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  1. The owner of my favorite game shop said, that he doesn't think, that the AH LCG necessarily puts an end to EH because, and that is really a good point, they are very different in their game character. EH replaced AH because both were board games and both were quite similar in structure, with EH being the better structured and better designed successor of AH. AH LCG is NOT a replacement of EH, it is a card game and EH is a board game, they are very different, the only common element is the Lovecraftian background. I already saw playthroughs of the LCG, I am definitely not interested in this game and I am quite sure I am not alone. If FFG would stop producing new EH expansions, I will not purchase instead AH LCG as a replacement, I will stop purchasing FFG products. And I will not be alone, not every board gamer also enjoys card games, especially LCGs. That#s why I still hope for more EH expansions in the future, EH was not replaced by a better version like AH.
  2. Well some of these are quite obscure, even I haven't heard of some of them and I read all works from HPL, many from Derleth and some from Howard (Who are Glaaki, Y'Golonac and Eihort e.g.?) but a far more important AO ist missing in this list and IS included in AH, Ghatanothoa. I still hope we will see him in a future expansion.
  3. If they close this line, they will lose customers, I am not interested in any one of the other "featured games", not even AH as is it IMHO inferior to EH in nearly every aspect. If they release more EH expansions I will buy them and many others will too I am sure. Why end a franchise that is successful? Because AH had the same number of expansions? What kind of reason is that?
  4. I agree with Nicolian, there is not a single logical reason why FFG should end the EH product line as long as it sells. If I am correct, AH was stopped because of EH. Although I enjoyed AH it IS quite a rule monster for many people and EH was quickly considered by many to be actually the better and more easy to play HPL-based boardgame of the two so FFG decided to concentrate on EH. A correct decision as we all saw as EH was even more successful than AH. What should they end EH for? The AH LCG? It's something completely different than a classic boardgame and definitely not every one's cup of tea. I watched some playthrough videos (Catweazle on Youtube for example) of AH LCG and didn't like it at all. If FFG would really end the EH product line for THIS I want to make clear, if they end EH I will NOT become a customer for AH LCG instead whatsoever! If they continue to release more EH sets, I will continue to spend more money for them and I am sure many EH fans will too. And don't forget, they are not even through with the major AOs yet, there are still several of them in queuing line for release: Tsathoggua is still missing, Ghatanothoa only appeared as an epic monster yet, the same for Rhan-Tegoth, there was . Why we get Antedeluvium instead is quite annoying, I don't even now what this is supposed to be, it means "before the deluge" and I couldn't find it anywhere! Why do we get some more obscure alignments instead of some well known AOs which even connect to the new mystic ruins (Mu - Ghatanothoa, Rhan-Tegoth-Hyperborea) is even less understandable to me.
  5. After I read the announcement of FFG about the MoN again I am quite sure we will get a full set of new mystic ruins encounters, the new ones will not be related to the old ones as these are connected to the Syzygy while the new locations will be connected to Nyarlathotep. So they could use for example field Nr 3 as something different than the Easter Islands.
