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  1. The last game that we played, it wasn't an issue. Stepson had the mutant, and used all the lives he could to adjust his stats. Then he couldn't get to any place to heal his lives and died in combat. I think it took something like ten turns to happen. I very much enjoyed looting the spot where he died. (mwahahahaha)
  2. Not the game we played yesterday, but the game before that (in January), we used that mechanic, metalzo. It was our first chance to use Cataclysm, as it was a Christmas present. But we were also playtesting Lost Realms. We had the Lightbringers ending, and decided that as both that ending and the Harbinger could force the end of the game, that if one of the two happened, we would replace the first board with Cataclysm and continue playing. This gave us a lot more freedom to encounter/deal with the Harbinger. The Harbinger did eventually trigger the Cataclysm, and we won shortly thereafter. I'd say we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.
  3. Yes to the "bloodthirsty". The wording on 2.0 seems just fine.
  4. We play with all expansions (we haven't owned Cataclysm long, so let's pretend for the moment that we don't have it). The only house rules or variants we use: 1. Getting to the Crown of Command in the inner region of the main board places you on the first stair of the dragon tower (which we have set on a large mug above the main board). 2. In the dragon tower, a character draws the number of cards in the directions, but draws them from the Nether deck. We have long, very chaotic games. It's a grand time for all! Edited to add: Began a new game in the Digital Edition and realized I forgot a variant. So, 3. I've split the huge Adventure deck into two almost-equal decks, one for the Middle Region and one for the Outer. All of the Middle Region cards have a little Sharpie dot on them so that they can be returned into the correct pile upon clean-up. I split them by expanison, kind of card, type of enemy, and easy/hard. All together, the Middle Region deck is therefore a little harder than the Outer Region, though there are still some hard in the Outer and some easy in the Middle.
  5. Should the Fate Demon read, "lose as many lives as you have fate tokens"? Or "lose as many life tokens as you have fate tokens"? The current reading, "lose as many life as you have fate tokens" bugs the heck out of the English teacher in me. Other than that, I'm in love with everything I see here!
  6. I only play against AI. Sometimes there are weird decisions ... a character choses to land on a space with a firelands token because some object there seems good...and then loses its last life because of the token, etc. But then, I usually play with my husband and stepchildren. The teens make similar bad choices, so it's no different to me.
  7. I'll get on to proofreading the files tomorrow then, after you've rejigged.
  8. Sorry I fell off of the face of the earth. I hate it when that happens. I'm looking forward to the new release!
  9. I like the one on the right. WE GOT TO PLAY!!!! And, when I have a bit of time, I shall share all of the group's copious notes...
  10. But I'm the evil stepmother. I take all credit for all of it. Mwahahaha (Though, really, my youngest, our 17yr old boy, killed off six (I think) characters in an attempt to go straight to the Eagle King and get the Arnkell before doing anything else. One-track mind, that guy. So getting tripped up on any card is sort of par-for-the-course. Our daughter, the 19yr old, has an obsession with the pets deck. I guess we all have our quirks...)
  11. That makes complete sense to me. I'll email you today. Thanks!
  12. Will we have playtestable files by Christmas? I'm dying to get out the boards and thrill/horrify my teens who will be here for just a few days during their Christmas breaks! (In full disclosure, I'm their step-mother. My *job* is to horrify them.)
  13. Couldn't the Woodlands have the same entry "issues" as the Highlands and Dungeon?
  14. One Pit Fiend. Each of them is a separate battle. (You roll each time, so it's not the same.)
  15. From the topic title, I was expecting something internet-y, and you delivered!
  16. Our favorite printer can't do rounded corners or a linen finish, so I'm on the hunt for a printer to use for Lost Realms (and other HomeBrew/print yourself expansions we have sitting on the computers).
  17. Where did you get them printed? Did you have the option for a linen finish? Can I be any more nosy?
  18. Those are gorgeous! Where in Poland do you have them printed?
  19. I never voted that you had to like it.
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