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    TEK reacted to Daeglan in Force Push   
    A talent that lets you do something with more certainty and for cheaper is not invalidated being being able to do something at a higher cost with less certainty. Being able to do it for the same cost reliably would.
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    TEK reacted to Nytwyng in Star Wars feel: The No No list   
    Nothing about it felt particularly Trek-like to me. Didn’t even grab me enough to use the CBS All Access free trial to watch the conclusion of the first story. I’m finding that The Orville is demonstrating a better understanding and execution of the Trek philosophy, despite being ostensibly a parody (and that’s coming from someone who can’t stand any of Seth MacFarlane’s other work).
    As a lifelong Trek fan (from even before SW came out), it makes me a little sad that the three most recent series have turned me away increasingly faster.
    Glad you’re enjoying it, though.
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    TEK reacted to Absol197 in Player Characters Overpowered   
    I'm seconding (thirding?  Fourthing?  That just sounds dirty, for some reason...) the request for your characters' stats, and perhaps some examples.  If we can get the numbers you're using and the dice you're rolling, we can pinpoint where the rules issue is, because from the sound of it, something is wrong, but it's hard to know what.
    As it might help, here are a half-dozen sample rolls of a character with four Agility and 2 ranks in Ranged: Light shooting a Heavy Blaster Pistol (base damage 7, Crit 3) at a squad of Stormtroopers at Medium range behind cover (Soak 5, Defense 1).  We'll see how it generally goes:
    Shooting the Stormtroopers: 2eP+2eA+2eD+1eS 2 successes, 1 advantage

    So, with this roll, the character deals 9 - 5 = 4 Wounds to the squad of Troopers, meaning none of them have been defeated.  The one advantage is not useful for inflicting a crit, but the character can heal a strain or pass the next character to act a Boost die.
    Shooting the Stormtroopers: 2eP+2eA+2eD+1eS 2 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph

    This time, we get somewhere!  The character inflicts 9 - 5 = 4 wounds, spends the Triumph for a crit which inflicts an additional free 5 wounds (the troopers' threshold), for a total of 9 wounds inflicted.  One trooper down, another weakened.  One again, a single advantage to heal some strain or pass a boost, or (an option that is terminally underused) notice something of import in the scene.
    Shooting the Stormtroopers: 2eP+2eA+2eD+1eS 0 successes

    Here is...a total wash.  The player had the advantage, both in number of dice and size of dice, but this still happens occasionally.  No troopers even injured, and the player doesn't even get any advantage to spend as a consolation prize.
    Shooting the Stormtrooper: 2eP+2eA+2eD+1eS 6 successes, 2 threat

    Oh boy.  This is probably the most successful check that this particular character will ever have: 6 successes!  Let's see, so they inflict 13 - 5 = 8 wounds.  Which is enough to kill a single trooper and start to work on the next, but that's still only a single trooper down (unless the squad had at least 3 existing wounds already), but the character also has to deal with the 2 Threat.  Don't just inflict 2 strain here, but do something else.  Give the troopers (or maybe their commander, or the Nemesis they're escorting) an free maneuver!  Add a Setback to a character's check, or give the Troopers a Boost on their attack as they buckle down when they see their beloved squad-mates dying!  Once again, this is an awesome result, but it's still only a trooper and a half killed, at that a cost.
    Shooting the Stormtroopers: 2eP+2eA+2eD+1eS 2 successes, 1 threat, 1 Triumph

    Oh, another Triumph!  Once again, assuming it's used for a crit, that's 9 + 5 - 5 = 9 wounds inflicted to the troopers, which is still only 1 trooper killed if it's the first hit.  And the character has to deal with a Threat.  1 strain is the common one, but if the character is in cover, you can negate their cover!  If they're Side Stepping, you can stop them from Side Stepping, allowing the troopers to fire back without the additional upgrade.  Even with the damage, the character is facing some opposition.
    Shooting the Stormtroopers: 2eP+2eA+2eD+1eS 1 success, 1 advantage

