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    TEK reacted to Stan Fresh in Collapse of the Republic Spoilers   
    made from paper, glue, and ink
    lots of pictures inside
    words, too
  2. Thanks
    TEK reacted to Bellona in Resisting Order 66   
    Christianity did not fragment off from Islam. One could argue that point in the opposite direction though.
    As for the second line ... the term that you want is "tenets". Tenants are people who live in rented apartments, etc.
  3. Haha
    TEK reacted to KungFuFerret in I want to be able to go to a store ask for the Star Wars RPG and they can point me at a single book called the Star Wars RPG   
    I want Jessica Beil in my bedroom every night when I get home from work dressed in a naughty teacher outfit, but some things are just not meant to be.
    I've learned to soldier on despite my disappointment, one day so will you.  Be Strong!
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    TEK reacted to Tramp Graphics in Old School Star Wars   
    The very fact that droids are bought and sold as property is proof enough that they’re basically “slaves” from a legal standpoint, with no rights. This is further shown in Solo.
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    TEK reacted to KungFuFerret in Why do people hate Jedi?   
    I doubt it's any one reason, but at least for a portion of the fanbase, I think it's a bit of redirection of anger at the way the franchise has been presented, and foisting it on the Jedi since they were the focus of the movies, specifically the prequels.   The way the Jedi were portrayed in the prequel trilogy is....really really dumb.   They are a fumbling, bumbling order of incompetent doofuses, that can't tell their **** from a hole in the ground.   They drop the ball of competency on so many occasions, and in such epic ways, that it is the root of a lot of the downfall of the Republic, as presented in those films.   Now personally, I chalk this up to really terrible writing and direction of those films, when in reality that organization would likely be far more competent than presented on screen.  But, there was a final point that had to be reached in the prequel trilogies (all Jedi dead but Yoda and Kenobi), so they just wrote it however it seemed to work to cause their downfall.    And that made for some much hated films, that were focused almost exclusively on the Jedi and their actions.   So, Prequels = Dumb Movies, Prequels = Jedi Movies, ergo Jedi = Dumb People.   This is probably the reason for those types of players who use OOC hatred to justify doing really **** things to Force users in game, and give a reason like your one player did.  "I hate force users, I hate Jedi, thus I'm going to be a **** to any I meet in game.  Even if my character doesn't have any reason to hate them."   That's just some meta bull **** that a lot of fans are guilty of, and is frankly immature behavior.  So for those type players, I'd say the reason is "they are immature fanboys that are still butt hurt about stories that upset them from decades ago."
    Another section of the fanbase are probably just tired of the focus on Force users in the storytelling, and would like more emphasis on the more "mundane" aspects of the Star Wars universe.   The people who love the ships and fleet battle content most, the ones who like the large, wartime battles, etc.   For them, it's probably just a frustration of focus on a single aspect of the franchise that they find less than appealing.   Though I doubt this group actively "hates" them as much as just wish there was more focus on other groups.   I've heard people in this category, and they don't generally "hate" the Jedi and Force Users, they just want more content that's space battles and fleet actions, etc.  More Battle Above Endor, less Luke Fighting Vader in Throne Room.
    Others, again I think this is probably a smaller subset of them, might have an issue with the philosophical side to the Jedi, as represented by their Jedi Code, and how they dictate ways of living, the celibacy thing, taking very young children away from their family and indoctrinating them into what is basically a cult by modern standards.    I kind of empathize with this group, as I find myself rolling my eyes whenever the subject of the Jedi's morality being one of actual "evil", because it doesn't conform to modern understandings of things like child development, social integration, biological urges, etc.   People seem to forget the "code" of the Jedi is a cobbled together mix of real world religious philosophies, and new-age mumbo-jumbo from back in the 60's and 70's.   We've learned a LOT more stuff today about those subjects that make those views on how to live a "balanced" life, flat out wrong.    I think this group, just has an issue with separating the fictional world-rules from real world understanding, and want it all to be "accurate".  Accurate in a universe with magical space wizards with laser swords, and other total silliness.   To this bracket of fans, the Jedi represent terrible religious dogma that destroyed civilized society, and allowed a tyrant and despot to seize control of a government, and turn it into an empire.    And since the group at the heart of it all was the Jedi, and their inability to see past their own dogma (because of REALLY heavy handed writing), it's all their fault, thus back to that Jedi = Dumb example above.
    I'm sure there are plenty more groups with their own reasons why, but I'd say those likely encompass the larger groups reasoning.   At least those are some of the most common criticisms that I actually SEE USED on this site, and other sites, when explaining why a person hates the Jedi.  So, by the fact that these are the most commonly used reasons, I'd say they speak for themselves really.
    I personally love the Jedi, and chalk up their many many flaws, to bad writing, by Lucas and a multitude of Legacy writers (aka published fan fiction writers).   But I'm apparently in the minority of many Star Wars fans, in that I don't get my self identification from the franchise, and can appreciate it for what it tries to be, even if it doesn't always get their narratively.   And I can accept that the various films can be fun and enjoyable, while still being flawed, which doesn't mean they are "destroying" things.
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    TEK reacted to KungFuFerret in Is it cannibalism if it’s a different species?   
    Yeah it's technically  not cannibalism, but nobody likes watching members of their species being eaten, so it would likely be frowned upon by anyone that witnessed it. 
    Of course, if the species actually is a carrion eater species, then they might get a bit of leeway, assuming they weren't hunting people to make them carrion.