  6. Alaska is the location where Rhan-Tegoth comes from, who is still missing as an AO (only in the game as epic monster) mentioned in "The Horror in the museum" and there could be definitely a (fictional) mythos location there as they mention "cyclopean ruins" in the story, so this is definitely possible. Field 2 - North Pacific is standing for Mu in a rumor card but actually a tad to much in the north to cover the presumed location of this mythical "lost continent" Field 3 - South Pacific however is VERY hot and could be not only the Easter Islands but also R'lyeh or Mu, with the already mentioned island of Ghatanothoa, another missing AO. Perhaps they add more Mystic Ruins so you can play with different locations instead of adding them to the existing ones and then field 3 is not the Easter Islands but Mu/R'lyeh. Field 4 - North Western Canada? No idea. Field 5 - US Midwest - Errrm...Mall of the Americas? Sorry, just kidding. No real or fictional mystic ruins here and the K'n-yan field is actually Nr. 6 (Southern US) so, no idea. Whats Cahokia? Field 6 - Already used in the game as K'n-yan in the Yig special encounter cards, also in a rumor. Field 8 - I only say Bermuda Triangle and ATLANTIS! Fictional ruins under water could mean new challenges and dangers and need new assets. Amazon - Sorry but in the real world there are no big structures here, only the mystic city Z which was built out of wood and is completely gone by now. Z is mentioned in an expedition card BTW. But they used Shanghai for the Great Wall, if you consider the actual distance between both you for example can take the Amazon for Machu Picchu or other precolumbian ruins without overstretching it. Buenos Aires - No fictional or real monumental ruins in Argentina or the south of South America, all interesting stuff is in the North. Heart of Africa - The only monumental ancient ruins there mentioned in the mythos were inventions of Lovecraft and other authors that do not exist in reality. There are no mentionable ruins in the entire Congo and surrounding territories whatsoever, the natives there never developed stone architecture, G'harne is purely fictional but could be a mystic ruin. Istanbul or Egypt - There are many ruins in Asia Minor and Istanbul or Egypt could stand in for The Nameless City. Very fitting indeed. Fields 11 and 12 - South Atlantic, nothing here than the waters of the big and wild Atlantic Ocean. No locations whatsoever, actually a waste of space if you consider that they only placed one field in the entire South Pacific which is of highest importance in the mythos. Field 13 - Arctic Ocean - This would be the location of Hyperborea and that's mentioned in the stories and mythos a lot. Field 14 - Scandinavia has no real ancient ruins and also plays no role in the mythos, highly unlikely. Field 15 - South Africa the same as 10 - West Africa, no real important(!) ruins in reality and also no role in the mythos with fictional places. if there is something going to be in Africa it's in the heart. Field 16 - Central Siberia - Some shamanistic rites of the native tribes (Jakuts, Buryatsks etc.) but nothing important, neither in reality nor in fiction, the same for Tunguska BTW. Field 17 - India - Yes a lot of ruins and a lot of mystic stuff too, but nothing I would connect to the mythos strong enough to justify a location. India is also mentioned very rarely in the stories. Field 18 - Of course there is another "lost continent" placed in the Indian Ocean, Lemuria! Of course this would be another location under water, because in opposite to Mu or R'lyeh, there is never any island mentioned that is above the sea level, not even temporarily like in "Out of the Eons" or "Call of Cthulhu". But still interesting. Field 19 - Eastern Siberia - The same like Central Siberia. Field 20 - Indonesia (Why did you leave it out?) - Quite a lot of ruins here but nothing mythos related, Field 20 could however be used to represent Nan Madol if you take into consideration that the map is sometimes very warped anyway (Istanbul lies in South Russia e.g.) although it lies several 1000 miles to the East. Nan Madol is mentioned several times in the books and the only real monumental architecture in entire Oceania, to be more precise Micronesia. Field 21 - Already kind of confirmed, City of the Great Race - Pnakotus. Tokyo plays no big role in the mythos and ruins are rare in Japan, due to the earthquakes and culture they have very few ancient buildings and Yamato (ancient Japan) had no monumental architecture too. No mentioned mythos locations too. Very unlikely again if they don't use Japan for Micronesia and there we are again with Nan Madol. And that's about it. Pheeewww....
  7. None of the present mystic ruins locations are mythos locations, Chichen Itza, The Great Wall, Stonehenge and Easter Islands are all real. It seems that they add mythos locations now (Pnakotus which is in the Australian desert and will be the wilderness field connected to Sydney, forgot the number) but that doesn't necessarily mean that all new locations are mythos-based. Problem is, they have to be connected to some fields on the board and there are not so much that are fitting for more "mystic ruins". I don't see a field that could cover Nan Madol for example, a location that would be perfect.
