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  1. The Jakku mat came from this site: http://endspacevr.com/x-wing-game-mats/ Here's an image of the Scarif Mat, which is personally my favorite playmat of the three I own. And a basic comp of the Batuu playmat.
  2. Pointed this out back in March, though I'm guessing the developers don't look at these forums for bug reports.
  3. I've used Inked Gaming to print a few mats now and had very good luck with them. They are a bit pricey at $60 for a playmat, but if you have a good design it can make for some beautiful playmats. The images have varied a bit, but my group's Jakku mat was an image provided by an X-Wing player, my Scarif Mat used an image of the shield gate in Battlefront that I pulled from an article about the Scarif DLC and a starfield I made myself, and our group's most recent Batuu map I think used an image of a planet that was created by one of the group members and an image of the Chimera that we found on the internet. Most of them have required some photoshop work to remove undesired elements, or add desired elements.
  4. Four 1. FFG Death Star over Yavin mat. 2. FFG Starkiller mat. 3. Custom Scarif Shield Gate mat.
  5. I don't think anyone believes that is FFG's intention. The bigger issue is that with no defined end to her timing, her ability will end at whatever point your current Rules Marshall decides it will end. That could be before the maneuver is executed or never if you have a very strict RAW rules marshal that has no care for the rules as intended, or it could be after the maneuver is executed, or after the ship has finished activating, or after the activation phase, or after the round is complete. Without a defined conclusion to her timing, it is up to interpretation and, as these forums often make very clear, interpretations can vary significantly from person to person. FFG should fix this issue, at least with a post in the Official Rulings Thread if nothing else to ensure that the rules people are using are consistent for the game.
  6. 3 N1's (Ric, Dinee, and Anakin). Only the Naboo Handmaiden and Bravo Flight Officer are missing talent slots.
  7. I was hoping they would remove it from Han and leave it on the other pilots. It's a bit sad they removed it from all of them because of 1 combination.
  8. 1pm FFG time. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=X-Wing+Points+Update&iso=20190625T13&p1=159 This link should give the time in your area.
  9. I have never managed to find any quick builds in FFG's official squad builder. It would be nice if they supported a quick build format in the app, but if they do I haven't seen it. The PDF contains all of the quick builds from released expansions and the quick builds they made for the conversion kits, but the PDFs were updated with the quick builds for wave 3 a little over 8 weeks after that wave was released so it will likely be a while before the wave 4 quick builds make it into there.
  10. So my site is currently designed to save the random pulls and selections for each player so it could save their quick build drafts for the league, but I have some time this week and can probably remove that functionality to make a public site that people can use to just pull the random cards.
  11. I wrote a web-site to do that for a league we are currently running in my local group. When a player registers for the league, it pulls 10 cards for your selected faction (or 16 for the original 3 factions) from which they select 8 quick builds. Then each round, they can make any list up to 8 threat using their deck of 8 quick build cards. One tip that seemed to work well in this league is I set the random draw to include 1 4+ threat card, 1 one threat card, 2 two threat cards, and 2 three threat cards. After that the card pulls are completely random, but ensuring that everyone has access to those threat values ensures nobody gets stuck with something that is completely unplayable. It's been a lot of fun and resulted in people flying ships and pilots they don't typically fly or flying them in a different fashion.
  12. That is perfectly fine and understandable and if I were in your shoes I would probably do the same. I am fortune enough to have a local game store that does a lot to help support the X-Wing community in my area and for the first time ever this year actually managed to get a regional tournament (Hyperspace Trial) in our local area. I very much enjoy having a communal place to play X-Wing and having a store that hosts X-Wing tournaments on a semi-regular basis and I want them to continue to support the X-Wing community. I am quite angry with FFG right now for either royally F-ing up this release or giving Barnes and Noble preferential treatment over stores like this that keep the game alive, and I will encourage people to hold out and buy the product from our local game store so they continue to support the community instead of buying from a nationwide retailer that does nothing to facilitate playing the game.
  13. I think Tavson is the more significant one since he could use Electronic Baffle to gain a green token and hold onto it for the next round. He would probably be the only ship that could actually reinforce both the front and back, since he is performing the action in different rounds, but performing the action after all green tokens would be removed.
  14. So, since this rules reference still is not available on the X-Wing products page, should it be used at tournaments or should people still be using the 1.0.3 rules reference?
  15. I think "After you are coordinated" would trigger after Nodin attempts to perform an action (success or fail). If Nodin is unstressed, you could coordinate Nodin, he then coordinates another ship which would trigger his ability twice at the same time. Even though the ability was triggered twice simultaneously, it should still satisfy once per opportunity since it was two different effects that triggered it. He would then get another red action leaving him with 2 stress and allowing for a third red action and that third stress token. Coordinate Nodin -> Nodin Coordinates (1 stress) -> Nodin performs first red action (2 stress) -> Nodin performs second red action. (3 stress) Though you could coordinate Nodin, he performs a focus or lock action and then uses his ability to perform a red coordinate giving him another red action and leaving him with 2 stress afterwards. Coordinate Nodin -> Nodin performs 1 white action -> Nodin coordinates (1 stress) -> Nodin performs second red action. (2 stress) Also, one thing to take note of is that a coordinate only fails if there are no ships in range. It does not fail if you select a ship which cannot perform actions (either it has already performed every action or it is stressed) which means you could coordinate Nodin while he is stressed and he will still trigger his ability allowing a red action after not performing the action he was coordinated.
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