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  1. No idea. It's an easter egg, not a feature in the story.
  2. The ship appears with a Rebel fleet at the Battle of Batonn in Thrawn #6.
  3. I have the comic, how do I upload a picture to the community? Or does anyone else more technically apt than me have the image and the ability to post it?
  4. jmswood


    Never demand that which you cannot take by force.
  5. Original Biggs warped the design of more waves than any other single card.
  6. This is not the first time I've had this discussion, but I'll keep beating this wardrum because I'm a fan of the Shattered Empire comic. Shara Bey murders TIEs every time she gets in a fighter cockpit. She isn't a squad leader; L'ulo is Green Leader after Endor. Shara takes a leadership role in the scene with the N-1's, but she still spends most of the battle taking on an Imperial squadron by herself. I think a strictly offensive ability would be much more thematic. Fluff and mechanics can coexist.
  7. @sf1raptor Your language needs help. FFG's inconsistency is hard enough to interpret without custom cards deviating from standard wording. Example: The standard wording for the first sentence should be: "After you execute a..." The standard wording for the last sentence should be: "...you cannot perform another..." Comments on pilot abilities: Leia's ability as written will be pretty much limited to tight formations. If she moves too fast, her ability will only help lower PS, unless she moves toward a higher PS friend. I think an ability aimed at formation flying is counter-intuitive on a ship that should be highly mobile. Pease try to be more original for Shara Bey. I've said it repeatedly in this thread. FFG got Shara Bey wrong, and the N-1 should remedy that. I like the trade-off at the end of Wrench's ability. I hate the munitions game, but your wrench card is at least interesting.
  8. Never Vong. I quit Star Wars once because of the Vong; I'll do it again if Disneyverse ever sinks that low. Let the past die. Kill if it if you have to. Bring on the N-1 as a 2.0 Rebel ship. I hope the old Republic gets a faction in the new game, but I don't personally intend to buy any prequel era ships unless the Rebels or Empire get them.
  9. Did anyone else notice a recycled shot at the beginning of the movie? I'll have to verify with another viewing, but I swear the ships flying over and away from the space port on Corellia were at the same points in the sky in two different shots.
  10. I've seen it, and I stand by my predictions. "Solo: A Star Wars Story" is disservice in the form of too much fan service. The most important moments in Solo were better as vague references from the OT, better left to the imagination than exposed for the benefit of the unimaginative. We lost something in Solo that we will never get back. That being said, we gained some good things in the process. The good gain does not outweigh the great loss. As a Star Wars story, Solo is good, but I will never stop wishing they told a new Star Wars story instead of a formulaic franchise prequel.
  11. Follow-up question: with an official app coming, what are the odds third party apps get cease & desist orders?
  12. @Vergilius That's a lot of food for thought. I'll be chewing on that until my current Corellian Conflict ends and I'll be able to play some games with standard lists. Speaking of CC. I'm running a Madine list with an MC75 and LMC80. The basic plan is to run the MC75 in first and turn up the heat in close range while the LMC80 lines up kill shots with that beautiful front arc. I made the mistake of taking squadrons, but sadly I can't take Biggs or Jan.
  13. jmswood

    Wave XV

    Never Vong. Not even as a joke. If you look at impact on the fanbase, TLJ and the Vong have a lot in common. The last thing Star Wars needs is more hugely divisive content.
  14. This thread is almost as disappointing as the bombers' screen time.
  15. Thanks for the tips. My thought for ECM was to prevent getting forced to overspend my evades with TRC's. I thought I had TRC's on the CR90, I'll have to correct that, or drop the turbos for ordnance on Admonition. I was split between Leading Shots and SW-7. Two votes the other way is pretty clear. I thought about Engine Techs, but maybe thought too hard. Help me out if I get this wrong: Engine Techs has the Nav symbol, so in order to resolve Engine Techs, I must spend a Nav Dial or token during my activation. However, because I already spent a Nav dial or Token before triggering Engine Techs, I cannot use either a dial or token to change the speed or yaw of the Engine Techs maneuver.
  16. @RebelProfundity If I were playing Miranda, I would use LRS instead of Guidance chips. Without extra munitions, you only get one use out of the chips. LRS can set up the Harpoon against higher PS and continue to be useful later in the game. Side note: I don't fly Miranda. I sold my K-wing because I have scrub standards. @ryfterek I too, fly a list with Norra, Farlander and Ezra. Crack Shot is my EPT for Farlander with Maul. In addition to pushing damage through, it helps trigger Maul's stress removal in clutch moments. I prefer Butterfly Norra, but with Saw crew I might try regen again.
  17. Greedo says hi, or at least he would if someone hadn't shot him first.
  18. The target is already in arc, or you wouldn't be able to resolve Ketsu. Yes you can move a ship you are touching, so they are no longer touching. Then that ship is a valid target for an attack. Take advantage of the reduced agility while you can.
  19. John Paul Jones Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 400/400 Commander: General Madine Assault Objective: Most Wanted Defense Objective: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation Objective: Solar Corona MC80 Battle Cruiser (103 points) - Mon Karren ( 8 points) - Strategic Adviser ( 4 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - SW-7 Ion Batteries ( 5 points) = 127 total ship cost MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63 points) - Admonition ( 8 points) - Walex Blissex ( 5 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) = 80 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - General Madine ( 30 points) - Jainas Light ( 2 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - X17 Turbolasers ( 6 points) = 89 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 20 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 20 total ship cost 1 Hera Syndulla ( 28 points) 2 A-Wing Squadrons ( 22 points) 2 Z-95 Headhunter Squadrons ( 14 points) = 64 total squadron cost Which ship is the best flagship in this list? Any obvious faults I should change?
  20. I only mention arc dodging because not getting shot is better than a token stack every time. The token stack is still vital because you can't arc dodge 5 ships unless the opponent is incompetent. If the Rebel player isn't an idiot; they will block Soontir into a kill box. Token stack and arc dodging denied, Soontir melts while the Rebel blasters are still warming up. So the real question: what is the rest of your list? Because your other 60ish points will have to carry the game. Leave my green dice out of this.
  21. In answer to the OP: The future of the TIE Fighter is not in this game, at least not in its current version. The devs killed the TIE Swarm in cold blood. There are a lot of great possible ways to make TIE fighters good and fun. I doubt any of them will happen in an FFG sanctioned format. Alternate formats are the future of the TIE fighter, especially if you want it to have any thematic value in addition to viability against other ships.
  22. I couldn't find an answer to this by reading rule books or searching forums. If an attack is cancelled, the attacker: A. chooses a different target without losing the opportunity to attack. B. moves on to the next step of its activation, such as attacking from a different hull zone or Execute Maneuver.
  23. jmswood

    HP to cost?

    Does anyone else want to hijack this into an X-wing 2.0 thread? Feels like the natural next step for this topic.
  24. Because general audiences don't recognize them as easily. The basic TIE form is more iconic. Think about marketing first, then retcon whatever reason suits your head-canon.
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