    For our last test, we deal 8 - 5 = 3 wounds, not even enough to kill a single trooper.  We get an advantage, but it's still just one, not enough to swing the tide of the conflict.
    As you can see, this is the character against a single squad of Stormtroopers (I usually do them in squads of eight, so that they can take a few hits before their functionality starts decreasing), and even in the best case scenarios, they killed at most two on a single attack.  But more than half of our tests didn't kill a single trooper, and if there are three squads in the combat with a Sergeant commanding them, and they're acting tactically (taking cover, not advancing unless players roll threat to take a free maneuver to advance), a group of four players with similar stats and weapons should be overwhelmed by them.  And that's with these troopers having no ranks in Adversary, which is a bunch of free upgrades to their defense and introduces the possibility of Despair.  Sure, the characters weren't using Destiny Points or aiming or anything, but that's not going to swing the balance here too much.
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    TEK reacted to Imperial Stormtrooper in Player "changes mind" about character death   
    So, last weekend we had our first session of our new campaign, one thing lead to another, and they ended up in an unwinnable situation. 3 of the 4 PCs died, and everyone seemed to get over it.
    However, today I got a message from one of the players saying that they where unhappy with what had happened, and that "we'll make it work somehow" that their character is alive. I've found myself quite unsure about what to do, on the one hand it wasn't planned and slightly anti-climatic, on the other hand, I gave them a way out of the fight that resulted that way, they just didn't take it, and at the time they all said they were fine with what had happened, even if it took them all a few minutes to actually say anything.
    Maybe its just that way this week has gone, but I can't figure out what to do with this. The other two players who had their characters die have already made new PCs, so I don't know how they'll react to this. I'm finding it slightly irritating since at the time the player said they were fine with it and they had ideas for a new character.
    I'm quite lost here. Help FFG community your my only hope.
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    TEK reacted to DaverWattra in READ THIS FIRST! Frequently asked questions about EotE   
    I was just thinking there are obvious reasons why characters would want to move and remain engaged (Bodyguard talent, medical care, short-ranged Force powers)
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    TEK reacted to Godric_Barbarossa in Crossguard Lightsaber   
    Sigh. As a long time GM I have great respect for Rule 0. However, I hate when Developers invoke it to cover up lazy development practices. They were the ones that should have play tested it and decided. This is a running problem with games that push out so many splat books. The core game is rigorously play tested for balance, but then the splat books...not so much. Thanks for triggering my D&D 3.x PTSD.
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    TEK reacted to Absol197 in Area effects   
    For the falling rocks, what I might do is instead make every party member that might be affected by the avalanche roll a check to avoid damage.  The rocks aren't "attacking," they're not even sentient!  so it's more on the characters to get out of the way, rather than on the rocks to hit the characters.  Then, everyone in the area makes a check, and if they fail they take damage from having giant rocks fall on their head.
    For the collision, since you've got a vehicle trying to hit a gang of soft meatbags, I'd have the pilot make a Piloting check as a combat check, with the base damage being the speed of the vehicle (multiplied by 10 against personal scale, as normal), and give it any reasonable weapon qualities, such as Blast (to hit more than one target) and Knockdown, 'cause...you know.
    I'll admit to not being up on my collision rules, so it's entirely possible that those might replicate this better, but from memory I seem to recall them being good for vehicle/vehicle collisions, which are generally mostly fair, and not so good for vehicle/person collisions, which are generally not.
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    TEK reacted to Maelora in Anyone Have Ghosts of Dathomir Yet?   
    I'm absolutely positive that Fidget Spinner Lightsabers are not A Thing in the MarcyVerse.
    The cartoons have given us many stupid things but this must be the most ludicrous.
    I'm actually kinda glad nobody has wanted anything beyond a regular 'saber so far, but I'm not averse to one of the more exotic types, providing it's not completely ridiculous.
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    TEK got a reaction from Matt Skywalker in Carbonite & Hibernation Sickness Rules?   
    I would handle hibernation sickness by assigning critical wounds. For example the one that causes blindness and one that lowers intellect and cunning. Sorry I do not know the names without my book handy. However I would have the crits heal on there own, after all Han seem to heal in a day or two during ROTJ.
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    TEK reacted to Archlyte in Star Wars feel: The No No list   
    The real world is screwing up my thread again. There is no equivalence between real love in the real world, and Jabba the Hutt wanting to **** his dancers. 
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    TEK got a reaction from Grimmerling in Carbonite & Hibernation Sickness Rules?   
    I would handle hibernation sickness by assigning critical wounds. For example the one that causes blindness and one that lowers intellect and cunning. Sorry I do not know the names without my book handy. However I would have the crits heal on there own, after all Han seem to heal in a day or two during ROTJ.
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    TEK got a reaction from kaosoe in Carbonite & Hibernation Sickness Rules?   
    I would handle hibernation sickness by assigning critical wounds. For example the one that causes blindness and one that lowers intellect and cunning. Sorry I do not know the names without my book handy. However I would have the crits heal on there own, after all Han seem to heal in a day or two during ROTJ.
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    TEK reacted to Lanuria in Why Gray Jedis?   
    Lol posted this without saying anything. 
    Tatooine isn't part of the Republic. Republic credits don't even work on Tatooine. The Republic can't really go in and free a bunch of slaves, people in the system would claim the Republic is overstepping their boundaries. Who gives them the right to come into our system and disrupt our way of life?!
    It's not perfect, I'm sure the Jedi would love to free slaves on every planet, but they really can't. It sucks, but it isn't the Jedi or the Republic's fault that Tatooine didn't join the Republic. 
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    TEK reacted to Tramp Graphics in FF SW Group on FB Admin is a sexist   
    This is but one more reason to boycott Facebook.
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    TEK reacted to Archlyte in Why Gray Jedis?   
    Yes! Man I feel like this is so important what you said. I wish there was a Super Like button. 
