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  1. There is no arc or range requirement to trigger the bonus attack on Snap Shot or Foresight so both should trigger regardless of where the opponent is. You would then measure for arc and range when you make the attack as part of performing the attack. Dengar has an arc requirement in order to trigger his ability so he should only trigger if Turr is in the front arc when Dengar's ability would trigger (After defending).
  2. They could always reverse their ruling so Cova Nell and R4 don't work together. They did that with Roark + Rebel Han Gunner when it was considered a problem and as a result they didn't have to adjust the slots or increase the points of either into oblivion. That said, they did increase the points of both so nobody uses them anymore, but they didn't have to.
  3. Foresight's ability has no requirements aside from the enemy executing a maneuver. You could not check to see if the opponent is in the attack arc or attack range until you perform the attack which would occur after FTC if the Jedi player is First Player.
  4. I disagree with that. Snap Shot triggers after executing a maneuver, regardless of if the ship is in range/arc or not. You won't even measure range or arc until you perform the bonus attack. If the ship with afterburners is controlled by the First Player, then afterburners would trigger before Snap Shot and if they boost into arc at range 2, then when Snap Shot triggers they are a valid target for the attack. It all depends on who is First Player.
  5. joeshmoe554

    Quick builds

    Quick builds can be a lot of fun and I've run quick build draft events that were a blast. They are not terrifically balanced, but they can make for some really fun and crazy list designs and work great when player's are given a small random selection of quick builds to choose from.
  6. So I'm guessing everyone is aware of the Sidious / Palpatine bug where you can equip both Darth Sidious and Palpatine in a list, since that has been in the official app for months. Now, it seems you can also equip C1-10P and C1-10P (Erratic) in the same list. If this was only 1 point cheaper I would definitely try to bring it to an official event. Attack of the Clones ARC-170 Starfighter - 104th Battalion Pilot - 63 104th Battalion Pilot - (42) •Darth Sidious (14) •C1-10P (Erratic) (7) ARC-170 Starfighter - 104th Battalion Pilot - 63 104th Battalion Pilot - (42) •Chancellor Palpatine (14) •C1-10P (7) V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper - 25 Gold Squadron Trooper - (25) V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper - 25 Gold Squadron Trooper - (25) V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper - 25 Gold Squadron Trooper - (25) Total: 201/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  7. Under Maneuver in the Rules Reference: A ship can EXECUTE a maneuver by resolving the following steps in order: Maneuver Ship: During this step, the ship moves using the matching template. Take the template that matches the maneuver from the supply. Set the template between the ship's front guides (so that it is flush against the base). Pick up and place the ship at the opposite end of the template and slide the rear guides of the ship into the template. Return the template to the supply. Check Difficulty: During this step, if the maneuver is red, the ship gains one stress token; if the maneuver is blue, the ship removes one stress token and one strain token. You have to perform both steps to execute a maneuver, and anything that triggers after executing a maneuver would be after both steps. Nope, there is no errata necessary. Nope. I am saying that Anything that triggers after executing a maneuver or fully executing a maneuver, is triggered after the Check Difficulty step. That is the case for every type of maneuver. Rotating your ship after a talon roll is not triggered "after executing a maneuver". You rotate your ship before placing it on the mat, if you can place it on the mat after rotating your ship.
  8. Anything that triggers after executing a maneuver or fully executing a maneuver, is triggered after the Check Difficulty step. Tallon Rolls use that langauage because the ship will not rotate if it cannot complete the maneuver, but you still rotate the ship, "before the player places the ship at the opposite end of the template". It's a poorly written section in the rules that has come up once before. You do not execute a 3-turn, place the ship, then remove the ship and place it again after rotating.
  9. I consider deciding whether or not to take an action with R4-P17 and which action to take as part of resolving R4-P17. It's the same with Fine Tuned Controls. Since they are both triggered by the same event you resolve them in order one at a time and you shouldn't start resolving the second ability until after you have finished resolving the first ability.
  10. Calibrated Laser Targeting definitely works since you are adding a focus result after rolling dice. 7th Fleet Gunner only restricts the number of dice rolled, not the number of final dice results. Ric is a bit more unclear. Some people like to think that the restriction is time sensitive and you can add additional dice after, others think it is an overall limit. I'm not sure what the community consensus is currently, or if there is one. It's probably best decided with your opponent before hand or ran by a TO at an organized event.
  11. This one is a bit messy. The rules allow you to use any version of a ship's miniature as long as it is the same ship. You can use any of the 3 models for the BTL-A4 Y-Wing as the model for Horton Salm, but you could not use the new BTL-B Y-Wing for Horton. Since all 3 Falcons have different ship names (Customized, Modified, and Salvaged) technically you cannot use one model in place of another, but I don't think I have ever heard of a judge enforcing that since they are literally all the same ship with just different parsec-age. Though in this case, you need to buy the customized YT-1300 to get the dial so it's not the most relevant.
