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    TEK got a reaction from Absol197 in Force Powers Out of Combat   
    I go with one roll, either the force is with you or not. Makes using the darkside more tempting. Unless something changes like upping a force rating or getting force upgrades live with it a try to make it part of the story. 
    My 2cents.
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    TEK got a reaction from FuriousGreg in Damaging Armor?   
    I think one of the devs said to use sunder, with damage steps setback die adding to movement based skill checks.
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    TEK reacted to Concise Locket in Pronoun Genders?   
    There are no keepers of language. There is no review board that approves how words are used. Tradition is not the same thing as law.
    All that is expected in a commercial production is clear and consistent language. This is the role of an editor.
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    TEK reacted to Absol197 in Soak and prison fights.   
    "I wish I could tell you that Woody got out of Sunnyside okay.  I wish I could tell you that.  But daycare is no fairy-tale world..."
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    TEK got a reaction from Absol197 in Soak and prison fights.   
    Attack his strain with pressure point, big guy gets chocked out. Then they do what the want with him, "Andy was never the same ..." narrated in your best Morgan Freeman voice.
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    TEK got a reaction from whafrog in Soak and prison fights.   
    Attack his strain with pressure point, big guy gets chocked out. Then they do what the want with him, "Andy was never the same ..." narrated in your best Morgan Freeman voice.
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    TEK reacted to warchild1x in PC's ship - GM's pain   
    Why bother catering to the people on the ship by creating encounters for them? If they don't want to go on the main adventure and want to stay home. Let them! But don't throw encounters at them. It sounds like they expect it and that's why they're hanging back.  Make it obviously boring and they'll eventually get the hint.
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    TEK reacted to ThreeAM in PC's ship - GM's pain   
    Pay docking fee. Tell the PC's the ship is considered safe. Done. 
    I don't mean to be curt to be rude, i'm simply stating that I don't put any more effort into it. For our group nobody cares, so its just a GM hand wave, and lets move the story onward.  If someone was genuinely interested and not just because of paranoia I would say just buy a NPC security Droid, or alarm system, or some other fancy doodad. If it is purely Paranoia, just straight tell them its safe and move on. If your players are super paranoid perhaps they have a bit too much of the "Us vs the GM" mentality.
    The only time this wouldn't apply is if you [the GM] don't want it to be safe for a specific Narrative purpose, ie plot reasons. Even then in a single campaign I would probably only ever "steal/take away" the Pc's ship one time.
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    TEK got a reaction from SEApocalypse in Dual wielding fists   
    Checked the Edge core role book and on Page 210.
    Two-Weapon Combat
    First para:
    "A character may opt to carry a Ranged (Light) weapon or a one-handed melee weapon in each hand, increasing his volume of attacks at the expense of accuracy. When attacking with two weapons, the character must be wielding two weapons that can each be reasonably held and wielded in one hand.  Generally pistols and grenades - and one handed melee or brawl weapons."
    Page 153 defines Brawl weapons - "Brawl weapons are generally light and cover the wearer's hands."  also goes on to include talons and claws. 
    I can see an interpretation of allowing weaponless Brawl for Two-Weapon Combat however I personally interpret this as needing weapons in or on both hands and not barehanded, unless you used someone else's hands .  
    Of course play as you see fit. 
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    TEK reacted to whafrog in Soak and prison fights.   
    Do they have to fight?  Can't they all just...get along?  
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    TEK reacted to Grimmerling in Corpse Clean-up Crew?   
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    TEK reacted to Felswrath in Pronoun Genders?   
    Thanks everyone! I'll delete this to avoid sparking anything.
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    TEK reacted to 2P51 in Pronoun Genders?   
    This thread is a **** bomb waiting to explode.
    You should send a message to customer service care of the editors and ask FFG directly.
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    TEK reacted to Nightone in Dual wielding fists   
    yeah, but you have to be carefull with that. some argue that if you are using a one handed weapon you can use unarmed parry with the free hand... which can become quite cheesy, since the reason for the reduced strain cost is that you don't have to lift anything while using U-Parry.
