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  1. Theory Crafting the Maxima

    This is good. Maybe a more expensive version with more red dice than blue, and a squadron value of 3. Then a cheaper version with more blue dice than red and a squadron value of 2. If it has any black dice, I’m thinking no more than 1 per battery to keep it out of the Gladiator’s turf.
  2. The Maxima-A Class Heavy Cruiser appeared in Before the Awakening and a few issues of the Poe Dameron comic. There isn’t any technical information about it, but there are a a few images to work with. In the comic books, a Maxima and 19 TIEs engaged the Carrion Spike and some uglies. In another issue it launched at least 20 TIEs against Black Squadron. (My efforts to imbed images have been thwarted. internet level: noob.) For scale, I believe the Carrion Spike is 150 meters. The Maxima is much larger, but does it look large enough to be a medium base? I think it’s Gladiator size. I’d like to see Maxima in the Gladiator price range with more focus on long range front arc shooting and carrier role. Think lighter, faster VSD. @FoaS You said you would rather have this than the FOLC. Care to pitch in?
  3. What is the worst location you played a game of X-Wing?

    Breaking ice there’s more vibration than rocking or pitching. It shakes hard enough to move the pieces, and it’s so loud you have to learn to play without talking. We tried to have our games when we were hove to (parked) in the ice for the night, but some nights the captain never stopped.
  4. I don’t know of any artwork for the Dissident. I think it was only mentioned in one book with no pictures. It’s possible the FOLC and Dissident are the same ship. Both light cruisers. If they’re not the same ship, then I would guess the Dissident is probably more in Arquitens territory.
  5. We can have both. I like the Maxima too.
  6. Disney and trademarks...

    Copyright or trademark is enforceable when something is indistinguishable from the protected original product/text/artwork/etc. A figure in robes with a laser sword can be distinct enough to avoid that kind of infraction. If the laser sword is identical in design to a specific lightsaber, if the robes are patterned like Jedi robes, if the figure’s face is recognizable as a Star Wars character; these are details that could result in legal action from LFL or Disney. The devil is in the details. If the “space duelist” has enough unique features to be considered an original work, then it is eligible for the same legal protection as Mace Windu.
  7. Fair enough. I’m sure there’s a way to do it, but I’m not that tech savvy.
  8. I appreciate the tidbit from the TFA reference book. It’s helpful, but it hardly defines the ship. Don’t get tunnel vision on the term “personnel shuttle.” The term is vague and without scale. A Resurgent-class, a ship twice the size of an ISD, would need larger craft to transfer personnel effectively. That doesn’t mean those support craft are nothing more than transports.The comparison to a Lambda ignores the size and capabilities of the FOLC. Even a Sentinel-class shuttle would be dwarfed by the FOLC.
  9. Another source. Another role. That supports placing FOLC functionally between a Gozanti (militarized transport) and a Raider (purpose-built military corvette.)
  10. I was deliberately ambiguous to account for both versions of the ugliest ships I know of in any universe. Yes, a FOLC is docked with the Resurgent Finalizer in TFA but it isn’t used as anything. The FOLC operates independently on combat missions In multilple issues of the Poe Dameron comic. “Wood” is not inherently phallic in shape. It is a raw material, or a forrested area. In the case of my screen name, a reference to the latter. You can extract a euphemism from from my screen name if you like, but that says more about you than it does about me.
  11. FOLC got hit with the ugly stick. The ugle stick got hit with the Assault Frigate.
  12. What is the worst location you played a game of X-Wing?

    The mess deck of an ice breaker on the Great Lakes.
  13. Judging by the screen name@ISD Avenger , I’m betting the rectangular shape upsets those traingular Imperial sensibilities.
  14. The image is distorted, but that’s the right ship. I also forgot defense tokens in the OP. 2 Evade and 1 Redirect. It should. This is an advanced military ship. The Hammerheads were up-gunned antiques. X-wing has a Tech upgrade for the Sequel Era ships. I would add something like that with this expansion.
  15. Poe Dameron #25 got me thinking about the FO Light Cruiser (FOLC?) again. It’s my new favorite small ship. In the comic, a FOLC is engaged against the Resistance Black Squadron. • The Light Cruiser uses both laser and munition anti-fighter weapons, great justification for a 2-die anti-squadron battery. (More on this later.) • FOLC is accompanied by 8 TIE’s. In past issues, FOLC Enshado had TIEs and Shuttles. A single Gozanti can only support 4 TIEs. I think this is enough justification to give the FOLC a squadron value of 2. The two points above fit the FOLC functionally between the Raider and Gozantis. That raises the question, what other traits should it have in Armada to definitely fit in that design space? My suggestions: • 3 Hull. The comics show two FOLC’s destroyed. 1 rammed by a stolen TIE. 1 succumbed to focused fire from T-70’s. It isn’t durable, but anything less than 3 hull would be useless. • 2 shields front. 1 shield each on the sides and rear. The T-70’s exploited a weakness in the FOLC’s rear shields. • Front and Side Batteries: 1 Red, 1 Black. We know the ship has lasers and missiles, but they shouldn’t be powerful. In the upgrade bar, I would give the I-class Turbolasers, and the II-class Ordinance. Same batteries on both versions, but one version better at Long Range, the other version better at Close Range. Rear battery of 1 Red or 1 Blue. • Upgrade options: Officer on both versions. Weapons Team on the FOLC I-class to equip Boarding Troopers. A FOLC in the comic launched a squad of jet-pack Stormtroopers. (Which could give Empire a boarding upgrade with a Raid mechanic. A generic Jyn Erso.) The FOLC II-class would have Fleet Support instead of Weapons Team. Ultimately the FOLC is a support ship. • With an offensive role for the I-Class and support role for the II-class, I’m going to revisit the Anti-Squadron Battery. I would give the FOLC I-class a Red-Black Anti-Squadron, and Blue-Black for the FOLC II-class. • Navigation - Copy the Gozanti Nav chart. Maybe change a yaw value here or there. • 1 Command • 2 Squadron • 2 Engineering What do you think of my little FOLCer?