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  1. That would be convenient!
  2. Yeah, q3 was at London Masters.
  3. 1) As soon as I get SSD I'm taking it to some local store tournament at least once! Most likely it will be fully loaded SSD (DCO, GT, LS, etc) with Piett, gozanti with coms net (for triggering Piett) and some TIE. 2) Yes, I'm excited. But we already have All-out offensive from CC. I played it few times with friends as standalone battle. Works great. I haven't played too much X-wing and I never played Epic X-wing. 3) N/A 4) Point-Defence Re-route... 5) Not really. 6) No, I believe 400 pts is OK. More points would mean longer games during tournaments. When you play casually with your mates you can do whatever you want anyway. 7) Not yet. Waiting for articles! 😎 That shall never happen. 9) I call Thursday 22nd November (I'm optimist). 10) Nothing is auto buy for me. I can live in the world where SSD is the only huge ship. It would make sense. But Malevolence sounds like fun. And I think it is hard to say without playtesting if Lucrehulk should be large or huge.
  4. noggin

    returning player

    If you are after some top lists it is always good to follow Overnight Reports from Intel Sweep blog: https://intelsweep.wordpress.com/category/star-wars-armada/the-overnight-report/ I believe @Captain Weather is the blog's author. Just remember that knowing the list in Armada is not even half of the success. You need to know how to fly it. But it is always good to check what's out there to be able to prepare or netlist something Also, recently @Green Knight took Thrawn 2-ships to Nordics Nationals and wrote excellent (as always) report on his blog: https://armadaihaveyounow.blogspot.com/2018/10/nordics-2018-after-action-report-part-2.html (and following articles) I know there are some podcasts and YouTube channels but I don't follow any of these.
  5. noggin

    Australian Nationals 2018!

    Well, @Captain Weather promised overnight reports so we are just waiting patiently!
  6. I don't deny it, I'm sure it is great tournament. My point is, that in similar way to Worlds held in NA, it excludes certain group of players, so can't be really treated as the World Championship. But I guess it is closer to be called that than just another NA Nationals, as it allows players from entire World to play together, if they only use computer instead of miniatures.
  7. I'm keen to discuss your arguments.
  8. Clone Wars in Armada would be cool! And from what I understand, transition to X-wing 2.0 is a success? I mean as long as you can still use all your models and you get rules polished it is win/win scenario, isn't it? EDIT: not that I think we need 2.0. But I'm not against it if it is done properly, at the right time and addresses game's biggest issues.
  9. Is it? What about people who play a miniatures game, not a computer game? I guess it will be always like that as long as Worlds are held in USA. Perhaps if it alternated between NA/Europe that would be different? One can only dream...
  10. noggin

    returning player

    I guess you need to chase @Truthiness to write article on Rieekan Aces archetype!
  11. noggin

    returning player

    @LordTesla, may I suggest you reading some great articles on current meta: Pre-Regionals Armada Meta Review Armada Meta Deep Dive: Imperial Two Ship Armada Meta Deep Dive: Raddus Bomb Armada Meta Deep Dive: Raddus Liberty
  12. noggin

    Holy ****, we got an article

    Yeah, Top 4 should be range rulers as always. On the other hand that Neb is hot and I like it more than tokens. Also I'm happy that we've got dice in the end, as it was rumoured that there will none this year.
  13. Well, I wasn't going anyway. Perhaps in 2020 (if I start planning it now...). I hope earlier date wouldn't affect your plans @Lightrock? @Ginkapo, are you going to Worlds?
  14. Most likely, yes. But it won't stop me from collecting all Jedi miniatures and using them in some narrative scenario.
  15. When Legion will get Clone Wars I may actually start playing it. Jedi Strike Team ♥️