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  1. Early Warning System

    I’m toying with the idea of running a pack of exodus fleet 30’s. I’m curious if they’ll be tankier than admo and foresight... EWS could help
  2. I have some success running 3 of them, one torp 2 scouts with task force Organa in a Leia fleet. 3 of them is the magic number IMO
  3. What I want for my birthday...

    I like it....
  4. Just imagine we’re Pod Racing...
  5. The Toad is about to complete another orbit of the sun... all I ask of FFG is to give me a variant of the millennium falcon piloted by Lando... Less in your face than the Han version... a little more gambling support themed... when attacking, xnumber of friendly squads get to add a die matching any die in their armament... the player then removes any one die after rolling a smidge cheaper than the Han version... maybe lose some dice angainst squads and add relay thats my thoughts at least... do you guys want Lando in the Falcon? If so... what do you think he’d do?
  6. What the ****... I’m TheToad... I’ma gonna win!
  7. Profundity Up!

    Warlords has most of the stuff... no exodus fleet yet
  8. Profundity Up!

    I got an iPhone though😩
  9. Profundity Up!

    Thanks Dras
  10. Profundity Up!

    Does anybody know if any of the fleet building apps have any of this knew stuff?
  11. The Galactic Civil War - Custom Campaign

    You should work on a way to allow Rebs to get around the squadron value rule since most reb fighters have independent hyperdrives its always erked me that Imps and Rebs are held to the same squadron allotment rule... I understand that it is more balanced but I prefer things fitting the theme
  12. [Mafia] Rebel Runners - Day 1

    I am now celebrating the new year with family, I’ve spoken my piece and have cast my vote... it’s been fun guys, have a safe weekend