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  1. Sunny vs Sensor Jammer

    Given the FAQ, Sunny Bounder's ability triggers in some imaginary state that exists between "rolling the dice" and "after rolling the dice", so it would definitely trigger before the defender can modify dice including the use of Sensor Jammer.
  2. Wampa+Krennic?

    Nspace was good enough to do that in this thread.
  3. Resistance Bomber - Cobalt Leader

    If people are ruling that Nym's ability to ignore friendly bombs can prevent Cobalt Leader's ability, then am I correct that an attack from Cobalt Leader at Nym through a friendly mine at range 1 would present Nym with these two options? 1. Ignore the mine and roll 1 defense die. 2. Don't ignore the mine, roll 0 defense dice and add 1 evade result.
  4. Stunned Pilot FAQ Needs Update?

    Luckily Stunned Pilot was updated so that FAQ clarification is only needed with the old damage deck. The new Stunned Pilot reads: "After you execute a maneuver, if you are touching another ship or overlapping an obstacle token, suffer 1 damage." They could probably errata the original Stunned Pilot to use the same language as the new one, but I don't think FFG is interested in modifying any of the cards in the original damage deck.
  5. Dial-less

    I have never placed my dials next to my ships because I find it too easy to forget which dial is which. When they are placed on the pilot cards or in front of the pilot cards, then there is a clear link between each dial and each pilot.
  6. Coordinate and commitment issues

    I've always ruled that the ship can choose a different action given Airen Cracken's FAQ entry and the Push the Limit FAQ entry as precedent. I can see a reasonable argument for either ruling though.
  7. FAQ Predictions

    I'm not saying he doesn't. None of my predictions are changes to the rules, just definite answers to rules questions.
  8. FAQ Predictions

    This is a bit of a mix of FAQ predictions and FAQ wishlist items Hot Shot Co-Pilot Clarification If you attack a ship with Hotshot Co-Pilot using a weapon that requires 2 attacks, you must spend a focus token before the end of the first modify attack dice step. You are not required to spend a token on the second attack. Inspiring Recruit Both stress must be removed from the same ship regardless of what ship is removing the stress or how that stress is being removed. Lt. Karsabi If Karsabi's ability is used on an action that grants a weapons disabled token, such as Reload or SLAM, the stress is applied before anything that triggers "After performing an action" would occur. This prevents the use of cards like Advanced SLAM or Push the Limit. Lowhhrick Lowhhrick count's as the source of the dice modification and is not blocked by abilities like Omega Leader. Reload Errata "choose any number of the ship's discarded Torpedo or Missile Upgrade cards, that were previously equipped, and flip them faceup" Reload Clarification A ship may reload even if that ship has no discarded torpedoe or missile upgrades. Viktor Hel Clarification When defending against a "Perform this attack twice" weapon, his ability triggers once after the second attack and only if he did not roll exactly 2 dice for at least one of the two attacks. Lightning Reflexes Errata After you execute a white or green maneuver on your dial, you may discard this card to rotate your ship 180°. Then receive 1 stress. Rules Reference Planning Phase Addition During the Planning phase, players cannot use maneuver templates in order to "test" where ships will end up. Instead, they must plan their maneuvers by estimating their ships' movement in their heads. and for my Big Wish List item that will almost certainly not end up in the FAQ. Pattern Analyzer Errata "you may resolve the "Perform Action" step before the "Check Pilot Stress" step"
  9. And one more little FAQ nugget: "Stygium Particle Accelerator: When used with Cloaking Device, if you are forced to decloak at the end of the round and choose to perform the free evade action from Stygium Particle Accelerator, the evade token is not discarded." X-Wing FAQ "Card Clarifications: Stygium Particle Accelerator"
  10. Torani Kulda

    Because in one instance you discarded all of your tokens, and in the other one you didn't.
  11. Norra + Target Synchronizer

    Yes, when Norra is attacking. She cannot use a target lock from Targeting Synchronizer for her defensive ability.
  12. Bomblet and maneuver rules clarification

    This is true, but they do know where you will drop the bomb if you choose to. That creates a threat that the player has to navigate around, whether you drop the bomb or not. Which is why the mere presence of the upgrade may redirect your enemy's squadron whether you drop the bomb or not.
  13. Bomblet and maneuver rules clarification

    I think this is what the article is referring to. Any on reveal bombs must be dropped 1 space behind your ship's position in the planning phase (barring advanced sensors, genius, TS, etc.). So when you are setting your dials so you can select your maneuvers with full knowledge of where the bomb would be deployed, if the player chooses to deploy it when activating her ship.
  14. ISYTDS and other Ships

    It is only one ship at a time since ISYTDS is a unique condition card. The player may move the condition, and it's current damage card, using Kylo Ren, but it cannot apply a second instance of the condition.
  15. Jam tokens rule

    Yes and no. If you already have a focus, evade, or blue target lock token than it will result in you losing one of those tokens and have no effect beyond that. If you do not have one of those tokens, then it will remain on your ship until you get one of those tokens and promptly remove it. This can result in a future action not assigning you a token but instead simply removing the jam token from your ship.