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  1. Hmm interesting; I see where you're coming from... So that could get interesting if there are no destiny points available; making the force leap super risky... Basically I turn into Neo when he tries and fails to jump between those buildings right? lol
  2. It does say repeatedly that you do not have to spend dark pips if you don't want to... So lets say my first leap was a light pip and I jumped up to a balcony... Next roll is a dark pip; if I opt not to spend it then I don't jump, right? Does that mean that I am stuck on that balcony because I opted not to jump? You're saying I couldn't roll another attempt because they only way to keep jumping at this point would be to spend that dark pip... I thought that "successfully activating" force powers was more for in combat situations which basically means it is your action (or manoeuvre in my case for force leap) regardless of whether or not you actually succeed in what you are doing.
  3. I come from a D&D background; I haven't seen anything in the books regarding the concept of taking 20. (taking 20 basically assumes that you will eventually succeed at a task that you try at for long enough, failing numerous times before you get it right) I don't think taking 20 should apply to skill checks as it tends to defeat the narrative aspect of the dice, but there are some scenarios with force powers where it would definitely make sense. I have a Sentinel with maxed force leap... Now lets say he wants to jump up to the roof of a building; perhaps a few medium jumps or a lot of short jumps as he leaps up from balcony to balcony. There are no time constraints and no setbacks. Now if I had to roll for every jump I would just keep rolling the force die looking for white pips... That doesn't make sense to me. If you can take all the time you want and there is nothing interfering then wouldn't you assume he took his time with the task, only harnessing the light side of the force, and successfully leaped up the building. That's basically taking 20 for force leap right? Now if you introduce setbacks then you cannot take 20. Lets say I wanted to jump up the same building, but during a hurricane. Now I would probably have to roll Athletics or Coordination after every leap to see if I was able to stay on the balcony I just leaped to... And if I opted not to spend a dark pip I would have to make another check to see if I could brace myself against the storm as I waited to channel the light side of the force. Another scenario: with my force rating of 1, I need to roll 2 pips in order to jump medium range over a precipice. I could keep rolling and rolling the force dice until getting 2 light pips, then I jump - but again; I don't think I should just keep rolling a dice waiting for 1 particular result... We would assume I just mediated and channelled the force until I got the 2 pips I need and then jumped. Again, inversely, if I was under duress I'd be rolling other skill checks as well and couldn't take 20. With sense thoughts lets say I sat down at a bar and tried to read the bartender's thoughts - assuming he doesn't go anywhere I would just sit at the bar channelling the force until I read his thoughts... This one could get a little weird though... Force and destiny does not mention rolling discipline checks when doing certain force powers but the other books do... Would I only roll if the bartender was force sensitive? Otherwise would I take 20 and assume I could read his thoughts? Again, only if there are no skill checks or set backs. Same again for force heal - wouldn't I assume that with enough time I could channel enough force to heal? As far as I can tell the only time you should have to roll a force power check was if you were rolling against another force sensitive, if you had to combine the force power check with another check, or there were time constraints... Any other time you would just assume you spent time to channel enough light side force power.
  4. Yellow text was a terrible idea... Anyone else only able to read it after selecting the text? lol
  5. Actually that makes sense... if you give up the Saber check then you can meta game the system; you could see that your roll would fail and generate despair, so you would just choose not to apply that check to avoid the despair. So the Saber check resolves whether or not you spend a pip, but even if it succeeds, it only hits if you spend a pip; otherwise you could opt not to hit and instead spend the pip to return the Saber - this scenario being very situational; I knew I only had a 1 in 4 chance to actually hit the Rodian AND return the Saber; 3 out of 4 times I would have to not hit, even it it suceeds, just to return the saber so I did not lose it. ADV/Threat/Tri/Desp resolves whether you spend pips or not.
