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  1. Brilliant, thank you! We just switched to Discord because one of our players had trouble understanding the audio in Hangouts. Discord worked well for us with a separate web based dice roller. Having one in the Discord window will make things easier!
  2. Many thanks for this clarification! I just checked and it's in the Doom section of the rules reference. I guess I didn't check because I thought it was an enemy specific thing. This could be worded better, like "As long as X is in play during [condition], place a Doom token on the Agenda at the end of the Mythos phase".
  3. One of the Masked Carnevale Goers is Elisabetta Magro, who during Act 1a receives one Doom at the end of the Mythos phase. What effect do these Doom tokens have? It's not on the card and wasn't on any Act/Agenda we came across. Many thanks in advance!
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