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    TEK reacted to whafrog in Star Wars feel: The No No list   
    ...meh.  Your examples are also good examples of "narrative money management".  The amounts thrown around are just to give a sense of verisimilitude.  They didn't bean-count before or after those scenes.  They are basically "Despair, you have a money problem" or "Obligation, you have a money problem".
    Some people do like a game where they track all their coinage, blaster shots, arrows, iron spikes...  if I want that I'll play a video game, because a computer does it better and faster.
    I'd prefer to treat money in my game more like World of Darkness, and mostly I do.  We really only track the big ticket items, like "do I have enough to install a quad turret on my ship?"
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    TEK reacted to Archlyte in Teräs Käsi: How do you use it?   
    lol oh god where did that detail originate from? The awful fighting game on Playstation 2?
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    TEK reacted to Edgookin in Ideas for stats on a post battle of Yavin General Kota?   
    Don't give him stats.  Keep him narrative only ... if he fights with the players, have him offscreen fighting other things, or keeping a big bad guy away from the PC's.  Think Obi-wan in Ep IV.  He really wasn't present for most fights, if the PC's are Luke, Han and Leia.  He stops a fight in the cantina, splits off to disable the tractor beam on his own, then fights Vader, keeping him away from the PC's.
    If you give him stats, you severely limit his use, and allow him to be killed.
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    TEK reacted to FuriousGreg in Ranges, movement, miniatures, etc.   
    I wouldn't change distance between indoors and out. Essentially unless you are in a really large room, warehouse or hanger you're within Short Range, once you get past that room sized place your in Medium range (up too several dozen meters is 36m or around 120ft) there aren't going to be many interiors that are going to be bigger than that. So rather than go for an exact number of squares I'd do it by room when you are designing the encounter and just say everything in this room is Short until you get to a room large enough to seem like it's Medium then just have everyone within Short unless you are at the opposite sides of the room or whatever. The point is that this isn't the kind of system that does well when getting too picky with exact distances.
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    TEK reacted to Shlambate in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    I used refresh, you were right but the article is about Fallout.  
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    TEK reacted to 2P51 in Dual wielding fists   
    It doesn't technically matter because as far as I'm concerned when a player is asking this sort of thing they're rule lawyering, and the answer is no at my table regardless of what cross referencing of six different Talents, in 3 different books, using 2 different rules sections say.
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    TEK reacted to Stan Fresh in Ranges, movement, miniatures, etc.   
    This sounds like a letter to the editor written by a Victorian gentleman.
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    TEK reacted to EliasWindrider in looking for someone cool :(   
    The French could have done a better job on SI/metric too.  I mean why define 1 meter based on the arbitrary length of a piece of metal?  If they had made it just a hair shorter, specificall 0.980665 of what we now call a meter then g would be 10 instead of 9.80665.  Yes g varies based on location but not by much and that's the constant we all use, so it really is a missed opportunity.
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    TEK reacted to ExpandingUniverse in Elite Minions: Introducing the 501st   
    I think that elite minions should be short, yellow and funny
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    TEK got a reaction from DaverWattra in Palpatine build tips   
    After seeing this post my wife and I decided to create a 2100xp nemesis of Sheeve. Lots of social skills, nemesis 5, high willpower and lightsaber skills, etc. Then we put 4 1000xp (our party) characters against him in a mock battle. 3 rounds later all four where down and Sheeve was criticaled twice and still handed out a butt kicking. Force lighting and improved reflect pulled it out for the old Darth. Good fun.
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    TEK reacted to Archlyte in Happy Thanksgiving!   
    For those in the States. I enjoy being able to converse with you and wish you all a good holiday or just a good day We are more alike than not in our love for this hobby, and for Star Wars, so I value this community and the help it provides. Also thanks to FFG for making such a great product and fostering this place for us to have our community. 
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