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  1. joeshmoe554

    Darth Vader Force/Action

    While I completely agree about the icons, the card images are a lot better now since there are pretty decent images of the cards that can be linked to in FFG's official squad builder.
  2. joeshmoe554

    "Null" and setup

    It's not in FAQ version 4.4.1. As far as I know, there was never any official ruling that Epsilon Ace was placed at PS4 instead of PS12.
  3. joeshmoe554

    "Null" and setup

    Where was that rule stated? I can't think of any pilot abilities or card abilities that were ignored during setup without that ability being explicitly ignored during setup, or the ability being on a dual-sided upgrade.
  4. joeshmoe554

    "Null" and setup

    Or at lease make some more posts in the Official Rulings forum thread.
  5. joeshmoe554

    Launching or dropping a bomb?

    The "Launch" keyword was introduced with Trajectory Simulator even though two pilots could already launch bombs (Deathrain and Constable Zuvio).
  6. joeshmoe554

    Launching or dropping a bomb?

    It was either that or release a lot of errata for existing cards when they release a device that is natively launched. It has resulted in a little confusion now, but I think it was ultimately the better choice in the long run.
  7. joeshmoe554

    Chewbacca (Crew/Resistance)

    He triggers every time a friendly ship at range 0-3 is dealt 1 damage card. So if a friendly ship at range 0-3 is dealt 2 damage cards, Chewbacca would be triggered 2 times, once for each damage card.
  8. joeshmoe554

    Launching or dropping a bomb?

    Yep, currently the only way to launch a device is with an upgrade or ability that overrides the drop behavior. There may be devices in the future like the fake device posted below which will be launched by default, but none currently exist.
  9. joeshmoe554

    Launching or dropping a bomb?

    I'm not entirely sure I understand your question, but any ship with a bomb upgrade equipped can launch or drop that bomb depending on how that bomb is deployed. Currently there are no devices that are launched when being deployed without using some other upgrade that allows you to launch a device instead of dropping it (Trajectory Simulator), but that will likely change in the future.
  10. joeshmoe554

    Resources during setup

    Yep, matt has it right. The exact quote from the X-Wing Tournament Regulations under Tournament Legal Products and Substitutions reads:
  11. 4x Blue Squadron Pilot w/ Advanced Sensors
  12. joeshmoe554

    Tobias Beckett on a docked ship

    No, from the rules reference on Reserve: Now you could place the escape craft in the play area undocked and at range 0 of the scum falcon at setup, then dock the escape craft in the system phase of round 1, but you do need to place it in the play area in order for Beckett's ability to trigger.
  13. joeshmoe554

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    Rebels are easily my most played faction and the one I have the most fun with.
  14. joeshmoe554


    I believe Inertial Dampeners should leave the ability queue like so Execute maneuver => Gain 1 stress => Perform Action step. After you execute the maneuver, Kanan is triggered adding his ability to the front of the ability queue. Kanan Jarrus => Gain 1 stress => Perform Action Step. This would result in Kanan always triggering before the stress from inertial dampeners is gained. I can see some people imagining that Inertial Dampeners will result in an ability queue like so: Execute maneuver and gain 1 stress => Perform Action step. In which case, executing the maneuver and gaining the stress are all part of the same step and Kanan would not trigger until all of that step was complete, but I sadly do not know of anything in the rules documents to explicitly state if Inertial Dampeners would be two steps in the ability queue or just 1 step.
  15. joeshmoe554

    B-wing lists? X-wing 2.0

    Was 1 of the my favorite lists in first edition and it's still a ton of fun in second edition.