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  1. noggin

    Teach new player.

    I would just go with Learn to Play scenario. This game has already many unique concepts so I wouldn't complicate it further with upgrades for the first game.
  2. Chuck Norris took MSU Konstantine list to Regionals and won.
  3. That means your playing not enough Armada! And too much other games!
  4. SSD would ram you to stay in the position? Assuming "standard" ramming rules for SSD.
  5. Amazing, great pictures and nicely painted miniatures!
  6. I would just concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer.
  7. noggin

    Side Deck?

    This would also lead to extremely long tournaments (like 5 rounds swiss is not enough?) because all that process of reviewing and selecting fleets/sideboards before a game takes time.
  8. noggin

    Cheating in Star Wars Armada

    Yeah, this is really good tip. So easy to bump things in this game, or just to put it back slightly different after you adjusted shield or squadron's hull.
  9. noggin

    Cheating in Star Wars Armada

    Skilled players usually have no problem to set up right commands for right turn. And to guess what's their opponents command. It's matter of experience, having a roles for your ships and giving them right commands to fulfil those roles.
  10. Once again, congratulations James! And thank you for this AAR. You did very well and you don't need to be modest. It takes skill and endurance to survive 5 rounds of swiss and then to preform well in the cut. Now, beware, as with bounty on your head I'm going to hunt you down during London Masters!
  11. noggin

    Armada trade thread

    Oh? Were the prizes announced and I've missed it?
  12. noggin

    Inflight Report is live (Link in comments)

    I'm sure it's coming with certain A-wing Ace, thus scatter token
  13. Not sure if this was answered somewhere before, but here it is: The small ship deployed from Profundity can be deployed overlapping squadrons. The opponent of the player deploying the ship places those squadrons as though the ship had overlapped them while executing a maneuver (similar to the effect on the Hyperspace Assault objective card). Thanks for your question!
  14. noggin

    When is FFG's day at GenCon?

    So where to watch this in-flight report? And what time it starts in UK?