  12. When second edition launched, we had a pretty strong X-Wing group in my area and we hosted a new player day that was advertised in our facebook group and in the store. There was about 3-4 people from our group who brought some beginner X-Wing setups and taught the game to anyone interested in trying it out. We ended up getting a few people to pick up the game and start playing from that. Another decent idea is to host a furball event at the store. (Basically a 4-8 player single ship free for all event). Setup a small number of single ship builds and leave it open for anyone to jump in and play the game. X-Wing is a game that is pretty easy to learn and it is usually a lot of fun for people to play. If you advertise an event before hand you can usually get a few people to show up, and if you are playing a game with the ships and a sign saying anyone is welcome to play the miniatures alone can get people to sit down and try it out.
  13. It did come up at the end, here's the summarized response. (1:17:25) I expect there will be an expansion at some point, but it sounds like it is not currently in development.
  14. In the recent AMA with Andrew Navaro he said rather confidently that there are plans to release more content for Fallout. There is nothing beyond that so who can say what that content will be, but it sounds very likely the game will be getting at least one more expansion.
  15. Juke modifies defense dice so it takes place in the Modify Defense Dice step in the attack sequence. Juke is also an attacker's ability so it will be resolved before any of the defender's abilities. This is after the defender has rolled their dice and before the neutralize results step. If you are new to X-Wing I recommend downloading the rules reference from the X-Wing product page (link) as it goes into detail on most of the gameplay and ability timings.
  16. Struts say, "While you execute a maneuver ... you may flip this card." and the other side says, "After you execute a maneuver, flip this card." The theory is that you flip the card to open while executing a maneuver and then since you have just executed a maneuver you have to flip the card to closed again. I was unaware of any judges actually ruling this way, but I had heard the argument before. I always support judging the game using the rules as written since anything else requires assumptions to be made about the designers intentions, but saying that an upgrade does absolutely nothing because of a minor timing issue in the rules is taking that too far. It's not too much of a leap to assume that an upgrade on a ship is supposed to to something, maybe not something effective and maybe not something in every case, but it will never be the case that an upgrade card on every possible ship in every possible scenario does nothing.
  17. No, Obi-Wan only rolled 3 dice and then added a result to that roll. He could use 7th Fleet Gunner to roll a 4th die and then add a 5th die result using CLT.
  18. Sadly I think this usually comes down to the Judge's perspective, but as was demonstrated in the response to a match a couple months ago which went 2 hours with no engagement until the last 4-5 minutes, a lot of people see that as stalling the game. The problem is that in that case, both players are stalling the game as neither one wanted to engage in an unfavorable position. If you decide to make something like that against the rules, then which player is supposed to concede the advantage and give their opponent an edge just to move the game along? In the example at the top, you are moving your ship slowly so that your opponent has a more difficult time flanking you. Your opponent can try to avoid combat until your ship is far enough along that they can get a better position, and in that case they are avoiding combat just as much as you are for the same reason that you are, to have an advantage when combat begins.
  19. I wish they had treated Drop and Launch like Attack or Action headers. It would have made it much easier to clean up confusion on devices. Then, if a card instructs you to drop a device, there are very clear rules to follow. If a card instructs you to drop or launch a device, you clearly couldn't launch a device that lacks the rules for launching that device. It could be more wordy with devices that can be dropped or launched, but even then you could have probably combined the two keywords such as Launch/Drop:. Alas, what is done is done and now they have to find ways to update the rules reference to try and establish clean rules for the cards they have developed.
  20. The Jakku mat came from this site: http://endspacevr.com/x-wing-game-mats/ Here's an image of the Scarif Mat, which is personally my favorite playmat of the three I own. And a basic comp of the Batuu playmat.
  21. Pointed this out back in March, though I'm guessing the developers don't look at these forums for bug reports.
  22. I've used Inked Gaming to print a few mats now and had very good luck with them. They are a bit pricey at $60 for a playmat, but if you have a good design it can make for some beautiful playmats. The images have varied a bit, but my group's Jakku mat was an image provided by an X-Wing player, my Scarif Mat used an image of the shield gate in Battlefront that I pulled from an article about the Scarif DLC and a starfield I made myself, and our group's most recent Batuu map I think used an image of a planet that was created by one of the group members and an image of the Chimera that we found on the internet. Most of them have required some photoshop work to remove undesired elements, or add desired elements.
  23. Four 1. FFG Death Star over Yavin mat. 2. FFG Starkiller mat. 3. Custom Scarif Shield Gate mat.
  24. I don't think anyone believes that is FFG's intention. The bigger issue is that with no defined end to her timing, her ability will end at whatever point your current Rules Marshall decides it will end. That could be before the maneuver is executed or never if you have a very strict RAW rules marshal that has no care for the rules as intended, or it could be after the maneuver is executed, or after the ship has finished activating, or after the activation phase, or after the round is complete. Without a defined conclusion to her timing, it is up to interpretation and, as these forums often make very clear, interpretations can vary significantly from person to person. FFG should fix this issue, at least with a post in the Official Rulings Thread if nothing else to ensure that the rules people are using are consistent for the game.
  25. 3 N1's (Ric, Dinee, and Anakin). Only the Naboo Handmaiden and Bravo Flight Officer are missing talent slots.
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