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  1. Your opponent was correct. The condition can only be assigned to one ship at a time since it is a unique condition, but it can absolutely be moved from one ship to another. If the condition is already in play, then the player who assigned it doesn't search the damage deck for a card since there is already a damage card assigned to the condition, but that does not prevent the condition from being assigned to a different ship.
  2. Yes. You get both attacks from TLT at the end of the combat phase, so you can have up 4 attacks in total (2 from TLT the when the ship activates for combat, and 2 from TLT at the end of the combat phase) for one round. Or three attacks if you choose to use your primary weapon when activating during combat.
  3. This used to be the accepted behavior case since the title states, "If it performs this attack, it cannot attack again this round." and that would prevent the second attack from TLT, but this was altered with a clarification in the FAQ. "If a VCX-100 is equipped with the Ghost title, has a docked Attack Shuttle equipped with the Phantom title, and performs an attack with a Twin Laser Turret at the end of the Combat phase, that ship can perform the second attack with Twin Laser Turret." - X-Wing FAQ 3.0 "Twin Laser Turret" The end of the Combat Phase is after every ship has activated during the Combat Phase and immediately before the start of the End Phase.
  4. Why not? The condition is not unique or limited, there is nothing in the rules for conditions that says a ship cannot be assigned two of the same condition card, and there is nothing on Harpoon Missiles that says you only assign the "Harpooned!" condition if the defender does not already have it. I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to assign more than one "Harpooned!" condition to the same ship, and given the rule with upgrade card triggers: "If a ship is equipped with more than one copy of the same Upgrade card that does not require an action to trigger the card's ability, it can trigger each copy of that card at the specified timing." It would make sense that both "Harpooned!" conditions would trigger if a ship was hit with an uncanceled crit result.
  5. Nowhere in any official documents. The only ruling we have is an email from FFG that said you can since you can use Feedback Array with blinded pilot, even though it makes far more sense to treat a cloak token like a weapons disabled token.
  6. @mithosiris So to answer the original question. The majority of players treat the tractor beam token like collision detector, "When performing a boost, barrel roll" ... "your ship and maneuver template can overlap obstacles." So the maneuver template on a boost or barrel roll from a tractor beam can overlap obstacles, and I think pretty much everyone here agrees that is the way it is meant to be played. Sadly, I don't think there is any definitive statement in the Rules Reference, FAQ or other documentation to settle the argument quickly and simply.
  7. It is a boost or barrel roll since it says, "Perform a barrel roll" or "Perform a boost". It is not a boost or barrel roll action, so a player cannot prevent the tractor beam from moving them by taking that action earlier in the round. I also acknowledge it is not a normal boost or barrel roll, since this allows a ship to overlap an obstacle as stated on the reference card, while they normally do not, but there is nothing on the reference card regarding the maneuver template. I'm not arguing the current way it is played and I think it is being played correctly, but I think this is a case where the tech writer missed something when typing up the rules. "A ship cannot boost if it would overlap another ship or an obstacle token, or if the maneuver template would overlap an obstacle token." - Rules Reference "Boost" " ship cannot barrel roll if it would overlap another ship or an obstacle token, or if the maneuver template would overlap an obstacle token." - Rules Reference "Barrel Roll" Both the boost and barrel roll cannot be performed if the maneuver template would overlap an obstacle token, even if the ship would not.
  8. This is not at question. Everybody understands that a tractor beam can cause a ship to overlap an obstacle. The question being presented is if a tractor beam can be used to barrel roll a ship, when the template crosses an obstacle. A boost or barrel roll would normally be prevented since you cannot take that action if the maneuver template overlaps an obstacle and there is nothing in the Tractor Beam reference card to counter that text. I can't think of anywhere it would say that the template can overlap an obstacle, but I've also never questioned it. It seems like a slip-up on FFG's part to me.
  9. That training room looks like it could make for a really fun and simple battleground.
  10. Another example is gaining a stress token when flying over debris. Overlapping debris assigns a stress token "After the check pilot stress step". This means it is assigned immediately after that step and before the ship has finished performing a maneuver. You cannot decide to give yourself a stress token after your action, or after you have attacked, or 3 rounds later, even though all of those may be "After the check pilot stress step". Any time something is triggered after an event, it is triggered immediately after that event unless something says otherwise. You cannot just hold onto that trigger and decide to use it whenever you wish.
  11. No errata necessary, "During the Combat phase, each ship has an opportunity to perform one attack, starting with the ship with the highest pilot skill and continuing in descending order." - Force Awakens Rules Reference "Combat Phase" "A ship can perform one attack when it becomes the active ship during the Combat phase. To perform an attack, the ship resolves the following steps in order:" - Force Awakens Rules Reference "Attack" Both of these say a ship may perform one attack when it becomes the active ship in the combat phase. There is nothing in the secondary weapons section that says a ship can perform a second attack, only that a ship may choose a secondary weapon if all of the requirements are met. "If all requirements are met, the attacker can declare that it is using the secondary weapon during the "Declare Target" step" - Force Awakens Rules Reference "Secondary Weapons"
  12. That looks awesome!
  13. There is no effect from a huge ship template overlapping another ship since the template is placed beside the ship and does not indicate the path the ship actually takes, so it wouldn't trigger Tel's ability. "The huge ship suffers these effects when one of its sections overlaps an obstacle, not when its maneuver template overlaps an obstacle." - Huge Ship Rules 3.0 Granted that only refers to obstacles, not other ships, but since the template doesn't normally matter when ships fly through each other, it would follow that it still doesn't matter with huge ships. I don't think there is any clear ruling given the current rules as written, so it would come down to house rules (like so many interactions with Huge Ships). I would probably rule that the ship is destroyed to make it easier, but I suppose you could mark the ship or try placing the ship on top of the huge ships base so both ships would occupy the same space. I would not stop the huge ship in its tracks.
  14. Fixed that for you. :-)
  15. how well does this hold up over time? It seems like the edges of the base may be pretty fragile given how thin they are and the trees and ground would leave little bits of stuff everywhere for a few months or so.