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  1. I was thinking (hoping) the same thing. However, I haven't received any emails yet. Are we sure it comes out tomorrow?
  2. I thought the same thing. That if the Imperials are able to destroy all the Rebel units before the Rapid Mobilization card can be resolved at the end of the Command Phase then the game is over and the Imperials win.
  3. I have a scenario with regards to Rapid Mobilization and winning the game. I was playing as the Empire. I had revealed the Rebel base and had destroyed all of the units except a snow speeder. Command phase ended. Did the Refresh Phase and the Assignement phase. At the beginning of the next Command Phase the Rebel played the Rapid Mobilization card first. The card is a resolve card but it is resolved at the END of the Command Phase. I still had ground units and wanted to destroy the snow speeder to wipe the Rebels final unit at his Rebel Base and end the game. Rebel player said it didn't matter because he had already played the Rapid Mobilization card. So which is right. Is the card still in play even if the Rebel player has no units at the end of the Command Phase? Side note - This game is awesome.
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