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  1. I played two libs and a pickle in CC and it was a blast... I can only imagine the cheeky shiz you could pull with two pickles, home one, defiance, and ackbar seems like a decent place to start
  2. You tell that slimy piece of worm ridden filth that he’ll get no such pleasure from me... just kidding I’m in😊
  3. Was this directed at me Gink? I’ll take any advice you want to give.
  4. But all in all this was a great game... one again Ebon your flavor is on point... and I was stoked that I got a D1 no lynch to happen and it totally didn’t screw us... I can die happy😬 It was the no night kill that hurt us, it put us in a position where we were making dangerous assumptions and let Vis get set up for the win
  5. I’m sorry man, when I sent my action in early, I was sure either Cal or Mad was scum and I didn’t even consider Vis could be lying. As I was driving home last night I realized my mistake but by the time I got to a place where I could get service it was too late... I dropped the ball on this one.
  6. @Visovics @CaribbeanNinja GG Guys... I gotta know what happened N1 why no kill?
  7. My decision to protect you was made before I knew how Mad flipped, I wasn’t in a place where I could get internet and had to place my action in early. things are pretty clear to me now ##vote Caldias
  8. Found a bit of service out here in the boonies, gotta make this quick. After much thought I’m in agreement with Vis on the Cal and Mad situation... @EbonHawk my night action remains the same ##unvote ##vote Madaghmire
  9. Guys I going dark for the next 24 hours I’m keeping my vote where it is and I’ve told Ebon about my situation and have my night action question up. Hopefully this works out
  10. I’m willing to take Vis at his word Pod... the real problem is I’m going to have to head out in an hour or so and I’ll be AFK for 24 hours so we need to move.
  11. In my opinion Cal is the better target... but my opinion of him might be a bit blurred by the fact that the mafia RNG gods have pitted us against each other pretty much every game and we’re basically nemesis at this point
  12. Might not night...
  13. So imo our scum candidates are Cal Mad Ninja and Nips We need to either lynch Mad or Cal (the flip will condem or verify the other imo) Pod needs to scan either Nippy or Ninja and Vis needs to lock up the one not scanned by Pod We night lynch a townie here but we’ll know what’s what when the dust settles
  14. Actually, Pod confirmed my role.. If you do flip town then I’m sorry, but I’ve made contingencies for that scenario
  15. Gah found another mistake... if Cal flips town and I die then it’s Mad an Nips because Ninja is locked up