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  1. "A ship overlaps another ship when executing a maneuver if its base overlaps the other ship's base. If this happens, move the moving ship backward along the template until it is no longer overlapping another ship." - Rules Reference. If movement template does not clear the ship, then it counts as an overlap whether you think it should clear or not. That said, if you are touching a large ship head on a 2 straight or 2 K-Turn probably won't clear the ship since the guides on the ship base extended the distance to just slightly over 2.
  2. But, if you spend a target lock from Targetting Synchronizer to reroll your attack dice, there is no language that says you cannot add a crit from Advanced Targeting Computer after. Like I said, the FAQ was probably trying to say that, but for some reason they only repeated the language from the card itself that says you can't spend a target lock after using ATC to add a crit.
  3. I don't think it's intended to work that way, but the card's text and the FAQ seem to allow it, since both only mention spending a target lock to reroll dice after adding a crit from Adv. Targeting Computer. The card and the FAQ don't say that you can't use Advanced Targeting Computer if you have spent a target lock to reroll your attack dice.
  4. Yes, here is the exact language from the X-Wing Tournament Regulations: "Players may mark dice with a permanent or indelible marker to indicate ownership in an unobtrusive manner, but cannot otherwise alter them in any way."
  5. No, Deadeye can be used to change Attack (Target Lock) to Attack (Focus), and it can be used to spend a focus instead of a target lock when a secondary weapon instructs you to spend a target lock. Since ATC does not have the Attack (Target Lock) header, nor does it instruct you to spend a target lock as part of an attack, it cannot be used with Deadeye.
  6. This is a little messy since the FAQ precedent is regarding the combat activation which is optional. Movement activation however is not optional, as you cannot choose to stay put instead of moving your ship and anything that is not optional cannot be considered a missed opportunity. There was an email response from Frank Brooks about this earlier this year: He would activate as the next ship since he has the next lowest pilot skill." This seems to make the most sense since activating a ship in the Activation Phase is a mandatory game effect.
  7. Quickdraw's FAQ clarification indicates that Jostero's attack would take place in Step 9, and given it is an extra attack triggered by dealing damage it seems to be the closer analogue. Is there any differing opinions if Jostero is killed outside of an attack, such as by a bomb or Black Market Slicer Tools?
  8. A situation came up in a tournament last Saturday that had a couple of people scratching their heads. Jostero had the Harpooned! condition and was destroyed by an enemy attack triggering the Harpooned! condition. The condition damaged one of the enemy ships which would normally give Jostero the opportunity to attack, thus presenting the question if Jostero would get an attack even though he was destroyed. I ruled that Jostero being destroyed was the trigger for the Harpooned! condition so by the time he would have an opportunity to attack, he was already dead and could not take advantage of that opportunity. This presents a couple of other possibilities that are similar but the timing is different enough they could be ruled differently Jostero has the Harpooned! condition and is hit by an attack with uncancelled kaboom results, which deals enough damage to kill Jostero. Harpooned! is triggered and damages an enemy in Jostero's arc presenting him with an attack opportunity. I think the condition is triggered damaging the other ship before Jostero is destroyed giving him an opportunity to attack before he is removed from the table. A ship within range 1 of Jostero has the Harpooned! condition and that condition is triggered dealing the last point of damage to Jostero and damaging an enemy ship presenting Jostero with an attack. I think Jostero is destroyed at the same time that the other ship is damaged so whether or not he would get an attack would depend on whether or not he has initiative. I thought I would bring the questions up here and see what other people think about the attack timing possibilities.
  9. Proximity Mines: When a ship executes a maneuver... R2-D2: After executing a green maneuver... Asteroid: After skipping the "Perform Action" step... All of those are actually pretty well defined, most people just don't remember the exact timing because in a typical game the timing differences are negligible. For example, the damage from an asteroid is after the perform action step, but since people don't take an action in that case it plays almost the same as if it were after executing a maneuver. As to Anti-Pursuit Lasers, it says "After an enemy ship executes a maneuver ..." which would give it the same timing as R2-D2 and come down to initiative.
  10. 1. BB-8 does not work if you are stressed since you cannot make a barrel roll action while stressed (Primed thrusters being the exception), and BB-8 triggers before the stress is cleared. 4. Anytime two effects occur at the same time, the player with initiative will always resolve his effect first. This can be when both players have pilots with the same pilot skill activating at the same time, when both players have effects that trigger at the same time in a game round (start of combat phase, end of activation phase, etc.), when two ships trigger effects at the same time (A defender executes a maneuver with TIE/x7 and lands in front of a ship with snapshot.) If a ship is destroyed by another ship with the same pilot skill and initiative, they still get a shot due to the simultaneous attack rule.
  11. The ship is actually destroyed (Step 7) before it gets the harpooned condition (Step 8), and since it cannot be destroyed again it cannot trigger the destroyed effect of a harpooned! condition assigned after it was destroyed.
  12. It's similar to Hotshot Copilot, Carnor Jax, Wes Janson, Palob Godalhi and likely many other abilities in the game that have no effect if your opponent doesn't have tokens. This ability is a way to leave multiple ships with 0 focus or evade tokens, or get a free point of damage on those ships.
  13. Though, if Jostero has a means of attacking a ship outside of his arc, such as Hot Shot Blaster, he can do so since his ability is not limited to his primary weapon.
  14. I can't discard a focus token, or two focus tokens if I don't have any, but I should be able to discard all of my focus tokens since all of them includes the possibility of zero.
  15. He is referring to "After Executing a Maneuver", and "After performing an Action", since both of these are triggered at the same time after a SLAM maneuver.