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  1. Aww thanks Kate! I've gotta say I'm about as stressed as I've ever been right now. Currently working 16 hour days, working 2 separate projects and it's really taking it's toll I'm afraid I haven't made any progress on the new pieces, I'm hoping the work load will ease up around the middle of October and I can get back to doing some boardgamey fun stuff.
  2. It wouldn't be possible for the StarSpawn as the model is split over 2 moulds so the base is cast at the same time as the other body parts but I could potentially make the base for the hound a separate cast. Though I was hoping to get that one in one mould to keep the cost down. I'll deffo look in to it.
  3. Glad you like em! It hadn't occurred to me to provide the base as an option. My only issue would be knowing how many bases to order. I don't really want to be left with a load of bases I can't sell.
  4. Thanks! I'm going to be placing the order for the first batch of production models at the end of September so hopefully they'll be available to order around the end of October. I'll keep the thread updated.
  5. I can't promise anything right now, but may be one day. Yes I'll be updating the bundles soon to include the new pieces and they will continue to be updated until everything is finished.
  6. Glad you like the Talisman stuff, it's been a really fun project, still a few pieces to go before it's complete. Yeah absolutely and I'd love to do a Kickstarter one day. I know that to do it properly it's more or less a full time job for a couple of months and unfortunately right now that's not possible. I have 2 huge projects with my graphics business that will be running until April next year so as it is I'm squeezing in sculpts around what little free time I get. It's that or I put the whole thing on hold until next year... :-/
  7. Thanks Julia! I don't have a definitive price yet as I haven't received the final invoice but it's likely to be around the £20 mark (I'll be offering discount if people want a pair of them). I realise this is quite expensive and it's not going to be for everyone. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to order thousands which would bring the price down considerably, so for now it's going to be a low volume but high quality product. If this one goes well then I may be a bit braver on the next one and order in bigger numbers...
  8. A box of goodies arrived from Zealot Miniatures last week, the first sample cast of the Star Spawn! There is a little bit of clean up to do and it needs a bit of green stuff on the joint seams but overall I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. Eddie and the team at Zealot have done a fantastic job. There will be a bit of a delay on the first production run as an impending house purchase has left us a little short on funds, but the first batch of kits should be available for purchase from www.spareoomstudio.co.uk/online-store by late October!
  9. Due to popular demand the Oasis will receive some spare Oom love! I can't promise it'll be here before midnight but it will provide a bed for your camel.
  10. Plans at the moment are for Mines, Werewolf den, Runes, Ruins, maybe forest and crags. There is the possibility of a few small token like pieces for the woods but I won't be making every single space on the board. I don't believe there is a sufficient market for it. Sales have declined with every new piece I make, each one sells a few less than the last. If I had lots of spare time to do it then I would, but unfortunately I have to think about this a bit commercially and commit my time to what will sell.
  11. Lovely work Kate! And a very nice table and fireplace I've still only got 4 pieces painted, what a disgrace. Gonna make it my mission to get a couple of pieces painted this weekend....
  12. Not yet I'm afraid. I think Zealot are quite busy at the moment, I'm hoping to hear something tomorrow. I made a little teaser video of the hound last week: https://vimeo.com/227975897
  13. Couple of new Talisman board candy arrivals at the Spare Oom Studio store this week. First up is the Castle, a welcome stop off for adventurers about to enter the Plain of peril. Drink in the views of the fields and forests, feel the gentle breeze from the banners fluttering overhead and a visit to the royal Doctor will ensure you are well rested for what lies ahead.The second release is the crypt, is it merely a home for the dead or a portal to.... the City!? What!? No way! Can I get a re-roll?As usual the minis are available as 3D prints and also as digital downloads for you to print in your very own home.https://www.spareoomstudio.co.uk/online-store
  14. Just had an update on the StarSpawn from Zealot minatures. Here he is raw off the printer, still on the sprues. I'm really pleased with the amount of detail that has come out. Eddie at Zealot is going to get the parts cleaned up and prepped for casting next week so I'll hopefully have some pics of the assembled mini to show you!
  15. Haha, love it!:)