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  1. You know, I hadn't even considered that, which is silly since I still remember the "wha...?" feeling when I first saw the XG-1 on my scopes in combat. I mean, the XG-1 was created by Cygnus, the same company that created the Lambda-class shuttle (and naturally, it's blatantly obvious) so its design makes sense from that angle but yes, the XG-1 really doesn't fit in with the visual aesthetic of the Imperial starfighter fleet. I guess I didn't really mind much because the XG-1, at the time, was also a deviation in Imperial tactics - the single starfighter hit-and-fade stuff didn't become more common until the TIE Fighter game with introduction of the other hyperspace-capable fighters like the Defender and missile boat. A Skipray Blastboat would be a really neat addition - I suspect it would make a fantastic Scum ship!
  2. The "problem" with Imperials is simple - the war of attrition is big in the Empire. Spending their starfighters, stormtroopers and pilots against terrorists and Rebels is just standard procedure. Heck, it's actually quite an honor for an Imperial pilot to sacrifice himself in service to the Emperor (Ever get rammed head-on by a TIE Advanced while flying an A-Wing? Yeah, that encounter completely relieved me of my thankfully fully charged forward shields...). This battle philosophy doesn't gel so well with a tabletop game where a single TIE/ln still costs $15. I think FFG tried to balance for this to make it so that Imperial players didn't have to spend a Death Star's worth of money just to assemble a decent fleet. How successful they were I suppose is debatable, but overall I believe the reason why the Imperials might seem weaker is because I think they were intended to feel different to play. You don't want both sides having the same feel, do you? Unfortunately, asymmetrical game design is rather hard to pull off, from what I've heard. As for the Assault Gunboat... the reason why we don't have it I believe is quite simple: The ship has already sailed. It's too late. According to the X-Wing PC game strategy guide, the XG-1 Star Wing assault gunboat was created basically as a hard counter to the success of the flexible T-65 X-Wing. In fact, the Imperials were actually starting to use hit-and-fade attacks similar to the Rebellion's. The XG-1 was actually introduced into service before the events of Episode 4 - specifically, midway through the second X-Wing tour of duty campaign. This campaign ends immediately before Episode 4 starts. Having both flown and flown against the XG-1, I can understand the sentiment of wanting it in the game - heck, I share the sentiment. I know how it performs; it's a slightly slow dogfighter that has great deployment flexibility. Its armament in X-Wing - shielding, hyperdrive, dual laser cannons, dual ion cannons and dual warhead launchers gives it ideal loadout for a variety of situations. They were usually deployed in flights of three, if I recall. It was used as both a strike craft and a response fighter in lieu of a larger capital ship arriving to launch TIEs. But it's distinctly possible that the metagame has advanced to the point where the XG-1 would not be competitive anymore - basically, it's not worth creating. First of all, now we already have T-70s, E-Wings, and all the other powerful ships that could and most likely would rip an XG-1 to shreds without really trying very hard. We already have much better ships - the TIE Defender was originally supposed to be an overpowered beast reward for players reaching the last few missions of the TIE Fighter PC game. Yes, the XG-1 was in TIE Fighter as well as a flyable craft, but when everyone has Defenders zipping around on their tabletops, why would you bring an XG-1? I suppose the answer is "the same reason you'd bring a T-65"; filling up a squad. But it's probably easily argued that one could use newer swarm fighters instead. Personally I don't care that it would be "old," since I don't care about competitive play - but I can't blame FFG for deciding to make ships they (gasp!) think will sell. I would sorely like to see an XG-1 released by FFG. But I honestly don't think they'll do it... they will probably feel the need to release new ships that are competitive with the newer ones, not ones that were designed to fight T-65s and Y-wings. Now if a new model of the XG-1 shows up in the next movie, on the other hand, that might change things...
  3. Thanks for your input, everyone! Now I have one more question... in terms of this game's mechanics, what things to buy in order to keep both the Rebels and the Imperials reasonably balanced? Basically I figure I want to make small orders over time but try to keep things reasonably equal across the factions with each order. Or should I not bother worrying about that? As an aside, a friend of mine bought both the CR90 and the Raider just because he liked them as models (basically he only plans to play with us, thus his not needing a core set... yet). So the bottom line is we all got to try out the huge ships already! It's... tiring! Six hours later I ended up winning the match by accidentally swinging the crippled, burning badonkadonk of my CR90 back into my wife's last TIE advanced as I did a 1-speed bank maneuver. It was... definitely not how I'd expected the match to end!
  4. Hey all, new player here. I got myself both core sets and... so far that's it. Being a veteran of the old X-Wing PC games, this tabletop game is a huge hoot to me, and so naturally I want everything... but obviously reality says different, so I have to strategize. I've been reading around and I've been seeing what I'd suspected - potential power creep, ships being considered "no longer useful" by this person or that person, and the like. Now I'm not planning to play in any tournaments - it'll probably just be my friends and wife. I had planned my first purchase beyond the core set to be the Y-wing, A-wing, TIE bomber and TIE interceptor, and probably the Rebel Aces and Imperial Veterans packs after that. Maybe a YT freighter, the HWK, and the Lambda next. It means something to me to have the ships that I used to fly in the PC games - heck, just having Maarek Stele and Keyan Farlander in the game at all is a real kick. But I also don't want to buy things that end up collecting dust. They're too expensive for that! Probably due to my insane dogfights in the PC game way back when, I feel like I'd like big fights and scenarios. (Anyone else remember flying a B-wing and having to destroy four Nebulon-B frigates in one mission? Or simply ramming a TIE bomber to take it out quickly because it and seven others are launching torpedoes at the ship I'm protecting? Or back in the days when mines fired turbolasers at you?) Anyone have any advice for an old hat PC X-wing pilot just now getting into this game? Just not quite sure what to buy. Should I not worry about it and just get what I want?
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