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  1. Probably not, but I wouldn't rule out an appearance in something like the mandolorian
  2. 4 Cartel Executioners. All with predator & 2 with prockets. I haven't actually tested it but on paper it should work if you line up the bulls-eye arcs. It's then 16 dice and he gets no mods on defensive dice(that includes reinforce). The problem with this is it probably won't do much to any other list.
  3. This build is for Hyperspace. The proximity mines are the key here. They are the damage that a 3rd ship would put out. I have had decent success so far going 5-1 including 3-0 in a Friday night tournament with 18 people. Hard counter for this apparently is supernatural reflexes Luke and a 120 point Han. Though I do think a rematch on that one could possibly go the other way in my favor. There is a 9 point bid using trickshot. I left some room not so much for a bid but for the upcoming point increase. Boba -trickshot -slave 1 -proximity mines -perceptive copilot Frost -trickshot or predator -marauder -han gunner -proximity mines -rigged cargo chute https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v5!s!103:133,-1,-1,54,70,-1,-1,161:U.-1;106:133,-1,-1,-1,70,96,-1,153:U.85&sn=double firespray&obs=
  4. I am finding with the right pilots and load-out double Firesprays are very competitive. Especially in hyperspace format.
  5. Useful against some lists more than others. Also easy to drop if there is a large point increase for Boba and Maurader.
  6. I use both Kavil and Boba in the same list, Han goes on Kavil. Dengar on Boba and I put IG on him also for the double calculates.
  7. Lando + Han Gunner doesn't work. It's a red action for Han and Lando can't be stressed to use his ability.
  8. I have been running Dengar on Boba. It's a great card when I remember to use it.
  9. Thank you for streaming the event @gennataos! It's nice to have the ability to review your own tape.
  10. That was a great day of X-wing and great turn out with over 40 players attending! Can't wait for next year!
  11. I had a squad of fleet troopers + extra trooper + scatter gun mow down an entire squad of storm troopers in one roll. Yes, they can be really good when used correctly.
  12. Well played sir, well played!
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