  8. I am only talking about EH here, not the entire franchise. And concerning AOs yes, concerning storytelling, lore and stuff not really. All major expansions were of EXPLICIT Lovecraftean origin (Mountains of Madness, Under the Pyramids and the Dreamlands) and this is a major expansion. I would be VERY surprised to find an East Asia board in this set before New England or other more mythos-based areas like e.g. Oceania/Australia have been covered with other major expansions. An Australia/Oceania board could have entries via Sydney and 3 and features Easter Islands, Mu (from "Out of the Eons"with the island with the temple of Ghatanathoa), Nan Madol, Tahiti, the City of the Great Race in the Australian desert and of course R'lyeh! A New England board could have Innsmouth, Dunwich, Providence, Boston, Devils Reef, some location in Vermont and Arkham as entry. What do you have in East Asia with an even remotely Lovecraftian background? Shangri-La? Some mysterious monastery in the Himalaja? I also don't remember that Derleth, Howard or Smith have settings there. Tcho Tchos are a race, not a location and they are already in the game as a normal monster (not even epic). And the Plateau of Leng is part of the Antarctica board already. I don't see enough material for an entire East Asia based board in a major expansion.
  9. I don't expect a new board in this expansion. Although we definitely see the Shanghai skyline (from the 1920/30ies of course!) there is not a single tale of Lovecraft that plays in China or even East Asia. We had Mountains of Madness because of the novel of the same name, we had Under the pyramids for the same reason, there is a HPL short story "Imprisoned with the Pharaohs", the Dreamlands inspired by the Dreamlands cycle (there is even a map in the tales). There is no "China"-tale. Possible big expansions could follow with either New England (THE EH board IMHO), the South Pacific/Australia and/or perhaps also Europe but I don't see any connections between Lovecraft and China. We will probably see TONS of cards, new mysteries for all AOs, new special encounter cards etc.
  10. You mean you don't even shuffle in the mythos cards and three city encounter card decks from other expansions?
  11. What a well informed and competent post! Someone obviously has done his mythos homeworks, I say your lore is at least 6. ;-) Only a few additions before I make my comment. Nephren-Ka is (like so many other AOs) mentioned several times by HPL, e.g. in the short story "The Outsider" but of course you are absolutely right, he is not a real AO and never plays a role in any story. You are also completely right that nearly half of the AOs in EH are NOT from HPL whatsoever. But there are still AOs from HPL which so far have not appeared as AOs but only as epic monsters or not at all and I hope we will see them in the future expansions, including Rhan-Tegoth (The horror in the museum), Ghatanothoa (Out of the Aeons) and Tsathoggua (The whisperer in the darkness and others). If we include more non-HPL AOs we even have enough source material for half a dozen more expansions although I would prefer to complete the HPL AOs, especially Ghatanothoa is particularly interesting as an AO. I am quite sure we will see more expansions, even after Masks of Nyarlathotep.
  12. Oh purleeese, have you seen the original Arkham Horror from 1987? It is terrible, looks cheap, is very small, completely different from the FFG version. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/34/arkham-horror You can't even remotely compare this one with the FFG release, I count the running time for AH from 2005.
  13. I don't think it's against the law to create some additional new investigators for a game that is more successful than it's predecessor and get's more expansions too.
  14. Not exactly, if you play SR, the London field is used as Stonehenge as well BUT with a seperate Europe map, Stonehenge itself could become a genuine location as well. The same with Easter Islands in a Pacific Map, at the moment field 3 is used as Easter Islands and as R'yleh, in a Pacific map both could be different locations.
  15. I don't think that we will see any more single-country-based expansions like an "England" expansion (Egypt being the big exception for understandable reasons). If there will be more big expansion sets they probably will be more "region"-based, however "region" can mean New England or the entire South Pacific with Australia. An European expansion would perhaps include most of continental europe and the British Isles, with cities being Paris, Berlin (far more important in the 1920ies than Vienna) and a third one and wilderness locations like Stonehenge. Since the Dreamlands 7 locations are at least possible on one board.
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