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  1. Pedrusko

    I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka

    Thanks @dysartes but the shipping are very expensive, nearly the same as the two models. Alas, I'll have to wait for reprint of them :( I guess it will be when tyrants of lothal is released, at least I hope that.
  2. Pedrusko

    I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka

    Thanks to everybody, I think I will have to wait for reprint of them, both amazon and dark sphere are too expensive. I hope they don't last too much because we want to start a heart of empire campaign soon.
  3. Hi, I couldn't buy ashoka and maul and now I find them in anywhere. Somebody knows where I can buy them? Thanks.
  4. Pedrusko

    How useful are the expansions?

    I think with the core is enough, but other expansions add new items but it's not necessary if you don't want. Until they don' t add habitats it even can confuse you a bit.
  5. Pedrusko

    Legion materials

    They look well! They come painted??
  6. Pedrusko

    Imperial Figure Passive Bonuses

    Yes, but +1 to defender I always forget it.
  7. I think the app is good for us cause of the amount of app downloads, ffg can see imperial assault is not dead at all.
  8. Pedrusko

    Jabba's Realm problem

    I had one of them (gamorrean) broken, but with a bit of glue it was solved.
  9. You can go to goblin trade in mallorca, but you have to find the adress on internet.
  10. Please, for when the app!? I need it!