    I still need to sit down and watch all the prequel movies again but there is this trope or urban legend that the Jedi deserved what they got with Order 66. Did I just not see something in those movies? Are there Jedi doing things like taking bribes or killing people for fun? The republic had become corrupt according to the lore but wasn't that mainly Palpatine's machinations at work? Was it really the whole republic or just a few bad apples? I feel like this idea has been perpetuated by people who are uncomfortable with the Jedi code and ideals as some sort of an explanation as to why the Jedi need to go. Thank you MP
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    TEK reacted to Mindless Philosopher in Why Gray Jedis?   
    It is also the simple result of the Jedi being nothing more than mortal, nondivine beings.  The whole "But they're not PERFECT, so they can't exist or deserve no respect!" thing makes me mad.  Would you rather have NO galactic peacekeeping order?  The Jedi do the best they can.  Who can do more than that?
    Sorry, LG rant over.
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    TEK reacted to Vondy in Star Wars feel: The No No list   
    I think the problem is that the notion of "player agency" is taken to an unworkable extreme in contemporary gaming circles. Its also a reaction to a problem that was never as ubiquitous as it was made out to be and has been mythologized: the tyrant game-master who rail-roads and humiliates his players for kicks. Most of us old-school grognards have dealt with that GM in our careers on occassion, but the vast majority of us have also dealt with fantastic game-masters who worked hard, ran good games, and made this a hobby we ended up sticking with. Some of them even inspired us to become (hopefully) fantastic gamemasters ourselves. Gaming is a social endeavor and that means the group has to have a social contract, be it implicit or explicit. Players have to remember that the game master is also a "player" in the sense that they a member of the group who gets a say and has a right to "agency" themselves. And, quite frankly, I would say that the gamemaster should have a somewhat weighted say because, more often than not, they are doing the heavy lifting. That said, every single person at the table is responsible for the group, not just themselves, having the good time everyone agreed upon as a goal. Over the years I've learned that games work best with limited agency. A game needs a tone, tenor, style, and set of genre conventions.  Players need to have some wiggle-room and a chance to help tell the story, but not at the expense of any other person at the tables fun and satisfaction. We are all supposed to be cooperating at the table. Sadly, "player agency" is often taken as a license to ignore the basic social contract, and sociability, that RPGs are predicated on in the first place. Its not "choose your own adventure." Its choose our adventure together!  
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    TEK reacted to Vondy in Sith good, Jedi bad   
    We are far too tolerant of shallow, addle-minded, immoral nonsense.
    I do not love the diatribes of brilliant morons.
    Having endured them, you can never-ever get the time back.
    All you are left with is fouled tripe and idiotic ranting. 
    The Jedi make some deeply flawed moral decisions, but the Sith are definitively  evil.
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    TEK reacted to KungFuFerret in Sith good, Jedi bad   
    And he somehow seems to overlook the Sith's habit of murder, lying, slavery, subjugating entire planets to their rule of law at the end of a gun.   But hey, they're good guys because they are at least honest about their feelings right?   *rolls eyes*
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    TEK reacted to Archlyte in Star Wars feel: The No No list   
    I read those stories, and to me this was the writer not exploring other options. So much of the EU stuff is bad because it extrapolates movie stuff but does not attempt to look for compelling explanations or turns. I mean really, this is just a very dumb idea that human readers can relate to because they themselves could see the dancers as sexy. Sexy to a Hutt is probably something like mating in swamp water, or when surrounded by wealth. I think this was just a way for the director to make Jabba as gross as possible, but it doesn't bear out under scrutiny. Jabba may have liked to spread that information about himself, but that again requires that eh is willing to do something that is somewhat denigrating, and the flattery he insisted upon isn't consistent with the idea that he sees himself as gross and repugnant. I just don't buy that he fancied sex with those dancers. I think people are invested in this idea, but I can't fathom why. 
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    TEK reacted to Archlyte in Star Wars feel: The No No list   
    I don't know how in the **** Jabba could have possibly been sexually attracted to those dancers. They are disgusting: two segmented tails that they walk on, a tiny head with tiny eyes and a mouth that is not big enough to put a slimy frog down, they are not covered in slime, their coloration is hideous, and they are as fragile as all get out, they would never even survive mating. I imagine if he was leering at them it was because he wanted to eat them or kill them but was savoring the drama of it all. Hutts would have dancers like that for only one reason, status with other races. Those girls were captive entertainers whom Jabba used for sport as much as entertainment. The physiological differences between Hutts and Bipedal Humanoids is not compatible, and his instinct for reproduction would not be triggered by something like those alien women. 
    There are Turd and Fart jokes in the prequels, but I hope you are not suggesting that these were high points of the Star Wars experience lol. Keep in mind that I know some of this stuff has to come up, but when it becomes a Focus of Narration by players or GM that is the issue. Bantha Pudu is one thing, but a bounty hunter killed while taking a **** like in Pulp Fiction (while funny maybe) isn't really in line with what I think is cinematically Star Wars. 
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    TEK reacted to 2P51 in Would you allow someone to aim to activate a weapon quality?   
    No, there are always things that go wrong and right.  We don't roll dice to know definitively the outcome.  It's a game of chance, let it be a game of chance not the 'auto win' button.  Ultimately PCs will advance and it's not going to be hard to gin up a pair of advantages.  I assume these are new PCs because a couple Advantages for a weapon effect just isn't that big a hill to climb.
    Narratively you can always aim at an item, that's included in the Aim maneuver.
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    TEK reacted to kkuja in Would you allow someone to aim to activate a weapon quality?   
    Depends. Maybe yes, maybe no. There might be a problem with talents which remove setback dice. Removing two setback become practically free quality activation.
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    TEK reacted to FuriousGreg in Why Gray Jedis?   
    Someone brought up the Je'daii earlier in this thread and if you are interested in this strive for balance it's worth reading Tim Lebbon's, Dawn of the Jedi - Into the Void as it gives a really great example of how a Force using hero of that order approached choices and how the order started to split. It's a good read and I enjoyed it and I would also recommend it anyone who wants to play something like this as well.

