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  1. Though since the official app doesn't let you equip a talent (even though he has that slot in the pdf), it calls the reliability of the information in the app into question. Also the card image in the app is still missing the ship ability.
  2. I currently have 3 damage decks (Core Set, Pre-Order, and a custom one I made myself), but these look pretty cool. I may have to pick up one or more.
  3. Rules as written, you do not measure for C1-10P (Erratic)'s ability until you are resolving it. Both C1-10P and Fine-Tuned Controls are added to the queue at the same time and may be resolved in either order. Look here for the rules on ability requirements: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/277390-x-wing-official-rulings/?do=findComment&comment=3803449 The other element to an ability requirement that is not mentioned in that post is found here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/277390-x-wing-official-rulings/?do=findComment&comment=3803472 but that is not relevant to this ability since it does not have a cost. Card Image added for reference:
  4. I wonder how a B-wing would be implemented. You could ignore the rotation of the cockpit, or you could auto-rotate the cockpit to keep the target in the top half of it's viewport, and make the roll functionality rotate the body of the ship. It could make for an interesting ship design.
  5. And according to the interview, you can even pull off Poe's Talon Roll from Last Jedi. At least I've always viewed that as a Talon Roll.
  6. I got an Oculus Rift when they first came out and sadly have not used it nearly as much as I would have liked. Of the few games I played with it, space flight sims were far and away the best. Since the character is seated, there is no disconnect where the character or camera moves when you don't. The ability to look around yourself helps a lot in locating targets or keeping an eye on targets, and seeing my virtual hands on a throttle and joystick flying the ship, while I was using a throttle and joystick to actually play the game created a level of immersion I never expected from an at home experience.
  7. I remember watching some of the matches from worlds (I think last year) where in one of the top 8 matches a player reminded his opponent of a potential missed opportunity. There are a large variety of players in the game, but I've found that even at some of the most competitive X-Wing events, a lot of the players are still very friendly and are playing to have fun instead of winning at all costs. I think the relatively low barrier to entry (cheap starter pack, fairly simple rules, and no requirement to build or paint minis) brings a lot of different kinds of people into the game and helps facilitate a more casual atmosphere even at competitive events.
  8. Because there are at least 4 card abilities that state, "You can perform primary attacks at range 0."
  9. 1) "A ship cannot attack a ship at range 0, even if the attack range would be range 1." - Rules Reference, Attack 2) Because that rule was added after his card ability had already been written and printed. They also likely agree that it implicitly works and you should assume their intent so they haven't bothered to clarify or errata the card.
  10. If only we still had Backstabber.
  11. Actually, those two rulings were in clear violation of the rules. They said that because Paige and Deathfire did not repeat the rule that you can only drop one device per round, they got to ignore that rule. By the same line of thinking, IG-88B can perform as many cannon attacks as he wishes until one sticks because the card doesn't say, "if you have not performed a bonus attack this round, you may", or that any card that says you may perform an action allows you to do so while stressed because it doesn't say, "If you are not stressed, you may perform X action". Cards do not have to restate the game rules in order for those game rules to apply, and when you start looking for implicit overrides to the rules then it becomes dealer's choice as to what rules apply and what rules don't for any card effect. It was a terrible ruling, that was only corrected later when they changed the rules reference so a ship may drop more than one device per round.
  12. That is not what I was expecting, but between being restricted to first person or third person I would definitely prefer a first person perspective. Now I just need some confirmation that they have actually been testing and/or playing the game with joysticks.
  13. I was trying to think of other cargo options to make that part of the game more interesting. One is time sensistive cargo that must be delivered in a number of rounds (perishable products, or unstable coaxium for example). Another would be illicit cargo that gives negative reputation while onboard your ship, making patrols more problematic. I would also like to see more contact tokens, but it brings up the question of how to handle bounties for contacts that are not present on the board (since adding more contact tokens would likely result in more contacts than locations for those contacts.)
  14. One of my favorite thematic lists has always been the Death Star Dream Team, with Luke, Biggs, and Wedge. I would also put Protons, R2-D2, and Instinctive Aim on Luke to stick with the theme.
  15. I would probably be happy if I got this with HOTAS support. Though, since this appears to be targeting consoles I'm not sure we'll get even that much. Having the ability to control shield placement, weapon groups, energy levels, and the many other elements that made the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games so classic seems extremely optimistic at this point, given the input limitations of console controllers.
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