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  1. I don’t like Rage unless the pilot doesn’t care about stress or has the ability to clear 2 stress every round. Making Poe dependent on another ship with Inspiring Recruit is a liability. You would be better off with PtL, or VI. Advanced Optics is a boon to VI builds. PtL wants Pattern Analyzer. I don’t think you should take PtL based on points. If you stick with Rage or go with PtL, then you’re going to be strapped to green moves anyway, so you might as well take R2-D2. If Poe loses his token he will still regen. (Oops, there goes another point, probable at the expense of Miranda.) So VI for Poe. You don’t need an initiative bid, so you can have Bomblet and C-3PO on Miranda. Your offense is so lackluster, regen might not be enough to carry you through the attrition game. You would probably have better results if you drop AP-5, and invest those points in Maranda.
  2. Elusiveness? Imperial? No. Rebel? Ezra or Nien Nunb
  3. This test answers both your questions: is launch the same as drop? No. RAW - a ship can launch and drop an action bomb in the same round. I’m predicting the next FAQ will include launch in the 1 bomb/round limitation. Deathrain cannot perform a free barrel roll after launching a bomb. You are basically assuming if A is false, then B is true. That only works if launch is made equal to drop for all purposes. There is potential for both to be false.
  4. Stay On Target Not because it’s what I do. Because it’s what people tell me to do.
  5. A minimum of 1 isn’t necessary, it could be minumum 0. There’s already a precedent for rolling zero attack dice: Blinded Pilot from the original damage deck. There’s nothing game breaking about having a card that gives a benefit to zero attack dice.
  6. Intense Fire - EPT - 2 points ”When attacking a ship with primary weapon in your firing arc, you may roll one less attack die. If you do and the attack misses, each ship at range 1 of the defender that does not have a stress token receives 1 stress token.” It offers great control, limits damage so it isn’t too good, and because of the limit of 1 stress the card isn’t likely to be spammed.
  7. Darth Vader and Zander Freemaker both fly one in Freemaker Adventures.
  8. This is redundant with the rules for evade tokens, unless you are specifically designing the ability to not work with Comm Relay.
  9. So you’re Laetin A’shera with less PS in a ship that costs more points. At least you can equip Autothrusters. Busta Rhymes: Major Rhymer, Snap Shot, TIE Shuttle, Tactician. Season to taste with mod and second crew. Overcosted? Sadly, yes. Entertaining? Absolutely.
  10. At 1:31 a ship I haven’t seen in any other preview drops out of hyperspace. First look at DJ’s ship? Pilot pod from the Resistance Transport? Friends, players, fans, lend me your speculation.
  11. Yes. Looks like this: 1. Ship becomes the active ship in the activation phase. 2. Trigger Advanced Sensors, perform any action available to the ship. 3. Trigger Push the Limit, perform a free action on your action bar. Recieve 1 stress token. 4. Reveal dial
  12. You may Push the Limit after any action taken with Advanced Sensors.
  13. If the rules say any of the things you believe, then you should quote those rules with a citation. Since the start of this thread I searched the Rules Reference and FAQ repeatedly and fruitlessly. I’ve tried to prove myself wrong, and I’ve asked other people to do the same. We’re passing 15 posts in this topic and no one has quoted a rule that explicitly prohibits Poe from modifying R5-K6. I would if I could find it.
  14. @theBitterFig You assert there are 2 RAW interpretations in this case. I don’t see it that way. I see 1 RAW interpretation and 1 RAI interpretation. Prohibiting the Poe/R5-K6 interaction relies on a generally accepted assumption that Poe’s pilot ability is limited to dice rolled for their standard purpose. Given Poe’s timing window, this assumption isn’t surprising because relatively few card abilities roll dice for a purpose other than resolving an attack, and even fewer do so during an attack. The communal assumption is strengthened by the scarcity of card abilities that modify dice rolled to resolve card abilities. The scarcity conditions players to assume non-standard dice rolls cannot be modified. This assumption might be Rules as Intended, but it is not Rules as Written. The community can drive the conversation, but rulings aren’t actually democratic unless it’s consensus between opponents at the same table. We can’t blow up rules that don’t exist. I’m not stretching. I’m exploring a technicality I was previously unaware of. It’s a thought experiment. I’ve gone through the Rules Reference and the FAQ with the intent of proving myself wrong. If I find something, I’ll post it here. I welcome your help in that endeavor. I’ve been wrong before, and I’m interested in reading any post that proves me wrong with actual rules text.
  15. I will concede my interpretation probably contradicts “rules as intended” with the caveat that RAI is an assumption, not a fact. These are the facts: ”A card ability cannot be resolved more than once during the timing specified on the card.” - This inherently means card abilities are resolved in specific timing windows. ”While attacking or defending,” Is the timing specified on Poe Dameron. ”After spending your target lock, roll 1 defense die.” Target locks are spent almost exclusively during the timing window of attacking. The agregation of these facts, absent any assumption of intent, produces one “rules as written” solution: Poe can modify the die rolled for R5-K6 within the timing window specified on his card ability. I freely acknowledge my simplistic RAW interpretation opens doors for other modifications such as those presented by @theBitterFig . The only things broken by my interpretation are convention and consensus. Neither of those things are inviolate. Arguments like “we’ve never done it that way” or “that’s not RAI” are subjective. They rarely hold water, though sometimes they should. @MrFeggins If you are playing casually, do whatever you and your opponent can agree on. If you are playing competitively, make your case politely to an official. Accept the offical’s ruling, thank them for their time and get on with the game without flaunt or fuss.