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  1. joeshmoe554

    Overlapping during Advanced Slam

    Advanced SLAM does not grant an action if the ship's maneuver template overlapped an obstacle. He also must roll for damage since his maneuver template crossed an obstacle while executing a maneuver.
  2. joeshmoe554

    Ion tokens

    When the ion tokens are removed from the ship, it is no longer ionized.
  3. joeshmoe554

    A few beginner's questions

    You can't use a target lock on a defense dice roll, but otherwise everything sounds right there.
  4. joeshmoe554

    Ion tokens

    When a ship is ionized in the planning phase, the player does not assign a dial to that ship. Then in the activation phase, the ship executes a white 1 straight maneuver instead of revealing a dial and removes all ion tokens present on the ship. A small base ship is considered ionized when it has 1 or more ion tokens on the ship. A large base ship is considered ionized when it has 2 or more ion tokens on the ship. Ion tokens are only removed after a ship has executed a white 1-straight due to being ionized.
  5. joeshmoe554

    Converting to 2.0 maneuver templates ... ?

    For a standard barrel roll, yes the only template you need is the 1 straight. However; if you plan on flying a cloaking ship (and decloaking hasn't changed) then you will need the 2 straight as well. If Echo still has his ability then you will likely need 2 banks also. If they still have the StarViper Mk II that adds the 1 banks to the required list. And of course if you want to fly any ships that have talon rolls then you will need the appropriate turn maneuvers for those as well. So for a generally complete ship collection you'll only need an updated 1 straight, 1 bank, 2 straight, 2 bank, 2 turn, and 3 turn.
  6. joeshmoe554

    Renegade Refit and Servomotor S-Foils bugged ?

    You are not the only one who noticed. They will likely define the T-65 X-Wing in the rules insert that comes with the expansion, and since all of the ship names are more descriptive in X-Wing 2.0, it won't be much of an issue come September.
  7. joeshmoe554

    2.0 and aces

    Yep, the article about the rebel conversion kit features Jake Farrell as one of the pilots so it is almost guaranteed that at least some of the aces pilots will be in the conversion kits. Sadly, looking at the article for the Imperial conversion kit, it appears that Juno Eclipse was replaced with a pilot named Ved Foslo. So it would seem that some pilots abilities will be changed, and some pilot abilities may remain but with new pilot names.
  8. It would trigger the harpooned condition. Take a look at the Harpooned! clarification in X-Wing FAQ 4.4.1
  9. joeshmoe554

    Timing window to spend a die result

    From the Resistance Bomber rules insert. So yes, this should reduce the number of attack dice for light weight frame.
  10. joeshmoe554

    chopper and renegade refit

    I don't believe there has been any clarification yet regarding the point cost of ships changing during the game, but I have always ruled that a ship's point value is fixed at the start of the game and any margin of victory calculations are based on the initial point value.
  11. joeshmoe554

    Moving along and in difficult terrain

    How would you determine if a non-leader miniature moved through terrain. Since the movement tool is only used on the unit leader, there is no defined path for the other miniatures in the unit. Or is this a matter of both players being mature adults and merely coming to a consensus.
  12. joeshmoe554

    Raging Cassian?

    I always liked Raging Cassian before, though I would typically run him with Kyle Katarn instead of Kanan Jarrus. That way, as long as I dialed in a green maneuver I could reroll 3 attack dice and have 3 focus tokens on the ship every round.
  13. joeshmoe554

    Servomotor S-Foils Timing Question

    Same timing as Intelligence Agent, not quite the same timing as Decloak. "At the start of the Activation phase, after players have resolved all other abilities that trigger at the start of the Activation phase, each ship may spend a cloak token to decloak" - Rules Reference "Cloak"
  14. joeshmoe554

    SAW and snap shot

    I'm sure there will be disagreement, but no. Saw does not allow a stressed ship to modify its attack dice with Snap Shot. Saw is not modifying another ship's dice, but rather he is allowing that ship to modify their own dice. This is different from cards like R7 Astromech or M9-G8 where another ship is actually modifying the attacker's dice, with or without the attacker's consent.
  15. joeshmoe554

    Burnout slam and red Maneuvers

    You can slam into a red maneuver, you will just receive the stress for executing a red maneuver.