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  1. Thanks for the kind comments folks. Magicrealm has been consistently rude and demanding both in his comments on here,via email and phone calls. He had asked me to make a labyrinth board piece for him, sent me the artwork and assured me that he would buy 8 of them and that this would be part of a very large order. I made the piece, but he only ordered one. He then told me it was too small and I had used the wrong design etc. He also said that pieces from an older order looked like "ashes, rough and blind" and was very rude. I had been using a lighter coloured filament for a while and hadn't had any negative feedback regarding it from any of my customers. His emails continued regarding this large order that he wanted to place, he kept changing his mind and emailing and calling me. I didn't have the time to deal with the constant back and forth and I told him that it wasn't working out so consider the order cancelled. He then went ahead and placed the order anyway. I cancelled the order, refunded him and told him not to pace the order again. He then placed the order again at which point I refunded him, blocked him from the shop and blocked his phone number. This will be the end of the matter as far as I'm concerned, I just wanted to state what actually went on. On a happier note, it's been an incredibly busy year for me and I'm going to be taking a month or so off. I'm hoping to revisit Talisman in July and finish the few remaining pieces, watch this space....
  2. Hi Matthias, I can print the model at whatever size you would like. Email me and let me know what size you would like it. Obviously the price will have to be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Hey Denis, Printing character minis with my current studio setup is problematic. As you know, the ideal for characters is resin printing, I was all set to get a DLP printer a few days ago as they are ridiculously cheap now and produce incredible quality. Unfortunately I came to the realisation that that my studio isn't suitable for resin printing, it's quite noxious smelling and the jury is still out on the health implications of the particulates produced. I don't have anywhere else to keep one at the moment. It's really frustrating as it's an area I'm keen to expand into but my only options are to pay a lot of money to get them printed at shapeways or similar and that's not financially viable. Having said all that I haven't tried a mini on the Prusa yet. So it's a "we'll see" at the moment, I will keep you updated on progress though. L.
  4. It's a super Sunday at Spare Oom studio with not 1 but 3 new pieces of board furniture! And this year I'm getting in on the Black Friday madness with a 20% discount on everything except the bundles (obviously you can still make up your own bundles and get the 20% discount). Simply enter SOS20%OFF at the checkout to get the discount. Hopefully that will satiate you plastic hungry Talismaniacs for a few weeks *The voucher is active now and will expire on Saturday 24th November. https://www.leavon.co.uk/online-store/Talisman-Pit-Fiends-p124170483 https://www.leavon.co.uk/online-store/Talisman-The-Chasm-3D-Print-p124170485 https://www.leavon.co.uk/online-store/Talisman-The-Forest-3D-Print-p124170489
  5. Hahaha thanks Kate! So glad you like the latest batch of Talisgoodies! A quick note on painting, I haven't painted the deluxe Crown yet but I will deffo be using my airbrush. If you don't have one it might be worth picking up a couple of cans of acrylic spray paint ( wilko is cheap.) A reddish base and an orange highlight. Spray the base coat and then hit it with light sprays from underneath with the lighter colour, try to hit the edges of outcrops, to get that underlit effect ( or from above if you want a conventional top lit look). Then hand paint highlights and shadows as normal, it should take some of the labour out of the paint job whilst still enjoying the detailing.
  6. Thanks Kate! Jumbo box is on the way!
  7. *Epic post warning!* Happy birthday to us! ??? This week marks the 2nd anniversary of the birth of Spare Oom Studio! What started as an impulse purchase of a 3D printer and then "now what do I do with it?!" has led to an online store with over 30 products now available and me herding polygons round the clock to keep feeding it with new content (it's a hungry beast)! To mark this momentous occasion I've got 3 new product launches to announce and a competition to win a prototype of the new Crown of Command Deluxe.... Talking of which, I felt like I should get in on the latest craze for Bigatures and what better subject for ginormification than the Crown of Command.... To take advantage of the new scale, the tower has undergone a substantial resculpt. The model is now in scale with the character minis and the platforms are big enough to perch a mini on. There is a recess at the base of the steps that accepts a Talisman (supplied with the COC deluxe) so the first character to reach the Tower can place the Talisman in the rock face. The crown it's self is now removable so the winner of the game can do victory laps of the room, holding it aloft (or collapse in a corner cause you started the game too late it's now 5 in the morning). It goes without saying that this model also makes a great display piece for any Talisman fan. Also released today are The plains! All 3 locations including, the signpost, the Gibbet and the rock with the little dude on it are now covered! The third release is the Crown of Command Lite, this is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to dip their toe in the board furniture water at a lower price point. It stands at 50mm tall and creates quite a cool illusion on the board when viewed from the correct angle. ?And so to the competition! As I mentioned above, I'm going to be giving away the prototype model of the Crown of Command Deluxe. To win it, simply share the post on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/spareoomstudio/ or Instagram and comment below the Facebook post to let me know you've shared it and on the 31st of October I'll use a super-complex algorithm (probably involving a hat) to reveal the winner ? Finally, of course none of this would have been possible if it weren't for the support of the gaming community, particularly the Talismaniacs who have got behind the board furniture project, I'm hugely grateful to you all. May your Dice rolls forever be in your favour! www.spareoomstudio.co.uk P.S. also now on Instagram #spareoomstudio
  8. Okay that's intersting, there is a little lug on top at the mo but I'm gonna try and design a simple twist fastening so that the crown can lock in place. Here's where I'm at with the first Plains piece, I'm running text prints right now . As far as updates go, I won't leave you hanging.....
  9. Yeah, Loki isn't much of a gamer unless a component falls on the floor then it's a race to get to it first, I've lost a couple of cards that way....
  10. This is a bit of an unexpected post, I've been testing a new printer and trying out it's extended build capability.... Lo the Crown of Command Deluxe! It features a removable crown and a slot to store a Talisman, it's also now in scale with the minis. It's still at a prototype stage, I'll be increasing the ledge size to better accommodate a mini. If anyone has any ideas for it, I may incorporate them. I'm hoping to launch it in a few weeks time on Spare Oom's studio's 2nd birthday. I also may do a give away of this prototype version....
  11. I don't think vacformimg would give enough detail but it could deffo be cast.
  12. Somebody said something interesting today on FB about doing a 3D printed board and it got me thinking... It might be possible to do a tiered 3D board that all the terrain pieces fit in to. It could be modular so you could just have the Inner realm or Inner and middle or all 3. All the banners with the text could be 3D. It would be quite an undertaking... Is it a bit mad?
  13. Yes of course, there will be pudding and dark knights ahead.
  14. Seeing them come to life like that makes it very worthwhile! Yeah there will be another mini pack of the plains before I tackle the last three. Then I can get painting!
  15. That looks amazing! Great work Kate!
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