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  1. And now it's already in Spanish language
  2. I stand, I'll play for a lot of years, I don't mind if they don't release more expansions, Imperial Assault is a good game and if you like it you can play it everytimes you want.
  3. Will I get this 2019 maul and ashoka expansion?? Happy new year to everybody
  4. Anybody knows something about maul and ashoka reprint? They are several month on boat.
  5. But do you really see right corner? I thought it is blocked by the target itself.
  6. Hi, I really love imperial assault artwork, mostly core one and I'd like to know if there are some t-shirt with it printed or if there're someway to get it. Thanks, I think it would be absolutely cool ?
  7. They're on boat, but how many time it last in arrive? And they come with reprints of other expansions? Somebody knows it?
  8. Thanks @dysartes but the shipping are very expensive, nearly the same as the two models. Alas, I'll have to wait for reprint of them :( I guess it will be when tyrants of lothal is released, at least I hope that.
  9. Thanks to everybody, I think I will have to wait for reprint of them, both amazon and dark sphere are too expensive. I hope they don't last too much because we want to start a heart of empire campaign soon.
  10. Hi, I couldn't buy ashoka and maul and now I find them in anywhere. Somebody knows where I can buy them? Thanks.
  11. I think with the core is enough, but other expansions add new items but it's not necessary if you don't want. Until they don' t add habitats it even can confuse you a bit.
  12. They look well! They come painted??
  13. Yes, but +1 to defender I always forget it.
  14. I think the app is good for us cause of the amount of app downloads, ffg can see imperial assault is not dead at all.
  15. I had one of them (gamorrean) broken, but with a bit of glue it was solved.
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