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  1. I too didn't win much with 2 investigators (my record was only about 55% win rate), which i realize the problem was the movement part. Nasty rumors spawning too far away from my investigators and they are causing enough trouble for me to lose the game. Most of the time, its the lack of time to solve the current mystery After that I plaed with 4 investigators and didn't look back. Not only they are able to cover more parts of the world map to address rumors and solve mysteries faster, your investigators can diversify and be specialized in what they do too (e.g : 1 fighter, 1 spellcaster, 1 clue gatherer, 1 support). This is specially important since there are different mysteries that requires you to kill an Epic Monster, gather clues, spend clues at a specific area, gain an artifact, spend spells, etc. Its tough to spend 3-4 rounds doing nothing (and getting punished by Mythos cards) so it is really important to diversify your investigators to solve the mysteries a.s.a.p to have a chance to win the game.
  2. For the base game, your only bet for Clue generators are Norman, Jacqueline and Trish. If you have the other expansions, there are many other good investigators that can place clues on the map (as there are some mysteries that requires you to visit a a spot with a clue to solve it), like Mandy or Carolyn (she starts with an item that generate a clue when she rest)
  3. Yeah I hope Father Mateo gets some reroll on Boon/Bane reckoning effects like Michael McGlen and his deals. Sometimes my Blessing can't even last for a full round lol
  4. From the pictures posted on the official FFG announcement, they just seem like Monterey Jack and Ursula Downs, with their updated portraits from Eldritch Horror / Investigators of Arkham book and a different starting items is seen on Ursula (on ES retail set, she starts with a Unique Item, Common Item & a Clue. Her promo version starts with a Clue and an unidentified rounded logo). She and Monterey will probably have different abilities from their retail version too.
  5. But Eldritch Horror's expansion always alternates between big & small boxes right? If not mistaken, the expansions are in this order or release : Forbidden Lore > MoM > Strange Remnants > UtP > Signs of Carcossa > Dreamlands > CiR > *Upcoming Big Box* Can't wait!
  6. Speaking of Arkham Horror BG, It would be my next purchase if FFG released a v2.0 of it with updated graphics (its one of the issues I'm holding back the purchase of AH BG, simply because EH looks so much better visually). One the side note, I hope CIR sets the standard for the next expansions with its devastation mechanic. New mechanics that impact the board and improves the visual story for the players will be exciting (the art and randomness of the disaster cards is very thematic and immersive), perhaps some optional legacy/scenario rules? (i really like the adventure cards because it tells a bit of story. maybe something more to tie in to the loose, random story?). Or just a suggestion for the developers : have some "engine building" mechanics to be tied in the game, maybe some puzzle pieces to collect around the world , or some mechanic to build a "HQ/Safehouse" for the investigators to camp in and improve (e.g Dead of Winter The Long Night's HQ upgrades) There is still a lot of possibility to expand and I'm loving the game, and its the only game I bought all the expansions for!
  7. Actually, we already have a scientist in Kate Winthrop which automatically shuts down gates on her location and gets a clue when she does. She can also use her action to discard a monster < her observation stat. I guess a pilot seems like a decent choice in the Arkham Files, with a travel type of action. Speaking of big board expansions, I still do hope FFG visits back Arkham, since most other FFG's Arkham Files has the core set or expansion based in Arkham (ES Gates of Arkham expansion, AH LCG , AH BG, MoM starts in Arkham). Though a good mechanical (and theme heavy) sideboard should be the priority, as Cities in Ruin set a gold standard for EH as a good, game changing mechanic from a small box.
  8. You can only reroll once for composed. The 5th bullet point in the Conditions section of the Reference Guide says: If a Condition’s effect does not list a limit, it may only be used once per instance of the triggered event. Still, Skids with Composed has a very high chance of passing any test (probably a little bit more than a regular Blessed investigator)!
  9. I guess the best advice to be given to any player who want to beat the game with 2 investigators to get at least 1 clue-based investigator, especially in the core set. Remember that most of the mysteries of the GOOs in the base set requires clues. In a 2 investigator game, you can only spawn 1 clue for the relevant mythos cards and it can be a pain in the butt if the clue is spawn 3-4 turns away from you. The best you can do is to go to London to spawn clues, but then again you'll need to pass the skill check. You'll probably get stuck waiting for clues to spawn early in the game, while getting hit by mythos cards and its effects. In a 4 investigator game, there will be 2 clues spawn for each mythos card with clue icon and you can probably cover different areas since you have 4 heads.
  10. Hi fellow Zogwort, fellow Ork! I'm here to help! 1. Yes exactly the same combat as in ground. Definitely not orbital strike, OS only happens when there is no contested ground and battle occured in an advance order movement, and OS is only 1 single attack without any cards. 2. Ships would not get involved in any land fight and vice versa, so no assigning damage to ships from land. 3. Ship battles and ground battles are seperate! You cannot use your Ork boyz to shoot at the opponents ship (even though its tempting to do so, but not in this game!). In a single advance order, you can only resolve a single contested battle. That means if you want to occupy a planet/world, BUT the opponent has a single ship on the void blocking the route to the planet/world, you HAVE to initiate 2 advances : 1st to send your ship over and fight his ship on the void (and you have to win of course) and 2nd advance to move your ground guys to the said planet. Hope that helps! OrderofGamers.com has a nicely written summary of all the rules in FS, you can get it from here and print it out to refer to the subtle rule wordings easier : http://www.orderofgamers.com/downloads/ForbiddenStars_v1.1.pdf
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