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  1. As a game1 day1 lynch victim I second Ninja's advice
  2. ##role confirmed
  3. Sign me up Nippy😊
  4. I did a lot of shooting from the hip on that... was hoping to get you guys to lynch cal an JJ for us and allow the Hutts to take over most of what I said was true to the best of my knowledge... except for me being the leader... and Pod being my lackey all in all this game turned out fun and watching Norell almost take it was a... blast😬
  5. I made a deal... if it goes to a second season I'll watch it. Im glad to hear good reviews for it.
  6. Whelp I believe that's hammer @Visovics... thank goodness I don't have to participate in the shitstorm that is about to ensue...
  7. I know what I'm asking is hard for you guys to accept but it is the truth... the cult leader role passes on... its unbalanced as EFF which is why I came forward but you guys want to find it out the hard way...
  8. I admire your optimism Oni... but now is the time to be a pragmatist... if you eliminate me you do take out a threat... ONE threat that is out in the open... but you leave behind TWO threats that are hiding and will rebuild themselves
  9. When Cal and the Red Keys take over just remember you refused to deal with the Hutts... we would've made great partners...
  10. So cal gets to lynch Pod and then gets to shoot me... that's the flavor of Koolaid you all want?
  11. We're not killing townies... Cal is cult
  12. So in a game with 15 total players... 6 of them starting as cult there were at least 3 players who were cult immune? You Cal and Broba? That leaves 6 players capable of being converted... and out of three tries I didn't get any of them but hit the immune ones instead? and I agree, in a normal game killing a known cult is the only move... but what's the right move when there also 2 unknown cults?
  13. @PodRacer I'm doing what I believe is best... i didn't like the way the table was set so I turned over the table
  14. You could do that... but then you are left with two cults of unknown strength Which flavor of kool aid do you like?