    The Je'daii were absolutely not Grey Jedi in the sense that they were able to use both sides of the Force without repercussions as a lot of Players may wish. They understood that using the Force required balance not the results of that use. What I mean by this is that they played an active role in maintaining order and fighting evil, making choices and acting in a way they felt was necessary for the greater good even without necessarily utilizing the Force to do it directly. Imagine a Knight Errant with a code that was in most aspects what we would consider good but when they did draw on the Force is when the balance between Light and Dark became important. Here's an example: a group of children have been taken by a slaver and a Je'daii is tasked to save them and remove the slaver as threat to future children. In their attempt to find them they draw upon the Force using both their emotions of Love for those children and Anger at the slaver, but maintaining Calm and detached so as to not cloud their vision. When in combat with the slavers and deciding their fate they again draw on the Force in the same way using strong emotions to overcome their foe and their calm to keep from being overcome by those emotions themselves.

    This is actually pretty in line with the themes of Star Wars with it's fight between the Light and the Dark side but fight is internal and not between opposing orders. Unfortunately although this makes for great drama in storytelling it doesn't lend itself well to a game mechanic...
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    TEK reacted to whafrog in Overwhelm emotions and morality   
    Yeah, it's a weird one, but I believe you are correct about how it is used.  FS Exile predates the Morality/Conflict rules, and since you have no choice about how the pips are used, I'd say there's no Strain or DP cost either.  You get what you get, and it could easily backfire, so there shouldn't be an additional cost.
    If I were running a PC I'm not sure I'd ever use it because the odds of getting the wrong colour pip for the skill is too high.  Let's say you try to Charm, with FR1 you have a 1:6 chance of getting help, but a 1:12 chance of blowing it.  If you try Coercion you have a 1:2 chance of getting help, but a 1:4 chance of blowing it.  Neither seem very appealing to me, unless you were desperate.
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