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  1. This is incredibly disappointing to see from ffg, completely sends out the wrong example. I think a permanent ban is bit harsh but he should be kicked out competition and the win awarded to the right player, not gifted to someone else. Its clear to see, he checks his dial and realise hes about to bump so rolls his thumb to change the manoeuvre then checks again to make sure its right. If you going to start saying he's innocent and shouldn't be punished because he subconsciously did it, then that would give everyone a chance to cheat and say oops was day dreaming.
  2. Just wanted to get people's opinions on using the skirmish fixes for IG-88 and Vader for campaigns. My friends and I often feel they too pricey to bring in as open group as they are but concerned they might upset the balance if we use them. Any suggestions either way be appreciated!
  3. I think changing it to start of combat phase would be best, it would benefit everyone regardless of pilot skill (provided they got ept slot of course). Won't be getting any x wing games in for awhile, just became a father for first time earlier this week so my spare time will be very limited! Happy Friday everyone!
  4. I am based in Southampton but often travel to London, Reading and Leicester as part of board game groups I play with, I am still yet to see a booster pack on sale and starter pack that hasn't been overpriced to take advantage of the limited stock.
  5. I know its very unlikely but I hope one day the YT-2000 Otana makes it into the game. Don't know if I would put it in rebels or scum, maybe cross faction ship!
  6. About 5 of my friends based in the UK been searching for anywhere with stock at a reasonable price but no luck. After waiting for ages for a reprint, we have pretty much decided to give up and buy into another game. Its a shame cause we are all huge star wars fans and liked the look of this game.
  7. It does seem the competitive scene is putting a lot of people off specially with the prices of some of the lists you have to pay. I haven't played competitively for over a year now, just casually with my friends and enjoyed it far much more than I have in a long time. In fact last night we increased the points and had a match up of ghost, U wing, x wings and Y wings vs a swarm of tie fighters, bombers and strikers with a lambda!
  8. I know it's very unlikely but I have always been quite fond of the YT-2000, Otana. We already have Emon, be nice to see rest of the family show up and I am sure ffg can do something interesting design wise.
  9. I am never very good at these but I always love seeing them and see what people would do in the scenario, it's a welcome change to the usual things posted on the board!
  10. Eh, it's one ship, and once per turn. There's plenty of token stripping abilities, token ignoring abilities, etc. It would hardly make Luke into a meta-changing monster, and even if it did, I'd argue that Luke has more of a right to a podium place in the power rankings than Fel or Dengar or some anonymous U boat pilot. Why is it one ship? What's unique? I thought we were talking about a 'free evade on green' upgrade in combination with R2D2? Ah yeah, R2's unique. I appreciate removing long quote chains, but when people don't include the actual thing being discussed in a long multiconversational thread it gets confusing! Somebody else could have R5-P9. If the regen droids are too powerful with it, could put a restriction on saying you cannot equip astromech worth 3 points or more. I guess it could also change to free action so it can be shut down by stress as well. The only main concern with any x wing fix I have seen is will it buff Biggs too much!
  11. To be honest I am not that concerned with t70 having it considering its in a worse spot than t-65 save from Regen Poe. As pointed out earlier just put on the card "you cannot equip this card if you have boost action" if it would be too powerful. R2D2 and free evade wouldn't be that powerful, you limited to 4 moves making you very predictable on where you will be going. If you stick to just greens moves then jumpmasters will just dance around you as you do one banks never catching them in arc and thats if you don't get shot down first round of firing before you can even regen a shield. Definitely room to adjust and change the upgrade as needed, just best I seen soon far as it doesn't make it incredibly overpowered or change it into another super arc dodger.
  12. Honestly the best fix I seen is free evade when performing a green move. Helps with jousting performance and better in my mind than flapping x-wings.
  13. I think rebels just need some cost effective generics that total to 25 points, as said by others you got a wings but they just need a couple of other options
  14. This is brilliantly done! I've been following the forums for a while and this is by far best fix suggested for the x-wing
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