  6. So I think I've got a handle (mostly) on possible results, ignoring adv/triump etc.: 1: 1 pip, Saber succeeds - may spend 1 pip to hit the target and not recover the Saber OR may opt not to hit the target and spend 1 pip to retrieve it instead 2: 1 pip, Saber fails - may spend 1 pip to retrieve the Saber 3: 2 pips, Saber succeeds - may spend 1 pip to hit and 1 to retrieve 4: 2 pips, Saber fails - may spend 1 to retrieve 5. dark pips with no light destiny means you've completely failed to throw your Saber - it misses and falls to the ground, regardless of Saber check. Adv/Threat/Disp/Tri obviously affecting it in other narrative ways... Or mechanical; like if I roll triumph or 2 advantage it's a crit on the throw... Or throwing a double bladed saber, tri/2adv to trigger "linked" and hit twice. I also think that adv/tri should only apply if you succeed on the saber check AND spend the pip to hit... Lets say you fail a saber check and spend the pip to return the saber - if you rolled triumph on the failed Saber check it would not apply because you did not spend the pip to "apply" that check, only to retrieve the Saber. Alternatively, on a failed Saber check with a bunch of adv and/or triumph, maybe you want to spend pip knowing you will miss the attack, but want apply the adv/triumph somehow... Like in an effort to dodge the Saber the target slips and falls backwards (adv = prone), hitting their head on the ground (triumph =disoriented) I see now that it makes more sense that you are actually throwing your Saber and then seeing what happens; adds an element of risk... I'f I'm interpreting this correctly then spending the first pip is only to actually hit the target; not to see if you can hit the target. Actually hitting being a choice, whereas seeing if you can hit means you are forced to spend a pip.
  7. I just had my first session of this game (so awesome... this dice system is so much better than D&D) but something odd happened in regards to my Saber throw (we started at knight level) - I've searched these forums but haven't been able to find an answer. First, there is a lot of talk on these forums about how many pips to spend to retrieve a Lightsaber. F&D seems to indicate that it is one pip to throw it, and an additional pip to return it. This must contradict other books because a lot of people are saying it is 1 pip to throw and 2 more pips to return. I'm quite confident that isn't the case, or at least, not anymore. This is challenging enough for my Shien Expert with 1 force rating, as there is only a 1 in 4 chance he'll get the Saber back after throwing it - if it costs 3 then there is no chance at all to return it; and that seems broken - so this must have been corrected. I'll have to spend all my XP towards a different class that does grant a force rating so I can actually reliably throw my saber. I'll describe the scenario that is making me confused. I tried to throw my Saber at a Rodian Bounty Hunter, hovering (hover boots) in the air over a precipice - I rolled a dark side pip and my Lightsaber check failed (all rolled at once). The GM said I must spend the dark side pip even though the attack would miss, but he allowed me to spend the dark pip to miss AND retrieve the Saber. I asked him what would have happened if there were no light destiny points to spend to use that dark pip; he said I would have thrown the Saber, missed regardless of Saber check, and not got it back. This perplexed me, as I was quite certain it said multiple times in the book that you never HAVE to spend dark side pips if you don't want to. I suppose it's more a question of order of operations. I would have rolled just the force dice to see if I could first muster enough force to get the 2 pips I need to throw the Saber and not have it fall into the ocean far below. If I wound up getting 1 pip I would have realised I did not summon enough force, and would not even attempt the throw. The trickiness is with the "must" clause of the power: "Perform Saber Throw action; make Lightsaber combat check as ranged attack at target within medium range, adding (force dice) no greater than Force rating. Must spend (force) and succeed to hit target; spend (force) to have weapon return to hand." I think the problem is "MUST spend (force) and succeed to hit"... However, I interpret that as; in order to successfully hit your target, you must succeed on your combat check and be able to spend one (force)... Not that you MUST spend a force pip, and then the Lightsaber check resolves to see if you hit... I don't like that I MUST spend dark pips when I don't want to... But if I didn't spend that dark pip I would have just thrown my Lightsaber off a cliff into the ocean... That doesn't seem right... Wouldn't it be that I would first check to see if I had enough force power available to even perform the throw and return... If I was lucky enough to get 2 pips THEN I would roll the Saber check... Not just randomly tossing my Lightsaber off a cliff and hoping for the best lol... I should be using the force to launch the Saber from my hand; not throwing it with my arm and just hoping I can muster enough force to actually do something with my Saber that is now flying through the air... What would have happened if I got 1 pip and the Saber check succeeded... MUST I have thrown my Saber, hit the Rodian, and then have the Saber fall into the ocean? On the ground this would not have been a problem; I could have thrown it and retrieved it later - but in this scenario I would have certainly lost the Lightsaber for good.
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