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  1. I could see that working, but boy does it make him expensive. Nice utility ship though, burning their tokens and using crack shot to push damage through whenever possible. I do wish he had an extra die though, which would allow him to push damage through much more often. If you paired him with some heavy hitters, that'd work really well. Something like two phantoms, some ordnance carriers, or some defenders. I really love flying tomax with 'draw there fire' QuickDraw. Unfortunately having QD at 9 dosn't allow Tomax to strip the tokens first. Could still work with PTL, pattern analyser backdraft maybe. I am also biased in the fact that I love flying that combo pre-HSCP
  2. It makes him expensive but I think as a second crew on tie shuttle crackshot Tomax gives him a lot more purpose Han just passing out focus. And with only a 2 dice attack most likely it will be a complete waste of a focus.
  3. Like say omega ace. His ability of spending a TL and a focus to change all dice to crust could spend his own focus and a synch'd ships TL. Or R4:B11 spend a TL to make Defender reroll any defence dice. Not game changing but could create some fun interactions.
  4. The wording of he last bit "if a game effect requires that ship to spend a target lock it can spend yours" well, paraphrasing. Means that it can technically also be spent for something like Nora's ability as that is a game effect requiring a TL. Not sure how many other interactions like this are about and how useful it may be, but it's possible.
  5. Stress lists are a hindrance to mindlink but as others have said the action economy can override the inconvenience. Even with all 3 ships stressed a green on just one of them nets you actions across the board with handed out focus. Can't be turning around, but that's what rear arc's are for. And as others have said, I have absolutely 0 worry of BMST with my mindlink list. I am in no way a top notch player, but if any of the top players ran and practiced mindlink, gaurenteed you'd see it at final tables. It can definately be competitive.
  6. Mindlink is the most under rated EPT as far as I'm concerned. A 3 ship squad with 2 heavy hitters and a support focus generator flown well is pretty scary.
  7. likewise, but someone posted in another thread that the articles did go up at midnight. I am wondering, are there people actually finding pleasure in playing this game or is there only a constant news circlejerk? Because there were at least several news in the few last months - plenty, if u ask me. I find much more funny, than waiting for endless news and expansions, playing this game and using new toys, which premiered just a week ago. That's the product of Vassal. By the time the physical ships get released most of the forum members are already bored of it from playing them online for months. FFG has to keep everyone wanting more. I'm going to enjoy my new plastic that I have been theory crafting for months without playing, while those who play online want news to keep the excitement real. Besides, news and anticipation of things to come is exciting no matter who you are. If you say otherwise, you're a heartless bastard. Edit: so.
  8. The reason I hate these daily "fix the x-wing" posts, and the reason I don't think it's justified, is that they DO see competitive play. Sure it's only 1 or 2 pilots for niche abilities but let's compare that to the imperials everyone loves to compare them to. Tie interceptor, one pilot, occasionally 2, see play. Never a generic. Tie advanced, 1 pilot. Never a generic. TAP, 1 pilot. Never a generic. The list go's on. Just because the t-65 has been relegated to a support roll with a couple excellent pilot options does not make it a non-viable ship.
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