to bring 2 regular ISB Infiltrators. Is that allowed? Thanks!
  12. Not just weapons - all upgrades redeploy.
  13. Thank you. Obscure things like that are so easy to miss - thanks for clarification.
  14. Ah thank you. I should have actually read the sheet. I'm a little confused regarding your last statement. What is difference between immediately after 2nd mission and immediately before 3rd? Do you not perform an upgrade step as part of every mission clesn-up?
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