    There was a species in the tv show Babylon 5, who were carrion eaters, and they weren't really popular on the station, but they also didn't really bother anyone.  They weren't hostile, or evil, they just....ate dead things, and they weren't picky what it was.   They never really went into the details of where they got their food supply, but considering they were a regular part of the station population, I assume they had some kind of arrangement with food providers or something.  

    But there was one episode where there was a missing person, presumed dead, and the security team had to pump the stomachs of the Poc-morah (the carrion eaters), on the offchance the body got dumped in a waste unit, and they decided to munch on it.   So there is I guess the possibility of them finding bodies of sentient beings and eating those.  
    Yes, the cute stereotype that he's going against    A species that we are introduced to, when they capture the heroes and try to cook them alive to eat for a feast .  I wouldn't say the player is going against type, but staying true to it honestly.   They were 100% on board with eating the humans and the wookie, and only stopped because someone with a bigger stick scared them into submission.   

    So yeah, Ewoks eating people is totally thematically appropriate for the little murderous teddy bears. 
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    TEK reacted to Absol197 in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    Also, who thinks the different Control upgrades of various powers need names so we can discuss them easier?  I sure do!  I've been coming up with evocative names for the various Control upgrades, so if anyone wants to start trying to develop a board-standardization for them, we should do it!
    Here's what I have for some of them:
    Mind Trick: This one is obvious, it's the one that allows you to incept a person if you beat them on an opposed Discipline vs. Discipline check.
    Social Grace:  The other one, this allows you to add your Force rating to social checks.
    Impossible Reactions:  Add your Force rating to initiative!
    Foresee Attacks:  Increase targets' Defense during the first round of combat.
    Preemptive Preparation:  Targets can take a maneuver before the combat starts.
    Soothe/Leech:  Heal strain equal to wounds (the name depends on whether you are healing wounds or causing them).
    Restore/Drain:  Remove status or heal wounds by causing them.
    Expertise:  Heal/Cause extra wounds equal to your Medicine rank.
    Cure/Inflict:  Heal or cause a Critical Injury.
    Shield/Wrack:  Spend [A] to grant a target Defense, or to inflict strain.
    Aegis/Ensnare:  Protect against all attack types, or add Ensnare 2 to the attack.
    Celerity:  Spend a Destiny Point to use the power quicker.
    Just some of the ones I've come up with so far  .  If anyone has suggestions for something better, or wants to hear more of my ideas (or share their own!), let's do it!
    ...It's not like we have much Mystic news to discuss...
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    TEK got a reaction from Matt Skywalker in Help creating a festive one shot!   
    Make them sit and watch the star wars holiday special. They could try to help a wookie get home for life day.
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    TEK reacted to Vondy in Sith good, Jedi bad   
    I do not accept moral relativism or the moral opinions of those who espouse it. We can certainly make some allowances for differing cultural mores and interpretations vis-a-vis what is and isn't acceptable human behavior, but, as science learns more about the moral psychology of man we are increasingly finding that there are 5-6 cross-cultural moral foundations we all start building our moral systems from. The underlying moral "taste buds" of humanity are the same even though the moral cuisines we develop to satisfy them (malum prohibita) may vary to a certain extent. 
    I would encourage you to read "The Righteous Mind" by Johnathan Haidt.  He does an excellent job demonstrating this with research. And, for the record, he is neither religious nor conservative. He is a progressive-voting atheist. Not every moral premise is relative or a matter of mere opinion. Some foundational moral premises (malum in se) are found in a super-majority of human cultures throughout history. When that is the case those premises are not mere social constructs, but rather a part the evolved moral compass that enables humanity to survive and thrive. They are a part of what makes us human and the behavior of those who violate them can, quite accurately, be described as inhuman.
    That the Nazis did not consider themselves Evil does not mean they were not, objectively speaking, Evil. Every man considers himself a Hero. Self-perception is, quite often, self-deception. Who cares if the Nazis didn't consider themselves Evil. Their choices were inhuman and unforgivable. They were sociopathic monsters. That they called themselves heroes doesn't call their inhumanity into question. As I said, and I proudly stand by this, our culture has grown far too tolerant of brilliant idiots spouting dangerous amoral apologetics for evil men and stupid ideas. Be they for Nazis or re-skinned Space Nazis called "Sith."
    The only way they we can correct that is to stop giving gold stars for participation and start marking up their ideas with a red pen.    
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    TEK reacted to TheShard in Twas the night before Christmas and...   
    Merry Chissmas!
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    TEK reacted to Yaccarus in Twas the night before Christmas and...   
    “What is all this ‘Life Day’ nonsense about anyway? [...] Why are people afraid to just say Christmas? No one says Christmas anymore, why is that?”
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    TEK reacted to Maelora in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Eventual Spoilers)   
    This came to mind for me:

