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  1. As a former US Army medic, I had 3 ammo poaches, filled with different meds, a pistol, spare 9mm mag, butt pack with wet weather gear and extra mre, two canteens and a protective mask hanging from the belt. My belt was full. I think Nighttone is making a fair assessment of how many poaches can fit on a belt while still being easy to access. Apologies for throwing my two cents in to this thread when I am not part of your tournament. Would also like to say I am enjoying it the battles.
  2. Of course the death star has a bar on board. That's why no one can shoot straight.
  3. I'm content to wait and see... no articles means more surprises when the book hits the stores. Besides I got a lot of holiday plans so after the new year works for me. interesting so this is what a normal post feels like...it's nice
  4. Make them sit and watch the star wars holiday special. They could try to help a wookie get home for life day.
  5. Beep beeeeep This is a test of the emergency formatting system. Should formatting be needed in a your area.... The tags you are entering are being escaped and displayed as text. This is done to prevent cross sight scripting attacks... Beep beeeeep
  6. The defense upgrade can be used twice provided you take the duration upgrade. You commit a force die and upgrade your defense once for two attacks in a round. If you have the strength upgrade you can upgrade defense twice two times per round. Hope this helps.
  7. Ray seems to knows a lot without any training, like swimming. Must be the force again.
  8. I like to think I am passionate... This thread has been derailed and off the bridge, I don't think a there will be saviors. Now back to the show...I've got my eye on a b-wing, tall with great lines and a lot of firepower.
  9. I treat crystal mods as only usable by the owner of the lightsaber to reflect the relationship between the force user and the crystal. Anyone else who uses it gets the basic Ilum crystal starting stats no matter what crystal is present. House rule that helps prevent powerful relic lightsabers from throwing some encounters out of balance.
  10. I've learned that you really have to get to know your A wing. Each one has such a different personality. Had I told my A wing how good she was at her job and how she makes me a better pilot things may have been different...
  11. I told my A wing that It was cute and it complained to alliance HR. I apologized and Since then we have a professional and mutually respectful relationship based on shooting down tie fighters.
  12. Wasn't there an episode of Rebels where storm troopers in training who were suspected of being force sensitive were sent to the Inquisitors for training? The empire would not care if she lived or died during training. live to serve the empire or die as one of the weak. The empire could only ID a force sensitive due to there ability to do things no one else could do. So if she hides any extra ordinary abilities then the empire is likely never to notice.
  13. The site is likely filtering most html tags in order to reduce the chance of a cross site scripting attack.
  14. I want no helicopter lightsabers. Rules for using jetpacks at personal scale range since rebels does this all the time. A ranged fighting infiltrator/spy spec, with CQB related talents.
  15. Don't google jabba or slug sex, please don't....what has been seen can not be unseen...
  16. I like blue lightsaber, especially the darker blue from the prequels. Some people feel blue is generic and they need other colors to personalize their character. I personalize my characters through memorable actions. For example MY Jedi rings a door bell and the Moff says who is it? Jedi says Gunna Surrender. More says who the **** is Gun na Sir render. Jedi opens door with his blue lightsaber and says you are and laughs. He likes dumb jokes. Sorry about this post boring day at work.
  17. I see Streetwise as the recognition of some kind of illicit behavior. For example let's say you see a person hanging out on a corner seemingly doing nothing but talking on the phone. The average person walking by would see nothing unusual while someone with a high Streetwise would understand that the person on the corner is a lookout for a gang. However to determine which gang he is a member of would be knowledge underworld and to bypass the lookout he may need to use deception or charm or negotiate to bribe him. Anyway that is how I play it. Hope this is helpful.
  18. Granted you are running a one shoot right now. Thinking ahead a little, If the players want to keep playing will you continue to use a simplified skill list or go with raw? I understand not wanting to overwhelm new players. But you could miss a good teaching opportunity. Now I will attempt to be helpful with your question by saying I would put astrogation into tech. I don't think many people could do that level of math in there heads without a computer.
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