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  1. joeshmoe554

    Final FAQ and rules pdf for 1.0

    There's no reason to rebalance the game, but they could always update the FAQ to answer Frequently Asked Questions about the latest products.
  2. joeshmoe554

    New California Expansion

    I've been playing with a slightly modified version of this scoring variant for the game https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3915573/hitotsumami, and it seems to have help a lot with the point scoring of the game and making sure the game proceeds to a satisfying conclusion instead of ending prematurely.
  3. joeshmoe554

    MG-100 Starfortress for 2.0

    Looking it up, the models scale is 1/273 which is actually a bit less than the scale of the X-Wing at 1/275 so the model is almost exactly where it should be given the range of X-Wing scales.
  4. joeshmoe554

    New California Expansion

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/13/new-california/ It looks like it will focus on content from the original Fallout and Fallout 2.
  5. That is the case in 1.0 and I haven't seen anything to make me thing it would be any different in 2.0. It's always possibly since AFAIK nobody has seen the rules for 2.0 yet, but I would be very surprised if it required a ship to have the lock action in order to acquire a lock.
  6. I've seen a decent number of double firespray lists and most of the people that have flown them seem to enjoy the list quite a bit even if it isn't top tier. Now what is really rare is the triple firespray list. Revenge of the Lamps: Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter + Slave 1 and Long Range Scanners. The person who flew that in my last league didn't do terribly well, but I think he still had fun flying it.
  7. joeshmoe554

    Optimized Prototype Shield Timing

    You spend dice results during the modify dice step. From the rules insert of the Resistance Bomber
  8. joeshmoe554

    Multispectral Camouflage and C3P0

    I'm almost positive that is the case, but as often happens with this game. The specific language of a card may modify how another card interacts with it even if that was not the intended result. I can see someone ruling either way for any card where you are rolling and checking the result for 1 green die, and given the lifespan of 1.0 I would recommend running it by the TO for any organized events before hand, and running it by your opponent for any pick-up games just to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  9. joeshmoe554

    Here’s hoping FFG reprints all player designed cards

    1.0 Boba Fett couldn't make the jump to 2.0 because they have modified the game so there is nothing that causes you to discard upgrades (only charges). That change required an update to the Boba Fett crew to accommodate it. I think the rest of the upgrades could make the leap, so if they don't it will most likely be at the discretion of the game designers.
  10. joeshmoe554

    Multispectral Camouflage and C3P0

    I'm not so sure. C-3PO does work on any green die roll, but he adds a result instead of changing the existing die. In Lando's case the card says, "For each evade result, assign 1 evade token" which would include the added result from C-3PO. I haven't seen the text on Multispectral Camouflage, but R5-K6 "roll 1 defense die. On an evade result" which could be argued to only only look at the die rolled and not any additional results that were added to the roll.
  11. joeshmoe554

    Overlapping during Advanced Slam

    Advanced SLAM does not grant an action if the ship's maneuver template overlapped an obstacle. He also must roll for damage since his maneuver template crossed an obstacle while executing a maneuver.
  12. joeshmoe554

    Ion tokens

    When the ion tokens are removed from the ship, it is no longer ionized.
  13. joeshmoe554

    A few beginner's questions

    You can't use a target lock on a defense dice roll, but otherwise everything sounds right there.
  14. joeshmoe554

    Ion tokens

    When a ship is ionized in the planning phase, the player does not assign a dial to that ship. Then in the activation phase, the ship executes a white 1 straight maneuver instead of revealing a dial and removes all ion tokens present on the ship. A small base ship is considered ionized when it has 1 or more ion tokens on the ship. A large base ship is considered ionized when it has 2 or more ion tokens on the ship. Ion tokens are only removed after a ship has executed a white 1-straight due to being ionized.
  15. joeshmoe554

    Converting to 2.0 maneuver templates ... ?

    For a standard barrel roll, yes the only template you need is the 1 straight. However; if you plan on flying a cloaking ship (and decloaking hasn't changed) then you will need the 2 straight as well. If Echo still has his ability then you will likely need 2 banks also. If they still have the StarViper Mk II that adds the 1 banks to the required list. And of course if you want to fly any ships that have talon rolls then you will need the appropriate turn maneuvers for those as well. So for a generally complete ship collection you'll only need an updated 1 straight, 1 bank, 2 straight, 2 bank, 2 turn, and 3 turn.