    TLDR; Luke starts off green and has to get awesome over three movies.  Rey starts off and remains awesome because reasons.
    Of course, Your Mileage May Vary, and that's absolutely fine too.  It's just an opinion.
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    TEK reacted to 2P51 in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Eventual Spoilers)   
    I said nothing sexist.  I find your comment to be nothing more than slander and I've reported you.  I was aiming the overly invested emotionally comment directly at you.
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    TEK reacted to splad in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Eventual Spoilers)   
    Their is no hatred from me at all that she used a force power at all, i thought it was a long time in coming. The fact she used the force at a survival instinct level was great. But it was just executed so poorly, Rian made it look ridiculous. I don't understand where you get the sexist part, the fact she looks similar to another flying lady in a dress. Did you want her to do a superman, i just don't see your point.
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    TEK reacted to Mark Caliber in Can Nemeses have Bosses?   
    Totally to NOT help.
    And just because the Nemesis has a boss doesn't necessarily mean that they are a paid employee.
    They might be a 1099. 
    <sigh>  Yeah, tax season approacheth.
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    TEK reacted to Archlyte in Star Wars feel: The No No list   
    You walk into Mos Eisley
    Oh ok where are the hookers? I know there must be hookers? 
    Sure you see some hookers, they say 15 cr love you long time. 
    Ok what about a burger, I want a burger.
    Sure there is a Burger stand right near the Starport with a big yellow M in Aurabesh for its sign.
    I go up to the counter. Give me a ****** burger yo.
    Everyone laughs, sips beer, etc. That's really not fun for me when I could just play a random sci fi game and not scuff up Star Wars in the effort. 
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    TEK reacted to rickayelm in What is the "Force Power Tree" to choke? (and else...)   
    You would need to combine the Niman deciple spec with the advisor spec and the shadow spec. Niman gives you his light saber abilities while advisor gives him his political know how. You need the shadow spec for 1 reason, it has the shroud talent. Palpatine would never have been able to have all those meetings with the council without it.
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    TEK reacted to Maelora in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
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    TEK reacted to splad in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Eventual Spoilers)   
    Pretty much at this stage
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    TEK got a reaction from Nightone in Sorry About The Mess: A PvP Tournament   
    As a former US Army medic, I had 3 ammo poaches, filled with different meds, a pistol, spare 9mm mag, butt pack with wet weather gear and extra mre, two canteens and a protective mask hanging from the belt. My belt was full. I think Nighttone is making a fair assessment of how many poaches can fit on a belt while still being easy to access. 
    Apologies for throwing my two cents in to this thread when I am not part of your tournament. Would also like to say I am enjoying it the battles.
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    TEK reacted to whafrog in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Eventual Spoilers)   
    I have no shame.  At all.
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    TEK reacted to TrainedMunkey in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Eventual Spoilers)   
    I believe that’s a little too deep for this movie. If this movie didn’t slap you in the face with it, it is something us fans inferred. 
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    TEK got a reaction from SavageBob in Sorry About The Mess: A PvP Tournament   
    As a former US Army medic, I had 3 ammo poaches, filled with different meds, a pistol, spare 9mm mag, butt pack with wet weather gear and extra mre, two canteens and a protective mask hanging from the belt. My belt was full. I think Nighttone is making a fair assessment of how many poaches can fit on a belt while still being easy to access. 
    Apologies for throwing my two cents in to this thread when I am not part of your tournament. Would also like to say I am enjoying it the battles.
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    TEK got a reaction from Richardbuxton in Sorry About The Mess: A PvP Tournament   
    As a former US Army medic, I had 3 ammo poaches, filled with different meds, a pistol, spare 9mm mag, butt pack with wet weather gear and extra mre, two canteens and a protective mask hanging from the belt. My belt was full. I think Nighttone is making a fair assessment of how many poaches can fit on a belt while still being easy to access. 
    Apologies for throwing my two cents in to this thread when I am not part of your tournament. Would also like to say I am enjoying it the battles.
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    TEK reacted to Nightone in Sorry About The Mess: A PvP Tournament   
    First: per RAW there is no limit for the poaches,

    by logic on the other hand you can only have a limited number of itmes/poaches on your belt.
    The rest more or less the limit before I on my table interfere.
    since the character need to carry them in a place with easy access (for quick draw) the have to be in the front or the sides of the belt.
    I compare them to the poaches we used to have in the "Bundeswehr" which are quite similar. Three is possible on the belt, less if you have a lot of other gear on it (like a pistol, med-kit, flask of water, special equipment.)
    On my tables I rule that a person with one weapon on the belt can have up to three poaches, one without a weapon can have 4, one with two weapons 2.  then again some means of equipment may increase the number (like Load-bearing gear that would allow to put some poaches to your breast)
    but that all is more personal flavor (an keeps on of my players at bay who would otherwise he would try to have 20 of the poaches for all his drugs and stimm packs)
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