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  1. joeshmoe554

    Darth Vader crew

    Not quite, you are thinking of Torani Kulda who in 1.0 required all ships in the bullseye arc to remove ALL of their focus and evade tokens or take 1 damage. Since all of 0 is 0, a ship did not have to discard any tokens if it had none to discard. Vader, and Torani Kulda in 2.0 for that matter, require the ship to discard 1 green token which a ship cannot do if it doesn't have 1 token to discard.
  2. joeshmoe554

    Range 0 of yourself? Jonus Q

    From the Friendly section in the X-Wing Rules Reference. Oddly enough, I am not seeing anything specifically in the rules reference that mentions a ship being at range 0 of itself outside of the ability queue example in the Appendix. There is also this on page 4 of the rule book though which technically is another source of rules for X-Wing
  3. joeshmoe554

    Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)

    Aurebesh is used everywhere in Star Wars from the movies and TV Shows to video games like The Old Republic or Galaxy of Heroes. The characters are definitely prolific in Canon and Legends now, but I was curious if the term "Aurebesh" and the names of the characters were still relegated to fan use or if that had appeared in canon sources. Would the term Alphabet Squadron make sense, if nobody in the Star Wars universe actually uses the term "Aurebesh". I also wonder about some of the more uncommon characters in that alphabet like thesh or shen that I don't recall ever seeing in any canon sources, but that is probably best suited to a different thread.
  4. joeshmoe554

    Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)

    I am curious if there has been a mention of the term "Aurebesh" or any of the aurebesh character names in the Legends material or the current Star Wars canon? If the term X-Wing is written out in universe it uses the Aurebesh lettering but it is still referred as an X-Wing and not a Xesh-Wing.
  5. joeshmoe554

    Kanan crew and Inertial dampeners?

    Kanan would not clear the stress. Inertial Dampeners adds "execute a white [0 stop] maneuver" => "gain 1 stress token" to the ability queue. "Execute a white [0 stop] maneuver" trigger's Kanan's ability which is then added to the front of the queue as described under Ability Queue in the rules reference, so the queue is now "Spend 1 Force to remove 1 Stress token" => "gain 1 stress token", which means you would gain the stress token after Kanan would clear it.
  6. 0 of 0 would indeed fit the definition of all, but given the change to focus tokens, evade tokens, and locks I'm pretty sure the intent is that Ten Numb is not allowed to spend 1 stress if there are no focus results to change.
  7. joeshmoe554

    RAC with Vader crew

    I would have preferred if they had said firing arcs do not include any fixed arcs added by upgrades. As it stands, there is bound to be confusion because some people will think a firing arc includes any arc you can fire a weapon from (which is a reasonable inference from the term "firing arc"), even though the rules do not match that interpretation. If it was explicitly stated then everyone would know that is the rules as intended instead of thinking the designers forgot that a front arc (or bullseye arc) weapon may actually add an arc in addition to the primary weapon's arc(s). They may not need to explicitly state it, but doing so could reduce rules confusion and prevent potential disputes with TOs.
  8. joeshmoe554


    It has nothing to do with the rules for ignoring obstacles, or the rules for overlapping vs moving through them. It has to do with the timing of her ability. Qi'ra's ability to ignore an obstacle triggers "While you ... perform attacks". If you are at range 0 of an obstacle you cannot perform attacks and therefore cannot trigger her ability. I agree that the intention is to allow attacks while at range 0 of an obstacle, but ruling based on intentions involves making assumptions about what the designers were thinking and sets a bad precedent for running events.
  9. joeshmoe554

    Proximity mines dropped on a ship?

    It does overlap the Rigged Cargo Chute, but there is currently no effect that results from a ship overlapping an obstacle when it is not moving.
  10. joeshmoe554

    Tournament regulations?

    That is the big issue I think. Technically by the letter of the rules, you must use the appropriate ship model for the Customized YT-1300, the Modified YT-1300, and the Scavenged YT-1300. Even though 2 of the models are almost identical, they are all from different factions, and you would be hard pressed to say that a player was creating confusion by using the model with the rectangular dish instead of the round dish.
  11. joeshmoe554


    Dash Rendar crew in first edition allowed it for 2 points with no lock required. In second edition the Outer Rim Pioneer allows himself, the ship is docked to, and any friendly ship at range 0-1 to attack while at range 0 of obstacles.
  12. This bug seems to exist on the Android app, but not the web-site. I don't use apple products so I can't say if the bug exists on the iPhone app or not. Steps to reproduce: Add a Lambda Shuttle to a list Add Director Krennic as one of the crew slots Add Grand Moff Tarkin on the second crew slot Remove Director Krennic. On the web-site this will remove Grand Moff Tarkin as well, and display a message saying why he was removed. (Big props on the message as that is a nice feature I wasn't expecting, though it could be a little more clear "lock action with side effect of stress" could probably just read "red lock action"). On the android app, Grand Moff Tarkin is not removed and remains on the shuttle even though it no longer has a lock action on its action bar.
  13. joeshmoe554

    Scariff Mat?

    Has anyone made a decent Scarif surface mat for some X-Wing vs TIE Striker action?
  14. joeshmoe554

    Does perceptive copilot stack?

    Actually, in second edition Limited is exactly that, or at least very similar to that as Unique was removed as a keyword.
  15. joeshmoe554

    Multi-Faction ships

    For casual gaming, it comes down to whatever your opponent is OK with. For tournaments in X-Wing First Edition, you can definitely use any version of the Y-Wing with any color scheme regardless of the faction. You cannot, however, use a different ship model as a substitution, so you could no more use an X-Wing model as a Z-95 then you could use an A-Wing as a substitute for an M3-A Interceptor. As there are no tournament rules for second edition yet, it's impossible to say for certain what the rules will be, but I suspect they will be the same or at least similar to the first edition rules.